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Team Name
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Team Name

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  1. Your logo here Team Name One line business description: e.g. “We are an online music release platform for artistes to well or share their music’ City: Stage: i.e. concept, post-pilot stage, growth stage Type of business: B2B or B2C or B2B2c Website url: Contact Person: E-mail id: Mobile:

  2. Your logo here Product / Service • What is the pain point you are addressing or what is the opportunity you are targeting? i.e. the need • What is your service/product/concept? i.e. what do you do? • Whom is this service targeted at? i.e. your customers/consumers? • Highlight the uniqueness of your offering i.e. why would your users be excited about your offering?

  3. Your logo here Team Brief description of each team member with key points on what he/she brings to the team [e.g. someone could lead technology, someone could lead marketing, etc.] (Against each founder’s name, indicate equity held / proposed to be held) (Please indicate if all founders are full time in the venture)

  4. Your logo here What is the size of the opportunity • Market size and how you arrived at the market size • What markets are you addressing e.g. India, global, etc. – be specific for the 18 – 24 months horizon

  5. Your logo here Business model e.g. how do you plan to make money? How are you going to make money e.g. Our business model is to charge customers Rs____ per month for the service. Payment will be collected in advance for a quarter.

  6. Your logo here Competitive landscape • Who will you compete with? [current or in future] • Why would someone choose you over them? • Why do you have a chance to be a dominant player?

  7. Note: this is indicative. Adjust as appropriate for your business. But keep it simple. Your goals

  8. Your logo here Current status of the venture

  9. Your logo here Funding objective • How much do you need and how much are you diluting in this round (I.e. valuation) • What do you need the money for i.e. what will you achieve with this money, when do you see profitability Also mention any fund raising history, if any

  10. Your logo here Some photographs / image