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Weight Loss

Following a strict diet and exercise routine can be a difficult task for many. This document will explain how you can smartly lose weight without sacrificing your favorite food or without vigorous exercises.

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Weight Loss

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  1. How to Lose Weight ?

  2. Eat Anything you want and still Lose Weight. There are many ways you can lose weight by just performing your daily chores and making some changes in your diet. 1. Add few healthy eating options with your unhealthy food habits - Eat all kind of junk foods also add some healthy food like ● Fruits, ● Vegetables, ● Nuts & Oats. For Eg : Eat a cup of veggies or salad after every slice of cheese pizza. This will help to satisfy your craving and make you feel full without consuming too much fatty food.

  3. 2. Perform daily activities yourself - Instead of hiring a cleaner or housemaid for cleaning your house, simply perform those activities yourself. 3. Use the staircase - If you do not have any joint troubles, take the stairs to go up and down instead of using the elevator or escalator. 4. Walk around whenever possible - Usually, people have the tendency to take a cab or drive down even for small distances. Why not use that time and energy to walk? This way you do not have to spend extra 30 to 45 minutes separately for walking to reduce weight.

  4. 5. Preferably eat home cooked food only - Homemade food is a nutritious and healthy option to lose weight. These are some smart ways to lose weight without sacrificing your lifestyle.

  5. Steps for a Safe and Steady Weight Reduction: ● Most of the time weight reduction can be done with lifestyle changes. ● But here the goal has to be realistic else the person may get demotivated. ● People should have a goal of reduction of 0.3-0.5kg per month. ● Among lifestyle changes, dietary changes and exercise are the pillars of weight reduction. ● Though both are important I always stress on exercise as it helps in improving stamina, provides a sense of well-being and good cardiac status, better cholesterol and blood sugar control.

  6. Steps for a Safe and Steady Weight Reduction: (Contd..) ● Exercise has to be aerobic i.e., brisk walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, playing outdoor games like football, badminton etc. ● It should be started gradually, initially at low intensity and around 10-15 minutes per day and then gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercise. ● Exercise has to be done daily. If not possible, at least 5 days a week exercise regime has to be followed. ● Never rest your body for more than 2 days.


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