Education career in nursing
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Education career in nursing

Education & Career in Nursing

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  • Introduction

  • Learn by communication, knowledge & leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Rewarding Career

  • Conclusion


  • The job of a nurse or health assistant sounds like a simple task that requires minor assistance; but nursing is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers that one can pursue.

  • The reward lies in the challenge because the challenge is that you have to do your best every day and the reward is the sense of achievement you receive at the end of the day. Our academic tutoring company’s writing department for nursing assignment help in Australia takes up the challenge of providing prompt solutions to complex nursing assignment questions, every day.

  • Nursing career allows the student/trainee nurse to portray multiple skills at the work place every day. This is due to the fact that a nurse caters to the following activities:

    • Role of a health manager: A nurse is primarily responsible to manage the health of the patient from the time of admission to the time of discharge and on every single day of treatment.

    • Role of a health coordinator: A nurse is required to follow the doctor’s instructions and act on the instructions immediately. The nurse is also responsible for prompt communication between the doctor and the patient.

    • Role of a health monitoring authority: It might sound contradictory because an outsider believes that the doctor is the one who works as a monitoring authority. Well, that is also true but the nurse is required to actively follow the doctor’s instructions and monitor the patient’s health according to those instructions. The consistent delivery of high quality performance to cater to every day healthcare needs of the patient will require the nurse to act maturely and produce great results.

Learn by communication knowledge leadership
Learn by communication, knowledge & leadership

  • Communication: A nursing professional is required to communicate proactively with the doctor, hospital staff and the patients. Every medical case that is registered with the hospital, after the patient admission, needs to be treated like a priority case. This is because, a patient with low severity health problem, can become a patient with high severity health problem, within a period of 24 hours, if necessary treatment is not provided. It is necessary to provide immediate care to all the patients in the hospital.

  • Knowledge: The nursing staff is required to pursue a high level of know-how to meet the changing needs of various patients. At times, the nurse may be required to attend to the needs of a Cancer patient, and at times the nurse may have to provide healthcare to a Diabetes patient. A nurse cannot undermine the importance of treatment given to a diabetes patient because of the critical care required by the cancer patient.

  • Leadership: A nurse may not be the chief nurse or head nurse, but leadership skills need to be displayed by the nurse every day. A nurse cannot wait for instructions every time a new patient is admitted. Nurses are required to show leadership skills by constantly acting on the professional advice provided to them by the doctor. Sometimes, the nurse may have to take a critical decision to improve the patient’s health, in the less likely scenario of doctor’s absence. Our nursing assignment help in Australia team of writing tutors maintains all the 3 qualities of a nursing professional – communication, knowledge and leadership.

Emotional intelligence
Emotional Intelligence

  • Dealing with complex situations: A nurse may be required to deal with a challenging situation during any hour of the day - it can be late night, early morning or even early evening! No one knows, how the day will unfold. Complications in the health of a patient can lead to unpredictable outcomes and the nurse is expected to remain supportive of the doctor’s decision to consider a particular treatment. The nurse is also expected to comfort the patient and the patient’s family from time to time. Our team of writing experts working with the nursing assignment help in Australiadepartment has vast experience of writing academic papers that require minute attention to detail and patience to understand each detail.

  • Attention to detail: The patient may have to go through anything from a stroke to a paralysis attack. The nursing staff is expected to maintain a confident and calm behavioural conduct at all times. Any recklessness from the nurse can lead to serious deterioration of the patient’s health. A nurse cannot forget to medicate the patient or talk to the doctor about a new development in the patient’s health.

  • Patience: A nurse may have to work for additional hours on a particular day, if a patient needs additional healthcare, and other nursing staff is not available. The nurse may have to critically observe the progress in the patient’s health. Healthcare activities that require observation and analytical skills demands high level of patience, hard-work, and persistence from the nursing staff. A high level of emotional intelligence can enable the nurse to deliver the duties with optimum care and due diligence.

Rewarding career
Rewarding Career

  • 24/7 Support system: A nurse is expected to be an integral part of the hospital team that is the doctors, house-keeping, orderlies and other staff. Being a tireless support system and guiding light for the patients is not an easy task. Our nursing assignment help in Australiateam of writing tutors function as a 24/7 support system for the assignment writing needs of the student clients.

  • Everyday achievement: The nurse gets an opportunity to achieve something new everyday. Sometimes it is a great observation skill that saved the patient’s life and some times it can be a good communication skill that brought down the anxiety of a patient about injections. Therefore, a nurse can go home with a sense of achievement everyday.

  • High Stress Environment: The every day challenge of dealing with a stressful environment can make the nurse a very patient, calm and compassionate person. It is needless to say that such a strong person with a great character will lead an immensely happy life.


  • Developing a strong character: In conclusion, we can say that a nurse hones the inherent skills of a good human being and some of those skills are: sincerity, dedication, passion, honesty and coordination, to name a few. If you are passionate about developing these human qualities within you, and earn a decent living, then nursing is a good career option for you.

  • Catering to the most profound human quality: The most profound human quality is to develop compassion for fellow human beings. A nurse gets an opportunity to develop compassion towards the patients on an every day basis. It wont work any other way, because the best nurse is also a great human being.

  • Best Practice Situations: In the end, let us look at some best practice situations in the life of a nursing expert:

    • On a certain day, the patient was suffering from a heart stroke. In the absence of the doctor, the nurse remained calm and used CPR to help the patientregain consciousness.

    • A nurse successfully counselled the patient to quit smoking and taught the patient a few breathing exercises.

  • Our team of online tutors working with nursing assignment help in Australiais committed to deliver academic solutions which portray their high level of nursing expertise.

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