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Business Law Assignment Help Services:Homework Help, Assignment Evaluation Help, Essay Editing Services, Presentation Guidance

Start-up funding for business owners


  • In this presentation, we will look at the design of a business law assignment in the area of start-up funding written by our business law assignment help in Australia team. The topic is – Role of a business lawyer in business funding. We begin by understanding the profile of a start-up that needs funding and then explore the topic from the angle of a legal and financial advisor.

  • Flow and structure of assignment solution: Introduction – Definitions – Functionality – Content Design parameters such as word count and paragraph transition - Do’s and Don'ts – Legal parlance – Conclusion. Everything is written by finding relevance to legal parlance of the business world.

  • Profile of a start-up firm that needs funding

  • Role of venture capitalist firms

  • Role of a business lawyer

  • How to secure your business interest?

  • Concluding thoughts

Profile of a start up firm that needs funding
Profile of a start-up firm that needs funding

  • There can be numerous complexities when you are working on a business law assignment for topics such as: venture capital or mergers & acquisition. Our assignment writers working with the business law assignment help in Australia team can work on your assignment in 3 stages: a) defining the scope of assignment, b) collecting the academic resources, and c) analysing the assignment question, and d) writing on the assignment in an academic style approved by your university or college.

  • First, we start by introducing the topic to the audience:

  • Profile of a Start-up Firm that needs funding: You are an entrepreneur who has started a new business. You have numerous business ideas and you are willing to work with professionals from various fields to successfully implement your ideas. If this is you, you are a perfect a perfect candidate for start-up funding.

Profile of a start up firm that needs funding1
Profile of a start-up firm that needs funding

  • Start-up funding is available in 3 stages within the lifecycle of a company:

    • When you need resources to run your company: A firm needs funding when it is in the start-up phase which includes gathering of resources and forming a company. This will include various formalities such as : a) forming a specific type of company (partnership or limited liability partnership), b) recruiting human resource, c) defining marketing strategy, and so on. Basically, you are looking for funds to meet the working expenses of your company.

    • When you have clearly identified the business opportunity and you are ready to grow: This stage is just before your company starts to grow on a phenomenal scale. You have identified your customer segment, capital growth opportunities and a concrete marketing strategy.

    • When you have concrete goals of expansion: This is a stage in which your company is established firmly and you are making profits. You are looking for expansion opportunities. For instance: you have been working on the B2B (Business to Business) business model, and now you want to expand the company to adopt the B2C (Business to Customer) business model.

V enture capitalist firms
Venture capitalist firms

  • Venture capitalist firm simply means a company that is interested in financing or funding a new venture. There is certain criteria to apply for funding from a venture capital firm. The major criteria is that you are a start-up firm that intends to profit from your ownership of a unique idea to explore the business horizon.

  • Venture capitalist (VC) firms are different from loan offering banks and funding sources such as IPO (initial public offering). Venture capital firms are not necessarily asking for a guarantee or collateral, as the banks do, for the loan funds offered by them. A venture capital (VC) firm also does not raise funding for your firm by issuing a public offering and requesting for subscription to share capital.

  • Venture capital firms are based on the idea that:

    • You are willing to sign a business partnership deal with the VC firm.

    • You are willing to sell or give away the copyright of your unique service or product to the VC firm.

    • You are willing to share business profits with the VC firm.

    • In some cases, you are willing to let the VC team to lead and direct the company management towards business goals.

    • In some cases, once the company is established, you are fine with allowing the VC firm to sell your business to another producer or service provider for earning profits.

Role of a business lawyer
Role of a Business Lawyer

  • In the previous slide, we studied the role that a venture capital firm plays in your organization. A VC firm may act like the company owner or act like a business partner. It all depends on the rights and duties that you negotiate with the VC firm on the business table.

  • This is where the business lawyer or financial advisor comes into the picture. You can always approach a single VC firm and finalise the deal in desperation to start your business. However, if you involve an expert financial advisor, you can find a better deal in the form of multiple VC firms offering different type of advantages to help your business succeed.

  • A business lawyer can function in multiple areas due to the diverse range of expertise that a degree in business law offers. Business law is a subject that combines multiple areas under the umbrella of legal considerations for business operations. A business lawyer will typically have substantial knowledge in the following areas (not an exhaustive list of areas):

    • Type of business firm

    • Business taxation laws

    • Mergers & Acquisition

    • Investment Banking

    • Start-up funding/Crowdfunding

    • Legal documentation in all of the above areas

How to secure your legal interest in business
How to secure your legal interest in business?

  • You need a legal advisor or a business lawyer to address the following legal and business interests:

    • Your funding needs can be different than the funding needs of other businesses

    • Your industry can be different than the expertise of the VC firm you want to work with. For instance: you are planning to do business in the hotel industry, whereas, the VC firm has expertise in funding logistics companies. This is why you need a business lawyer who can find the VC firm that caters to your business funding needs.

    • Business lawyers function by forming a network of credible venture capital companies. You will get access to substantial expertise and knowledge of multiple VC firms.

    • You are required to take care of plenty of legal documentation, when you sign a business partnership deal with the concerned VC firm.

    • You do not want to be on the wrong side of the venture capital business deal.

    • Your concerns will be in the area of profit-sharing, copyrights, management, leadership and business strategy. Therefore, you will need a business lawyer or financial and legal advisor who has substantial level of knowledge and expertise in managing mergers and partnership business deals with VC firms.

Concluding thoughts
Concluding thoughts

  • You may have noted that we have considered the some crucial parameters to work on the assignment topic – “role of a business lawyer in business funding”.

  • Our team of business law writers working with business law assignment help in Australia department works on the content design, and assignment presentation factors to write a perfect assignment solution for you.

  • We have followed the below mentioned guidelines:

    • We have defined the terminology and concept in adequate detail.

    • We have explored knowledge in a specific context.

    • We have created a distinction for different concepts.

    • We have written the assignment solution in business law parlance.

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