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Hardcastle. he is the only creature in the whole country who is against paying visits to town. ‘ I wonder why London cannot keep its own fools at home!’. He loves ‘old-fashioned trumpery’. ‘I love everthing that’s old: old friends, old times, old manners, old boks, old wine.’

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he is the only creature in the whole country who is against paying visits to town.

‘ I wonder why London cannot keep its own fools at home!’

He loves ‘old-fashioned trumpery’. ‘I love everthing that’s old: old friends, old times, old manners, old boks, old wine.’

His relationship with his step son, Tony:

‘It was but yesterday he fastened my wig to the back of my chair, and when I went to make a bow, I popt my bald head in Mrs. Frizzle’s face.’

His relationship with his daughter, Kate: Hardcastle cares for his daughter Kate, but insists that she dress plainly in his presence. It is he who arranges for Marlow to come to the country to marry his daughter.


TONYMrs. Hardcastle: …Thepoor boy wasalwaystoosickto do anygood. A schoolwould be his death. When he comesto be a littlestronger, whoknowswhat a yearortwo’s Latin may do forhim? Hardcastle: Latin forhim! A catandfiddle. No, no; thealehouseandthestablearetheonlyschoolshe’ll ever goto.Mrs. Hardcastle: …Anybodythatlooks in his facemayseehe’sconsumptive.Hardcastle: Ay, ifgrowingtoofat be one of thesymptoms.Mrs. Hardcastle: He coughssometimes.Hardcastle: Yes, when his liquorgoesthewrongway.Mrs. Hardcastle: I’mactuallyafraid of his lungs.Hardcastle: Andtrulysoam I; for he sometimeswhoopslike a speakingtrumpet


Tony: The Three Pigeons expects me down every moment. There’s some fun going forward.

Mrs Hardcastle: Pray, my dear, disappoint them for one night at least.

Tony: As for disappointing them, I should not so much mind; but I can’t abide to disappoint myself.


‘’Let schoolmasters puzzle their brain

With grammar, and nonsense, and learning,

Good liquor, I stoutly maintain… ‘’


Mrs Hardcastle: You shan’t go.

Tony: I will, I tell you.

Mrs Hardcastle: I say you shan’t.

Tony: We’ll see which is strongest, you or I. (Exit, hauling her out.)


His sense of humour : burning the footmen’s shoes, frightening the maids, worrying the kittens.


Tony is fat, uneducated, consumptive, self-oriented, fun-loving, not obedient, wisecracker, trickster

mrs hardcastle

over-protective mother to Tony,

partly selfish,

loves the town,

aware of class distinction

materialistic character in the play

*’Constance, you amaze me. Such a girl as you want jewels!It will be time enough for jewels when your beauty begins to want repairs.

*’Jewels are quite out at present.’

miss hardcastle
Miss Hardcastle

Hardcastle: …thefashions of thetimeshavealmostinfected her too. Byliving a yearortwo in town, she is as fond of gauzeandFrenchfrippery as thebest of them.

MissHardcastle: Youknowouragreement, sir. Youallowmethemorningtoreceiveand pay visits, andtodress in myownmanner; and in theevening I put on myhousewife’sdresstopleaseyou.


‘’ I shan’t like him; our meeting will be so formal, and so like a thing of business that I shall find no room for friendship or esteem.’’


Miss Hardcastle: My dear papa, say no more, ( kissing his hand), he’s mine; I’ll have him.

Miss Hardcastle: …young and hansome: these he put last; but I put them foremost.

charles marlow
Charles Marlow
  • well-educatedman
  • "bred a scholar",
  • Sophisticated
  • Lecherous (aroundlowerclass)
  • Nervous, reserved (aroundupperclasswomen)
  • Class-conscious
george hastings
George Hastings
  • A close friend of Charles Marlow
  • an educated man
  • admirer of Constance Nerville
miss constance nerville
Miss Constance Nerville
  • Niece of Mrs. Hardcastle
  • heir to a large fortune of jewels
  • admirer of George Hastings
  • materialistic
sir charles marlow
Sir Charles Marlow
  • A minor character and father to Charles Marlow
  • an old friend of Mr. Hardcastle
  • quite pleased with the union of his son and his friend's daughter.
what is the character s goal what strategies does the character generate to achieve that goal
What is the character’s goal? What strategies does the character generate to achieve that goal?
  • Hardcastle: Tomake his daughtergetmarriedto his friend’sson.
  • MrsHardcastle: TomakeTomandConstancegetmarriedtokeeptheinheritance in thefamily.
  • MissHardcastle: ToconquerMarlow.
  • Tony: Toenjoyhimselfwith his friends, especially in thealehouse.
  • Constance: togetmarriedtoHastings, andtogetjewel.

Hastings: To flee to France with Constance.

Sir Charles Marlow: To make his son and Miss Hardcastle get married.

the changes in the characters at the end of the play
Thechanges in thecharactersat theend of theplay
  • Miss Hardcastle, Marlow, Miss Neville, Hastings are no longer single.
  • Miss Neviller gets her inheritence.
  • Tony gets his financial freedom, and gets rid of his mother’s pressure.
  • Mr Hardcastle is satisfied because he has achieved his goal.
  • Sir Charles Marlow is satisfied because he has achieved his goal.
  • The only disappointed character is Mrs Hardcastle; she could not make her dreams come true.