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Samuel Congdon - Financial Advisor PowerPoint Presentation
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Samuel Congdon - Financial Advisor

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Samuel Congdon - Financial Advisor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Samuel Congdon has vast expertise in providing offshore business solutions. He offers his clients the most flexible and advantageous offshore solutions.

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Samuel Congdon has vast expertise in providing offshore business solutions. He offers his clients the most flexible and advantageous offshore solutions. Whether it is forming offshore companies, trusts, opening offshore bank and brokerage accounts, or establishing secure offshore addresses, Samuel Congdon is adept at finding the best solution for any circumstance.


His firm, Rockford Global Solutions specializes in offering turn-key solutions to clients worldwide. Rockford Global Solutions has been helping people from around the world since 1999 in safeguarding their money and regaining financial privacy in their personal and business affairs. The simple, convenient, understandable, and affordable solutions by RGS offer wide range of options to best suit client’s needs.


Samuel Congdon has extensive international connections, which make it possible for him to offer clients the best products and services available in the best offshore locations around the world. With so many international contacts, Samuel Congdon’s firm RGS can recommend the best jurisdictions and institutions to suit client’s wants and needs.


Samuel Congdon also works with solid financial institutions across the globe in order to give clients exactly what they are looking for in an offshore bank or brokerage and to insure the safety of client assets.


About Samuel Congdon

Samuel Congdon is a consummate international financial expert. He has a vast experience of working with clients from around the world in international financial services. Gaining from his expertise in financial services industry, Sam Congdon founded Rockford Global Solutions in 1999 with an aim to provide simple offshore solutions to clients all over the world.


Prior to being the President of RGS, Sam Congdon served as the executive Vice president of Registered Agents, a financial service provider company. Samuel Congdon has done bachelors in Economics from Hillsdale College in Michigan and earned a Master of Business Administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 1998.


He has travelled to many countries far and wide and has been helping people in realizing their dreams of doing business globally.

To know more about Samuel Congdon, please visit