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The Growing Popularity of Digital Marketing PowerPoint Presentation
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The Growing Popularity of Digital Marketing

The Growing Popularity of Digital Marketing

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The Growing Popularity of Digital Marketing

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  1. The Growing Popularity of Digital Marketing This article discusses about the growing popularity of digital market and about why is digital marketing creating hype in the market. It also discusses about various job profiles and the pay packages that is in store for the digital marketers. Why is Digital Marketing creating hype in the market? A Revolutionized World: It is not at all surprising to know that we have ventured into a revolutionized world where every member of the new world is surrounded by social media and technology. Apparently, the members of gen-ex –the generation next, have a tendency to receive and send information just “instantaneously” – as the word goes to define the swiftness of the technology, social media, and the speed at which the new generation wants their information to go viral. As such, digital marketing is an aggregation of such services that facilitate fast and effective communication across different channels for various reasons such as achieving business and marketing goals, spreading purpose-oriented information, or may be simply communicating and building relationships on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Social Media and the Fun and Fact of going “Live”: As mentioned above, social media platforms especially Facebook was born as a simple platform to connect to your friends worldwide, but with the passage of time it has been transformed into a forceful marketing platform wherein business houses, big or small, market their products and services to the fullest. With this, a smart digital marketer is in “highest” demand – a marketer who can leverage the power of social media and other digital platforms to make your business a huge success! Further, it has become mandatory for the businesses to have an online presence and it is not surprising to see Facebook catering to their audience with its latest feature of going “live” which has added a new dimension to marketing strategies hereafter. Inseparable Gadgets…Portability…Internet Access… Another reason why digital marketing is stealing the show is the availability and portability of smart phones and other gadgets. This has certainly led to the increase in the number of internet users over a period of time. This is therefore, the reason why every entrepreneur/business accomplishment is

  2. shifting to digital marketing from the traditional means of marketing. Research shows a sharp decline in the use of Television and Radio as primary means of marketing. These channels are considered expensive in contrary to social media platforms which are cost-effective, highly accessible, and have a high percentage of engaged customers/users. digital -marketing-users The Digital India Campaign Have a look at how Wikipedia defines “The Digital India Campaign” “Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India to ensure that Government services are made available to citizens electronically by improved online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology” ( Source: ) The definition itself makes it clear that the Digital India Campaign has brought along with it a massive Job Bloom as a result of which there are a huge number of jobs available in the field of Digital Marketing . . . …And these Profiles are Promising! Yes, it’s true that the profiles or the jobs created under the canopy of digital marketing are promising enough to take you to the heights of success. Research has also pointed out that the Digital Marketing sector has simply surpassed the IT sector in generating jobs. In the year 2016 alone the number of jobs in the digital marketing sector is greater than the IT jobs. You may explore the career profiles in digital marketing and find out: Which career profile is best suited for you? Which skills can take you to such positions? What will be the Pay Scale? Which companies will hire you? As far as your “career profile” is concerned, there are number of profiles in digital marketing such as: Content Writer

  3. Content Marketing Manager Inbound Marketing Manager Social Media Marketers Search Engine Marketers SEO Executives Digital Marketing Manager Head Marketing & Sales Conversion Rate Optimizer Copy Writers Find out which are the “Must have skills”: Search Engine Optimization Content Writing Video and Graphic Designing Digital Engagement Marketing Operations/Technology Strategy and Planning Data Analysis Demand Generation Customer Acquisition/Customer Experience Advertising Branding Creative/Graphic Arts Explore what will be your pay scale…

  4. Almost every company needs Digital Marketers: If you surf the net looking out for jobs in the field of digital marketing you will be delighted to find out that every company, whether big or small, relies on its digital marketing team for its branding, online presence, and overall prosperity. Further, this era is marked as the age of startups therefore there is no dearth of jobs for the ones pursuing digital marketing. Then why name a few companies when all the companies are desperately looking for digital marketing professionals such as social media manager, web designer, search executives (SEO & PPC), Business Development (Sales), Client Servicing (Relationship Manager) Executive, PPC Specialist, Social Media Intern, Content Writer. Try your luck! Ample is the opportunity! Where to learn Digital Marketing? There are many sources to learn digital marketing, but the best way is to attend hands-on training sessions. You may join ETLhive for the best course in Digital Marketing. ETLhive training institute provides the most effective digital marketing classes in Pune and across the country wherein the trainers cover a wide range of topics including Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Online PR, Website Traffic, Social Media Channels, On-Page and Off-Page SEO, Wordpress, Google Analytics, and Interactive Tools. The Digital Marketing course at ETLhive can bring the success you are looking for! Click Here More Information