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Top 10 Trading Strategies of All Time PowerPoint Presentation
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Top 10 Trading Strategies of All Time

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Top 10 Trading Strategies of All Time
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Top 10 Trading Strategies of All Time

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  1. TOP 10 TRADING STRATEGIES OF ALL TIME Tested, proven strategies that make you money on all markets

  2. Chart Patterns Trading Strategy Chart patterns are a classic but very effective trading tool. If you train your eyes and mind to detect and use them in time you can significantly improve your trading performance. The following pictures show you some of the best high probability chart patterns.

  3. Chart Patterns Trading Strategy

  4. Chart Patterns Trading Strategy

  5. Chart Patterns Trading Strategy

  6. Price Rejection Strategy • Price rejection pin bars are very strong signals that largely help you to make a right trading decision. I highly recommend you to use them in you trading.

  7. Price Rejection Strategy

  8. Price Rejection Strategy

  9. Long Term (Daily, Weekly) Trading Strategy • In long term trading we just use patterns and price rejection strategies similar to short term trading but this time on daily and weekly charts. A very important advantage of long term trading is that we have quite enough time to analyze our trade and reach a very accurate trading decision.

  10. Long Term Trading Strategy

  11. Long Term Trading Strategy

  12. News Trading Strategy News trading is an aggressive type of Forex trading but making profit in news trading is quite possible if you follow some strict rules.

  13. News Trading Strategy

  14. News Trading Strategy

  15. Sentiment Trading Strategy • Crowd sentiment ratio for long/short is a valuable signal to guide us for better trading. Use this sentiment in your trade analysis to do more accurate trades.

  16. Sentiment Trading Strategy

  17. Sentiment Trading Strategy

  18. Correlation Trading Strategy In this trading strategy you check two normally correlated currencies to find a time lag (or divergence) between them. Then you use this lag to enter a trade. If done properly, this strategy can be very accurate and profitable.

  19. Correlation Trading Strategy

  20. Correlation Trading Strategy

  21. Multiple Time Frames Strategy Short term (1 hour) charts may lead us to wrong trading decisions. To have a bigger more accurate picture from the price action we always need to check longer (4H or daily) time frames. It will greatly help us to filter out bad trades.

  22. Multiple Time Frames Strategy

  23. Multiple Time Frames Strategy

  24. Volume Price Analysis (VPA) Strategy Volume is as important as the price in trading. In fact, volumes show supply/demand situation and if you can read volumes you can use it effectively in your trading.

  25. Volume Price Analysis (VPA) Strategy

  26. Volume Price Analysis (VPA) Strategy

  27. Inter-market Trading Strategy • In this strategy you monitor correlated or anti-correlated assets in the various markets (currency, indices, gold, crude oil etc.) and make your trading decisions according to this. If you learn and use it properly, inter-market trading is a very accurate, lucrative strategy.

  28. Inter-market Trading Strategy

  29. Inter-market Trading Strategy

  30. Moving Average Reversion Strategy • Sooner or later, price of any asset will reverse toward the moving average. Knowing when this may take place can provide you some of the best trading opportunities.

  31. Moving Average Reversion Strategy

  32. Moving Average Reversion Strategy

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