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Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) An overview presentation PowerPoint Presentation
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Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) An overview presentation

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Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) An overview presentation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) An overview presentation. Tim Peters / David Rizzo Friday 11 th March 2011. Contents. Background. How it works. Opportunities. Strategy. CESP In Practice. Questions. …CESP, a broad definition.

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community energy saving programme cesp an overview presentation

Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) An overview presentation

Tim Peters / David Rizzo

Friday 11th March 2011



How it works



CESP In Practice


cesp a broad definition
…CESP, a broad definition..

TheCommunity Energy Saving Programmeconsists of significant packages of energy efficiency measures to households in low-incomecommunities.

The programme is designed to:

- Bring real CO2 and fuel bill savings

- Foster engagement at local and community levels

- Help to inform future approaches to energy efficiency

Sept 2009

Dec 2012

All Measures Installed and agreed with Ofgem

at the core of the programme the core of the Programme..

Improved energy efficiency for communities in the lowest 10% income deciles in England; 15% in Wales and Scotland

A wide variety of measures available


Key Features

Whole house and community approach

Saving of nearly 18m tonnes of CO2 emissions

£350m of energy efficiency measures

Envisage to benefiting some 90,000 households

emphasising the role of the community
..emphasising the role of the community..

Community partnership has been at the heart of CESP

Suppliers and generators work with community partners and local authorities to deliver measures.




British Gas and local authorities identify eligible areas

Local groups help to engage communities on the ground

British Gas manages the scheme, provides products, services, and financial support

Each and every party or group can add value at each stage of the process

british gas involvement
..British Gas’ involvement..

..The largest CESP funds available - 3 times greater than next largest obligated partner equalling 32% of the total.. estimated £120m commitment supporting CESP projects over 3 years..

..representing a Carbon reduction target of 5.7 million tonnes of CO2 from the poorest communities in the country..

..the first energy supplier to announce the first ten communities to benefit from the scheme in 2009..

..the first scheme in the country in Walsall..

..currently 53 CESP schemes underway throughout Britain and to date 54% of the obligation has been contracted..

identifying a potential cesp area







..identifying a potential CESP area..

North East 265

Scotland 975

East Midlands 187

North West 768

East England 114

West Midlands 491

Yorkshire 431

London 795

Wales 284

South East 104

South West 93

CESP zones split per Region

using the index of multiple deprivation
..using the Index of Multiple Deprivation..

Each county has an IMD, designed to identify small concentrations of multiple deprivation.

Each IMD is made of a different range of indicators, including:

  • Income
  • Employment
  • Health and disability
  • Education, skills and training
  • Barriers to Housing and Services
  • Living environment
  • Crime

The Income indicator has however been a driver in the selecting process.

cesp measures offer plenty of variety
..CESP measures offer plenty of variety..

Solid Wall Internal Insulation

Fuel Switching

Drought proofing

Solid Wall External Insulation

Cavity Wall Insulation



Solar PV

Solar Thermal


Heat Meters

Flat roof and Under roof insulation

Loft Insulation

New Heating Control

Heat pumps

and they score differently too
..and they score differently too..

Primary Measures

Secondary Measures

Solar Thermal

Loft top up

Replacement Boiler

District Heating

District heatingBiomass (low heat load)

Draught proofing

Heat Controls

Dist heating Biomass:

Virgin Loft

Solid Wall /Fuel Switch



Virgin Loft & Heat Controls from Fuel Switch

High Heat Load


Solid Wall & Fuel Switch

4 Bed

60% +

3 Bed Non Terrace

45% +

2 Bed Terrace

3 Bed Terrace

30% +

Less than 30%, minimum volume 100 homes

Property Size

1 & 2 Bed Flats


to illustrate illustrate..

Let’s assume a Local Authority has a housing stock of 603 Properties:

362 properties will have to be included to achieve a 60% penetration rate.

115 Mid Terrace 3 bed

115 End Terrace 3 bed

132 Semi detached 3 bed

if we then apply
..if we then apply..

Total Scheme Cost £3,540,000

Loft top up

British Gas (£3,383,000)

Fuel switch from electric heating

Client Contribution £157,290

Exterior Wall Insulation

Saving 173,491 tonnes of Carbon

Additionally adding Heat pumps instead of a gas fuel switch would make it a free scheme

A fuel switch from Coalalso improves the funding

in practice thermal images practice – thermal images..

Heat loss before the property is treated:

Heat loss upon completion:

in practice the comparison practice – the comparison..

Before Treatment

After Treatment

walsall britain s first scheme
..Walsall; Britain’s First Scheme..

Working in partnership with Walsall Council and WHG, their residents were the first in Britain to benefit from a CESP scheme

The properties have, and still are being given external cladding and loft insulation to reduce heat loss, as well as new, energy efficient boilers

As a result, the residents are benefiting from warmer homes, lower bills and receive advice from experts about simple steps they can take to save even more energy

a huge boost for the whole community
..a huge boost for the whole community..

A very happy Mrs. York outside her newly renovated home.

I haven't had the heating on hardly since it was fitted, only for the hot water

Mr Whittaker (centre), one of the first customers to be completed, pictured with

Joan Ruddock MP, Fred Bell WHG Chairman and

Gary Fulford WHG Chief Executive.

Saving her at least £28 per month!

in wales Wales…

The Carmarthen CESP scheme is jointly funded by CESP and Arbed and is a very good example of what can be achieved.

The scheme will deliver over 100,000 tonnes in Carbon Savings

Both council tenants and private home owners will have the ability to:

1. Replace G-Rated boilers

2. Add External Wall insulation

3. Add Loft insulation – both virgin and top up

4. Add Cavity Wall insulation

All these will improve the SAP rating of their homes at highly subsidised prices.

in north wales North Wales…

The Cartrefi Cowny scheme is one of the largest with 50 upgraded properties.

CO2 Savings on this scheme reach 6,948 tonnes in Carbon savings.

Achieving a U Value below 0.35W/m2K from U values over 2.0W/m2K previously.

contact information
Contact Information

David Rizzo

Head of Energy Solutions, Wales & South West

British Gas Community Energy

07979 567394