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Uppal G99 Plots

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Uppal G99 Plots - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Uppal G99 Plots

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XSam Ace Thomas Feb 7 ■ 2 min read

Uppal G99 Gurgaon

Uppal G99 is an elite township sprawling over 106 acres of lush green land. The township comes with the perfect blend of futuristic architecture which is inspired by Spain and the lifestyle in the city. This self-sustained and opulent township has the perfect blend of residential and commercial places. Out of 106 acres, around 45% of the land has been utilized for lush green landscaping. Other amenities offered here include Soccer field and clubhouse.

At Uppal G99, the developer has put on an offer for sale plots with 6 different names including Aurora, Magdalena, Bella, Lucida, Hermosa, and Candelaria. Sizes of these vary from 258 square yards to 645 square yards.

The project is situated on 150 meters wide Dwarka Expressway. Located just at a 15 minutes distance from Indira Gandhi International Airport, the project lies in Sector 99, Gurgaon. The site of the project is well-connected to the primary junction in Gurgaon and Delhi through National Highway 8, Northern Peripheral Road and Dwarka-Gurgaon Metro Corridor. It lies near residential projects like Lotus Elise, Assotech Blith, and Ocus Medley.

Uppal G99 offers state of the art facilities and amenities which include numerous options to enjoy life to the fullest. These include a clubhouse, basketball court, reserved parking, tennis court, saucer field, swimming pool, skating rink, play parks and themed gardens. The beauty of the complex is enhanced by manicured landscapes and water bodies. In order to make sure about the safety of the inhabitants, various security measures have been made use of at Uppal G99 which includes CCTV surveillance system in different parts of the residential complex.

uppal g99 is proposed by two leading realty

Uppal G99 is proposed by two leading realty developers Uppal and QVC. Established in 1979, Uppal Group has drastically grown by the leaps and bounds. The developers are said to be another name for luxury and excellence. QVC—a leading builder is India’s first venture capital-backed real estate development company.

Uppal G99 Uppal G99 Gurgaon Uppal G99 Plots

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