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DWU #4. What role should government play in our life? Should they provide you with things? Should they provide you with an education? Should they provide you with housing? Why or why not-. DWU #1. What purpose does the 27 amendments serve? What is the Bill of Rights?

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Dwu 4
DWU #4

  • What role should government play in our life?

  • Should they provide you with things?

  • Should they provide you with an education?

  • Should they provide you with housing?

  • Why or why not-

Dwu 1
DWU #1

  • What purpose does the 27 amendments serve?

  • What is the Bill of Rights?

  • Name as many Bill of Rights as you can…

Dwu 3
DWU # 3

  • Imagine the media has been banned from printing/broadcasting news about the government. Where would you get your information? How do you think government officials would act without the media watching them? How would the public react?

Dwu 41
DWU #4

  • Do you agree with the Stossel clip or not?

  • Should everyone vote? Why or why not?

Dwu 11

Do you think our school is a safe environment? Why or why not?

Looking at the letter home to parents, what was your initial reaction?

Why would our school go to such drastic measures to keep us safe?

Dwu 12

  • What are the three branches to our government? What roles do they play and what powers do they have? Why is it important to have three separate but equal branches of government that check and balance each other?

Dwu 31

  • List as many laws as you can that you obeyed today? Many laws that you didn’t even realize you were obeying. Why does our Congress (legislative branch) create so many laws?

Dwu 42
DWU #4

  • Do you think government politicians can make your life better? If Romney defeats Obama, do you think things will change? Why/Why not? Why do you think so many Americans believe the President can change their life?

  • -congress approval rating is 18%

Dwu 32
DWU #3

  • What are the two houses that comprise of Congress. How many people are elected in those houses? What are their jobs? How long are their terms?

Dwu 43
DWU #4

  • If you had the power to create your own law, what would you propose? Who would it affect? What would it cause? What might be some of the unintended consequences of the law?

Dwu 13

DWU #1

Name as many political issues as you can? What are the most important issues today? When the media says that that “people vote with their wallets,” what do they mean?

Dwu 2
DWU #2

  • What is the Judicial branch of the U.S. government? What is their role? How many supreme court justices are there? What do they do?

Daily warm up
Daily Warm Up #

  • What is the electoral college system?

  • How does a president win an election?

  • Why wont Mitt Romney be spending a lot of money in California? Explain!


  • What are your favorite media technologies?

    (television, internet, social media, gaming devices, music technologies) How much time in the day do you spend on these outlets? If these types of technologies did not exist, what would you be doing with your time? Do you think that modern day technologies serve as a positive or a negative in your life? Explain…

Dwu 21
DWU #2

  • How do you get your news? What medium ( newspaper, television, internet)?

  • What scares you on a daily basis? Do you think the media scares you? Explain…

Dwu 33

DWU #3

What are the 5 functions of a political party? Explain each in detail.

Dwu 44
DWU #4

  • What is the political spectrum? What does it mean to be left or right? What is an independent? Explain…

DWU #?

  • What do your elected officials do?

  • Write down as many things you think our elected officials do for the citizens of the United States. Explain.

Dwu 45

  • Write an accurate paragraph using the following terminologies:

    • Senate

    • House of Representatives

    • Congress

    • Terms

    • Continuous body

    • Legislative Branch

    • Qualifications

      Underline the terms used in your DWU!

Dwu 34
DWU #3

  • One of the main functions of Congress is the creation of legislation (laws). Explain the importance of compromise and the passing of a law between the two political parties using the following terms in a paragraph response:

    • Senate

    • House of Representatives

    • Compromise

    • Presidential Signing or Veto of a law

Dwu 22
DWU #2

  • After viewing the Stossel video and In Debt we Trust, what are your thoughts about our Federal government spending habits? Do you think that our government should have a 1 trillion dollar deficit per year? Why/Why not?

  • Would you support a 28th amendment to force our government to have a balanced budget? Why/Why not?

Dwu 35

  • What are the four ways in which congressmen/women can vote? Explain each way using an example.