welcome to maryville n.
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Welcome to Maryville

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Welcome to Maryville - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Maryville
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  1. Welcome to Maryville

  2. Communication Major Leilani Carver, PhD

  3. Strategic Communication Strategically Managing Communication within Organizational Contexts

  4. Strategic Communication at Maryville is a blend of: Public Relations Marketing Advertising Social Media

  5. Mentorship Model We mentor students to be successful both inside and outside of the classroom.

  6. Marketable Skill Set Writing and Editing Public Speaking Critical Thinking Media Literacy Development of Strategic Communication Campaigns Social Media Campaigns Research Methods

  7. Maryville's Communication program combines in-depth instruction in public relations, marketing and advertising, with fundamental training in the latest social media technology.

  8. Sample Course Offerings Introduction to New and Social Media Principles of Public Relations Grant Writing News Writing and Editing Strategic Communication Campaigns Writing for Public Relations Communication Internship Digital Video and Audio Health Communication Professional and Organizational Communication

  9. Jobs: Public Relations/Advertising Public Relations Manager Marketing Coordinator Online Media Manager Corporate Communication Specialist Public Relations Account Coordinator Advertising Account Executive Assistant Account Executive Copywriter/Copyeditor Advertising Sales Manager Event Planner Community Relations Specialist Market Analyst Creative Director

  10. Jobs: Media/Journalism Art Director Marketing Communications Manager Multichannel Media Planner Digital Strategist Assistant Manager of Digital Media Social Media Account Manager Sports Information Specialist Staff Writer Editor Technical Writer Newscaster Production Manager Reporter

  11. UGAB • Undergraduate Announcement Board • Department Events &Announcements • Professional Associations • Internships • Professional Events

  12. Job Market in St. Louis Indeed.com

  13. Maryville Communication on Social Media http://www.facebook.com/pages/CommunicationMaryville LinkedIn Twitter