Should stimulant m edication b e u sed t o t reat adhd
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Should Stimulant M edication B e U sed T o T reat ADHD? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Should Stimulant M edication B e U sed T o T reat ADHD?. Volunteering in a classroom at Cooper Elementary School and working with my brother at home. By: Destiny Sanders. Why I Chose My Topic?.

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Should stimulant m edication b e u sed t o t reat adhd

Should Stimulant Medication Be Used To Treat ADHD?

Volunteering in a classroom at Cooper Elementary School and working with my brother at home.

By: Destiny Sanders

Why i chose my topic
Why I Chose My Topic?

  • I chose my topic, because I deal with ADHD at home with my little brother, and it has really affected the function of my family. He takes Concerta for his condition, and I was curious to know how the medication worked and If it should be used.

What is adhd
What is ADHD?

- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a problem with paying attention, over activity, impulsity, or a combination of the three.

- Diagnosing is complex, and involves interviews and evaluations of potential learning problems, school problems, and emotional issues.


- Work by increasing the Dopamine levels in the brain, which helps reduce symptoms of hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and impulsity, while increasing focus.

  • 75 % of people in the U.S are children who are being prescribed with Ritalin.

The controversy
The Controversy

  • One side argues that stimulant medication is very effective, safe, and should continue to be used. The other side argues that they are intolerable to children, and does not serve as a cure.

The rise of medication
The Rise of Medication

  • Increased by 1.7% between 2003 and 2007.

  • In the USA, the number of children between 4 and 7 being prescribed with medication had been steadily rising since 1996.

  • The rising trend of medications being prescribed is because of the lack of diagnostic criteria, combined with a low tolerance for hyper activity.

S ide e ffects
Side Effects

- The FDA has conducted reviews of reports of psychotic episodes and suicidal thought in patients taking Concerta.

  • 5 % of children taking ADHD medication experience hallucinations.

    - Alter the function of the brain in ways that may depress mood and boost anxiety.

    - Experts worry about the dangers of taking ADHD medication for extended periods.

Other treatment options
Other Treatment Options

  • Therapy, herbal treatments, exercise, diet and lifestyle changes.

  • Performing creative, hands on activities.

  • Try keeping a consistent daily schedule, limiting distractions, making sure the child gets enough sleep.

  • Rewarding good behavior and providing rules.

Obstacles i overcame
Obstacles I Overcame

  • An obstacle I overcame was trying to complete my notecards and turning them in on time.

  • Revising and turning in my final paper to pass.

  • Finding time to work on my paper around my work schedule.

Successes i had
Successes I Had

  • Finally turning in all my notecards and getting credit for them.

  • Finding enough information.

  • Finishing my revisions and passing my junior paper.

Link between research and product
Link Between Research and Product

  • Since my topic was on should stimulant medication be used to treat ADHD, I volunteered at an elementary school and worked in a kindergarten classroom with the kids that needed the most help. At home, I also worked with my brother who has ADHD and helped him with his school work.

Things i learned about myself
Things I learned about myself

  • I learned that I can be approachable, and I learned that I can come out of my comfort zone and do well. I never worked with kids, so this was a new experience for me.

What might i do differently
What Might I Do Differently?

  • Plan more to come up with a better, more relatable product to better conclude my topic. Instead of just working with children in the classroom, I could have made a plan to somehow work with ADHD specific children.: Maybe conduct an experiment trying some of the other treatments.

How the gp will serve m e in the future
How the GP Will Serve Me in the Future?

  • The elements of the graduation project will serve me in the future because …

    - It has taught me time management skills.

    - Organization

    - how to step out my comfort zone and be more friendly.

    - better presentation, writing, and speaking skills.

Thank you for your time do you have any questions
Thank you for your time!Do you have any questions?