criminal justice issues on capitol hill funding and legislation l.
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Criminal Justice Issues on Capitol Hill: Funding and Legislation PowerPoint Presentation
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Criminal Justice Issues on Capitol Hill: Funding and Legislation

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Criminal Justice Issues on Capitol Hill: Funding and Legislation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Criminal Justice Issues on Capitol Hill: Funding and Legislation. IJIS INDUSTRY BRIEFING JANUARY 8, 2009. Agenda and Overview. Current landscape Trends in justice funding DOJ and DHS programs Update on Byrne JAG funding crisis Outlook for upcoming funding bills

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criminal justice issues on capitol hill funding and legislation

Criminal Justice Issues on Capitol Hill: Funding and Legislation


JANUARY 8, 2009

agenda and overview
Agenda and Overview
  • Current landscape
  • Trends in justice funding
    • DOJ and DHS programs
    • Update on Byrne JAG funding crisis
    • Outlook for upcoming funding bills
  • Pending criminal justice legislation
  • How can I get involved?
current landscape
Current Landscape
  • New Administration
  • Economic Stimulus dwarfs everything
  • How to finish appropriations bills?
  • Awaiting new Administration and Congress
    • Senior agency officials leaving
    • Congressional leadership changes
trends in justice funding
Trends in Justice Funding
  • Significant issues:
    • Funding leveling off after years of cuts
    • WH attempt to consolidate grants
    • Surprise dramatic cut in Byrne/JAG
    • Growth of small, targeted grant programs
    • New legislation on the horizon
trends in funding cont
Trends in Funding, cont
  • State/local program funding leveling off, after downward fall since FY03
trends in funding cont6
Trends in Funding, cont
  • Bush budget proposals:
    • Collapse 60+ grant programs into 4 competitive, discretionary block grants
      • Moves funding decisions from states to DOJ
    • Congress opposed
    • Put pressure on spending
    • Stalled WH/congressional dialogue on innovation
trends in funding cont7
Trends in Funding, cont
  • Growth of new programs
  • Small, categorical grant programs:
    • Four new grants under VAWA last year
    • Small targeted programs under BJA
  • New legislation vying for funding
    • Adam Walsh Act (implementation and state/tribal collaboration)
    • Second Chance Act
byrne justice assistance grants
Byrne Justice Assistance Grants
  • Byrne JAG cut 67% in FY08 omnibus bill
  • Large coalition working to restore funding
byrne jag cont
Byrne JAG, cont
  • Since consolidation with LLEBG into JAG, funding down
community oriented policing
Community Oriented Policing
  • Strong brand name
  • Broad support on Hill
  • Earmarked
  • Hiring program top priority for law enforcement
  • Competes with other justice programs
scaap immigrant incarceration
SCAAP – Immigrant Incarceration
  • Reimbursement program for cost of incarcerating illegal immigrants
  • Regional issue
  • Key Hill support
  • Competes with justice programming
juvenile justice programs
Juvenile Justice programs
  • Stable funding
  • Reauthorization bill next year
  • Opportunity to grow funding
  • OJJDP mandates increasing
state homeland security program
State Homeland Security Program
  • Primary state grant program
  • Congress shifting money from rural to urban areas
  • 25% for LE terrorism prevention purposes
urban areas security initiative
Urban Areas Security Initiative
  • Preparedness grant for the biggest cities
  • Strong support in Congress
  • 25% for LE terrorism prevention purposes
  • LLETP no longer separate program
byrne jag funding crisis
Byrne/JAG Funding Crisis
  • Large coalition working together. Supporters include:
    • NCSL – National Conference of State Legislatures
    • NCJA – National Criminal Justice Association
    • NSA - National Sheriffs’ Association
    • IACP - The International Association of Chiefs of Police
    • USCM - U.S. Conference of Mayors
    • NNOAC - National Narcotics Officers’ Associations’ Coalition
    • IJIS Institute
    • NTC - National Troopers Coalition
    • NDAA - National District Attorneys Association
    • NAAG - National Association of Attorneys General
byrne jag funding crisis con t
Byrne/JAG Funding Crisis, con’t
  • Supporters, con’t
    • NACO - National Association of Counties
    • NCPC - National Crime Prevention Council
    • NADCP - National Association of Drug Court Professionals
    • ACA - American Correctional Association
    • NAVAA - National Association of VOCA Assistance Administrators
    • NOVA - National Organization for Victim Assistance
    • MCSA - Major County Sheriffs’ Association
    • NCSC - National Center for State Courts
    • NASADAD - National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors
byrne jag funding crisis con t17
Byrne/JAG Funding Crisis, con’t
  • Supporters, con’t
    • ICCA - International Community Corrections Association
    • RAINN - Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network NLC - National League of Cities
    • NCVC - National Center for Victims of Crime
    • NAPO - National Association of Police Organizations
    • FOP - Fraternal Order of Police
    • AVA - Association of VAWA Administrators
    • SAAS – State Association of Addiction Services
    • LAC – Legal Action Center
    • NASDEA - National Alliance of State Drug Enforcement Agencies
byrne jag funding crisis con t18
Byrne/JAG Funding Crisis, con’t
  • Supporters, con’t
    • CADCA - Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
    • National HIDTA Directors’ Association
    • NAAALEC - National Association of Asian American Law Enforcement Commanders
    • NLPOA - National Latino Peace Officers Association
    • AJA - American Jail Association
    • APPA - American Probation and Parole Association
    • IUPA - International Union of Police Associations
byrne jag funding crisis con t19
Byrne/JAG Funding Crisis, con’t
  • Letters and other statements of support:
    • 218 House members
    • 56 senators (plus individual letters)
    • 30 stakeholder groups
    • 56 attorneys general
    • 36 governors sign-on
    • National Governors Association
    • Individual governor, stakeholder letters
    • NCSL, NACO, ICCM, NLC sign-on
    • 21 freshmen Democrats
byrne jag funding crisis con t20
Byrne/JAG Funding Crisis, con’t
  • Congressional hearings
    • Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on FY08 bill with OMB director
    • House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittee hearings
    • Field hearings across country
    • Senate Judiciary Committee hearing
    • Another Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this week
byrne jag funding crisis con t21
Byrne/JAG Funding Crisis, con’t
  • Media events
    • Senate and House briefings
    • Senate and House press conferences
    • Over 350 articles written nationwide, including major dailies, small town papers and television stations
    • Press events with stakeholders in nearly every state
byrne jag funding crisis cont
Byrne/JAG Funding Crisis, cont
  • Messages:
    • Byrne/JAG is the cornerstone federal program supporting criminal justice
    • Allows states to innovate, system-wide
    • The primary federal law enforcement program, particularly multi-jurisdictional drug task forces.
    • Also, funds broad range of juvenile, victims’, court, drug treatment, and other initiatives.
byrne jag funding crisis cont23
Byrne/JAG Funding Crisis, cont
  • Byrne JAG FY08 funding should be restored this year
    • Once disbanded, drug task forces cannot easily re-start
    • When the economy weakens, crime rises.
      • Argument for funding in the upcoming stimulus
    • Local law enforcement is the first line of defense against terrorism
byrne jag funding crisis cont24
Byrne JAG Funding Crisis, cont
  • Timing/Process:
    • Sought to restore funding on recent FY08 war supplemental spending bill
    • Senate bill included $490M; House bill did not.
    • Final deal negotiated with White House excluded Byrne JAG funds.
    • Senate has tried to include in FY09 Continuing Resolution and current stimulus.
byrne jag funding crisis cont25
Byrne JAG Funding Crisis, cont
  • Economic stimulus (sometimes called second supplemental) likely in mid-February
    • Some are talking about including public safety funding, for job creation and crime prevention
    • Primarily job creation bill, but other pent-up demands – Katrina, western wildfires, LIHEAP
    • Opportunity for new Administration to put imprint on spending
byrne jag funding crisis cont26
Byrne JAG Funding Crisis, cont
  • Final FY09 appropriations bill also likely in mid-February (possibly sooner)
    • Justice programs compete with funding for economic competitiveness, census and NASA funding
    • Funding is expected to reflect FY09 committee-passed levels.
    • Committees do not want to spend time negotiating FY09 bills
prospect for fy2010 funding
Prospect for FY2010 Funding
  • Prospects for FY2010 Justice funding:
    • New Administration likely to include robust levels for JAG and COPS in budget request
    • Obama campaigned on restored funding
    • Congress aware of support from field, and link to economy
  • Committees will start working on FY2010 bills in March/April.
criminal justice priority legislation
Criminal Justice Priority Legislation
  • Simple JAG reauthorization bill passed
  • COPS reauthorization bill pending (minor changes)
  • Major bills on the horizon
    • Juvenile justice reauthorization bill
    • Next generation crime bill
    • Overall DOJ reauthorization bill
    • Child Internet exploitation
how can i get involved
How Can I Get Involved?
  • Meet with delegation members and staff – in D.C. and district offices
  • Stay in regular touch by phone or e-mail (not snail mail!)
  • Show how programs impact community
  • Build coalitions with other stakeholders
  • Use the media to tell the good story
why ncja
  • Participate in 2009 National Forum, Aug 9 - 11
  • Join NCJA!
    • Be the first to know! Stay up to date on grants opportunities and congressional activities
    • Access to national leaders and networking, participate in national discussions
    • Help shape justice policies and funding levels
contact information
Contact Information

Cabell Cropper Elizabeth Pyke

Executive Director Senior Manager, Government Affairs

202-628-8550 main 202-448-1715 direct

National Criminal Justice Association