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Presented by: Kelly Rocha. Director, Sales. Today’s Agenda. Who is About the Presenter Why Have a Holiday Gift Program Holiday Gifting Challenges Successful Holiday Program Checklist Summary Our Perspective Q & A. About Us.

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Presented by kelly rocha l.jpg

Presented by:

Kelly Rocha

Director, Sales

Today s agenda l.jpg
Today’s Agenda

  • Who is

  • About the Presenter

  • Why Have a Holiday Gift Program

  • Holiday Gifting Challenges

  • Successful Holiday Program Checklist

  • Summary

  • Our Perspective

  • Q & A

About us l.jpg
About Us

  • Ten years of delighting customers with high quality gift and reward solutions

  • Serve over 30,000 large and small corporate customers

  • Serve over 3 million consumer customers

  • Broad portfolio of gift card products in the industry

  • Robust and turn-key online administrative tools

About the presenter l.jpg
About the Presenter

  • Kelly Rocha – based in Omaha, NE

  • Director of Sales for since October 2006

  • Ten years of experience managing both B2B and B2C campaigns for companies, including MCI and Verizon

  • Specializes in designing and customizing reward solutions for middle market companies

Why have holiday gift program l.jpg
Why Have Holiday Gift Program

  • A way for your company to make an impact

    • Surprise your employees: only 32% expect a holiday gift this year1

    • Build common bonds: engaged workplaces have 50% lower turnover and 27% higher productivity2

    • Achieve high return on investment: over 80% of employees rated last year’s holiday gift as good to very generous 3 {for an approximate gift of $100} 4

Surprise your employees l.jpg
Surprise Your Employees

  • The Tradition of Holiday Gifts

    • 71% of employees have received holiday gifts from their employers in past years5

    • Last year, 53% of employees received a holiday gift6

  • High Degree of Uncertainty this Year

    • 68% of employees either do not expect a gift or do not know if they are receiving a holiday gift this year7

  • Opportunity to Deliver a Positive Message to Employees

“It’s the thought that counts”

Build common bonds l.jpg
Build Common Bonds

  • Organization Engagement Matters

    • 76% of employees are either indifferent or actively disengaged

    • Engaged workplaces have 50% lower turnover, 56% higher than average customer loyalty, and 27% higher productivity8

  • Individual Recognition Matters

    • 75% of managers view employee retention as a major issue9

    • 55% of employees agree that employee recognition impacts their job performance10

    • At any given time, more than 50% of the workforce is scanning the job market, looking for a more desirable position11

Employee Satisfaction = Customer Satisfaction

High return on investment l.jpg
High Return on Investment

  • Low Investment that Yields High Satisfaction

    • Approximately, 68% of holiday gift of up to $100 in value, 10% between $100 to $150, and 21% over $15012

    • Over 80% of employees were satisfied with their holiday gift last year12

  • Investment in Organization Culture

    • Holiday gifting impacts the entire organization

    • Not about individual recognition but about group recognition

Holiday gifting challenges l.jpg
Holiday Gifting Challenges

  • High Profile

    • Impacts every employee

    • Everyone pays attention = high potential for dissatisfaction

  • Typically not Adequately Resourced

    • Corporate penny pinching

    • Once a year process = unfamiliarity

    • Administrative burden

  • Satisfying a Diverse Employee Population

    • Different people = different tastes

  • Developing the Right Message

    • Putting the holiday gift into context

    • Determining the appropriate reward level

Successful holiday program checklist l.jpg
Successful Holiday ProgramChecklist

  • Define the Objectives

  • Determine the Budget

  • Organize the Program

  • Develop the Program

  • Execute the Plan

  • Evaluate the Results

Define the objectives l.jpg
Define the Objectives

  • Understand Business Context

    • How has the business performed?

    • Does each division / group have different objectives / challenges?

    • What is the level of employee morale?

    • Is holiday gifting a tradition?

  • Define Success

    • Set reasonable expectations

    • Link satisfaction to key employee engagement metrics

  • Develop Message

    • Recognize organization accomplishments

    • Reinforce corporate strategic objectives / key messages

Determine the budget l.jpg
Determine the Budget

  • Meaningful – Generally $25+

  • Appropriate – Business performance, prior year’s gift

  • Participation – Vary gift giving by organizational hierarchy, employees versus contractors, high value customers

  • Memorable – High quality delivery, impactful

Organize the program l.jpg
Organize the Program

  • Evaluate Lessons Learned from Prior Years

    • Survey employee / customer base

    • Create an internal focus group with members representing every department

  • Involve Key Stakeholders

  • Start Early, Finish Early

Develop the program l.jpg
Develop the Program

  • Choose the Gift

    • Select a gift that offers choice

    • Make it memorable, an event within itself

  • Invest in the Packaging

    • Personalize to the individual

    • Incorporate company brand

  • Create the Execution Plan

    • Have a project plan and timeline

    • Refine program messaging

    • Secure program approval

Execute the plan l.jpg
Execute the Plan

  • Ensure Senior Management is Informed Along the Process

  • Actively Monitor Timelines and Deliverables

  • Key Activities In December

    • Ensure communication at or before time of gift

    • Leverage multiple communication mediums

    • Ensure messaging is clear and concise

  • Celebrate the Gift with your Employees / Customers

Evaluate the program l.jpg
Evaluate the Program

  • Conduct Surveys to Determine Program Success

    • Analyze the results / did the program motivate your employees? Did your holiday program have an impact?

    • Gather feedback from stakeholders and senior management

    • Prepare a post-mortem summary on lessons learned and results of the program

In summary l.jpg
In Summary

  • Have an Objective

  • Establish a Plan and Start Early

  • Involve Stakeholders / Senior Management

  • Make the Gift Memorable and Personable

  • Measure the Success of the Program

Our perspective l.jpg
Our Perspective

  • The Gift

    • Gift Card

    • Why Universal Gift Products

  • Experience

    • Packaging

    • Customization

    • Personalization

  • Turn-Key Solution

    • Fulfillment

    • Reporting

For more information l.jpg
For More Information

Contact Us:

Kelly Rocha

[email protected]