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Media Frankfurt AirPort PowerPoint Presentation
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Media Frankfurt AirPort

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Media Frankfurt AirPort
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Media Frankfurt AirPort

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  1. MediaFrankfurtAirPort

  2. outdoor

  3. Led motiondrive Transform the Terminal 1 approach road into your digital brand presentation • Five breath-taking LED billboards prominently positioned along the Terminal 1 approach road ensure you make a lasting impression on your target group • Fantastic quality: amazing LED technology means brilliant images – moving images generate an even higher emotional level • Maximum flexibility: different motives can be shown on the LED Motion Drive per booking. And, best of all, you decide at what time your content is to be shown • Multi-faceted booking options – for campaigns and exclusive presentations Target group: departing passengers and meeters & greeters • Effective in all situations: 100 % coverage of traffic on the departures level

  4. arealedmotiondrive

  5. pricesledmotiondrive

  6. City light boards Grab your target group’s attention on the way to the airport. • Positioned on very busy approach and exit roads • Large-scale backlit advertising medium with scrolling system • Suitable for supplementing national out-of-home campaigns • The Frankfurt Airport Network comprises 4 City Light Boards

  7. areascity light Boards

  8. pricescity light boardsfrommay 2013

  9. citylightposters Extremely bright and in eye-catching locations. • Your campaign medium – head-on in front of Terminals 1 and 2 • Backlit scrolling poster positioned next to the entrance doors • The ideal supplement for your national out-of-home campaigns • Very flexible thanks to weekly booking periods

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  12. indoor

  13. Wall panels Arrivals The launching pad for internationally renowned brands. • Reach foreign business travelers, tourists and holidaymakers on their way home with fresh product ideas and powerful brand presentations • You will find an extremely affluent, free-spending clientele, including passengers from the BRIC states, along the arrivals chain of Piers B, C, D and E • The ideal introduction to pending shopping tours in Germany and Europe • Large-scale and illuminated advertising formats along the main routes taken by passengers • Also highly recommended as advertising platforms for fairs and events with a large proportion of inter-national trade visitors

  14. areas wall panels Arrivals T2WAP003/004 T1WAP014 T2WAP001/002 T1WAP023

  15. prices wall panels Arrivals

  16. Wall panels Shopping areas Efficient positioning where passengers shop every day. • With around 42,000 m2 of retail space, Frankfurt Airport is one of the region’s biggest shopping malls • In the vicinity of the Airport City Mall, Shopping Avenue and Waiting Hall B airside, you can present your brands, products and special offers on Wall Panels of up to 10 meters in length • Unique target-group mix of business and holiday travelers, visitors, meeters & greeters and over 70,000 airport employees • There are also locations in the vicinity of the Car Rental Center – the ideal place to make contact with business and frequent travelers

  17. areas wall panels Shopping areas T1WAP016 T1WAP008 T1WAP001 T1WAP002 T1WAP003 T1WAP007 T1WAP011

  18. Prices wall panels Shopping areas

  19. Wall panels Arrivals / Departures Everyone has to pass by here. • You can reach over 10 million departing and transferring passengers on their way from the security check to passport control in Pier B. Almost three quarters of them are headed for non-Schengen destinations. You will also find a large proportion of arriving passengers from Schengen countries here • Take advantage of the increased level of concentra-tion, especially of departing passengers between the security checkpoint and passport control • Applications: purchasing impulses for the visit to the Travel Retail / Duty-Free-Shop – or to communicate new B2B products to passengers, especially the approx. 40 % of whom are business travelers • The international target group mix with a large per-centagefrom emerging markets has a great potential for global expansion strategies • Take advantage of this extremely busy location as a highly effective brand platform

  20. areas wall panels Arrivals / Departures T1WAP020/021 T1WAP022/024

  21. Prices wall panels Arrivals / Departures

  22. Kingsize lightboxes Airside, arrivals A pleasant welcome immediately after landing. • Up to 6 meters wide KingsizeLightboxeson the airside of the arrivals process of all piers. Open for all options – depending on campaign goal, product and target group • Surprise foreign tourists, returning holiday makers and business travelers with new product ideas and services as they make their way to baggage claim or the exit • Make irresistible special offers – e.g., for flights to and from Frankfurt • Draw the attention of guests and trade visitors to forthcoming fairs and events • Ensure the long-term presence of your brand in one of the world’s most important markets

  23. areaskingsizelightboxes Airside, arrivals E3KLB001 D3KLB001 C3KLB004 C3KLB005 C3KLB007 B2KLB001 C2KLB001 A1KLB004/005

  24. priceskingsizelightboxes Airside, arrivals

  25. Wall wraps The best way to link A and B is a media format. • Time for a change of scenery: adorn our uniquely long wall media with memorable advertising claims • An eye-catcher for arriving, departing and transferring passengers • Irresistible brand presentation: the 60-meter corridor connecting Piers B and C is the ideal setting for all brands. Numerous transferring passengers automatically increase the level of international brand awareness • Perfect for free-spending arrivals from overseas: the Arrival Package B-East attracts great attention and ensure top contact quality – with 8 locations respectively, they are superb for launching new products • Discover a multi-faceted airport medium: functional, efficient and with outstanding international contacts

  26. areas Wall Wraps T12WWR001 Arrival Package B-Ost T12WWR011 T12WWR068

  27. Prices wall wraps