divorce cost in illinois l.
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Illinois Divorce Cost PowerPoint Presentation
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Illinois Divorce Cost

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Illinois Divorce Cost - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Details about divorce cost in Illinois are mentioned here.

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Illinois Divorce Cost

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divorce cost in illinois
Divorce Cost in Illinois
  • Divorce is not only a process of separation, it also includes division of property and income.
  • Cost of divorce in Illinois includes two types of cost:

1. Economical

2. Emotional

  • Cost of divorce involves some crucial matters like child custody, spousal support.
Some factors contributing to the cost of divorce in Illinois are:
  • Form Fees: Divorce process requires different types of forms, which you need to submit to the court. Along with the forms one need to pay court fees that are quiet high.
  • Lawyers Fees: Lawyers charge fees on hourly basis, hiring an attorney can be expensive.
Obligations by Divorce: Financial status of a person changes due to divorce. At the time of a divorce, person can apply for temporary orders of child support and alimony. Paying the spousal support might lead to financial in instability.
  • Other Costs: Under this, various cost comes, documentation cost, residency cost and serving costs.
Some Implications of a Divorce:
  • Loss of positive attitude.
  • Depression
  • Broken relations
  • Separation
  • Loss of connection with children
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