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Belmont Ridge Middle School Home of the River Hawks PowerPoint Presentation
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Belmont Ridge Middle School Home of the River Hawks

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Belmont Ridge Middle School Home of the River Hawks
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Belmont Ridge Middle School Home of the River Hawks

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  1. Belmont Ridge Middle SchoolHome of the River Hawks

  2. Motivated…. Dedicated… Educated!

  3. Mission Belmont Ridge Middle School ensures the future success of our students, by providing an equitable, engaging environment of educational success.

  4. Belmont Ridge Team Mr. Flynn Principal Mr. McKenzie Assistant Principal Mr. Surma Assistant Principal Ms. Lowery Dean Mr. White Counselor Mrs. Piper Secretary Teachers!

  5. Block Schedule • 90 Minute Blocks • Classes meet every other day: A Day and B Day • 4 Classes Per Day • Resource/Spectrum/Workshops • Music/Art/Teen Living/ Reading/Foreign Language/Manufacturing

  6. Sample Student Schedule A DAY B Day 1 Language Arts 5 Math 2 Art 6 Resource 3 History 7 Science Lunch Lunch 4 PE/Health 8 Foreign Language

  7. Academics • Provide an enriching and challenging academic program. • Choose courses carefully to meet the needs of your child.

  8. Course Selection Process • Students will begin course selections with Mr. White, February 17th and February 18th. They will be bringing home a copy of their course selections, for you to verify and return. • Your child’s teachers will make recommendations to assist you and your child with course selections for next year.

  9. Middle School Program of Studies • Registering for classes – Page 1 • High school credit courses in Middle School (Foreign Language and Math) – Page 4 • Special Programs (Spectrum, Academy of Science, • Thomas Jefferson High) – Page 6 • Math Progression Chart – Page 8 • Course descriptions – Page 16 – 19 The Program of Studies can be found on the LCPS website.

  10. Course Selection Form

  11. COURSE SELECTIONS All 8th graders take the following courses: • Language Arts • History • Science • Math • PE/Health • Resource • Electives: Manufacturing, Teen Living, Music, Art, Foreign Language, and Reading

  12. Schedule Options - 8th Grade • Math (Math 8 , Algebra I or Geometry) • Fine Arts Elective: Music FY( Band, Chorus, Strings, Guitar ), Art, Manufacturing, or Teen Living (FY or Semester) • Reading • Foreign Language: French, Latin, German, or Spanish • Honors v. Academic • Spectrum/Resource

  13. Honors Classes • Same curriculum and SOL requirements. Academic content is embedded in the honors curriculum. • Assessments may require more essay writing and critical thinking skills. • Make choices that will keep your child well balanced and not stressed. • Goal ~ All BEMS students will take at least one honors class before leaving middle school

  14. Math Selection ProcessThis is a scaled down version of the chart in the Program of Studies. A copy of that chart is on the back of the map

  15. Language Arts • Class meets every other day • Writing • Research • Literature • Oral Language • Vocabulary • Syllabus

  16. Civics • Content Covered • The Role of a Citizen in the US • “Of the People, By the People, For the People” • The Structure and Function of Constitutional Institutions • Economics: Who Gets What? When and How? • Syllabus

  17. Science • Content Covered • Matter • Atomic Structure • Energy • Temp/Heat Transfer • Sound & Light • Work/Force/Motion • Electricity Syllabus

  18. Homework in 8th Grade • Homework is a practice of the student learning • Students should not rely on resource to complete missing homework. • Teachers will have homework posted on the Belmont Ridge Middle School web page, listed under teacher

  19. Spectrum • Offered during 45 minute of the resource class. • Student participation is optional. • Participation option may be exercised from year to year. • Selection criteria is used to identify students who will be participating in Spectrum

  20. LCPS Academy of Science (AOS) • Program is located at Dominion High School for students in grades 9 - 12. • Application/selection process begins in the 8th grade. • Must have the PSAT (Administered in the Fall of 8th Grade). • Must complete Algebra I with a grade of B or better by the end of the 8th Grade • AOS website:

  21. Thomas Jefferson High SchoolforScience and Technology • Program is located in Fairfax, Virginia • Application/selection process begins in the 8th grade and includes an admission examination. • Must complete Algebra I by the time of enrollment • TJHS website:

  22. Naval JROTC Located at Loudoun County High School The mission of the NJROTC program is to instill in students the ideals of Leadership, Character, Honor, and Service as the foundation for success in life. The program's focus on order, precision, self-discipline, respect for authority, ethical behavior, patriotism, service, and citizenship is designed to prepare students for success in life, regardless of their future plans.

  23. The Middle School Journey Denial- “This Can’t be happening”. Anger- “Why me? It’s not fair!” Bargaining – “If you do your homework, than we will get you a new phone.” Depression- “What’s the point?” Acceptance- “I can’t fight it, I may as well prepare for it.”

  24. Belmont Ridge Middle School 2011 Governor’s School of Excellence 2010 Governor’s School of Excellence 2009 Governor’s School of Excellence 2008 Governor’s School of Excellence 2009-2012 National School To Watch 2009 School/Business Partner Award Winner

  25. Motivated… Dedicated… Educated…