Animal experimentation
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Animal Experimentation . Alec Preston Junior Paper Research Project March 15, 2012.

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Animal experimentation

Animal Experimentation

Alec Preston

Junior Paper Research Project

March 15, 2012

Animal experimentation

II. Thesis Statement: Animals experimentation should not be banned because it benefits American society through the ability to use animals instead of humans in medical testing and the many new medical discoveries made possible by animal testing.

Animal experimentation

Topic Sentence 1: One of many reasons why animals are used in testing because they are better then using humans.

Evidence 1: the things used for testing are toxic.

Evidence 2: Using animals are more convenient and less dangerous then using humans.

Animal experimentation

Topic Sentence 2: Using animal testing for education teaches kids about it so they can also help with sicknesses.

Evidence #1: Through animal testing many diseases have been cured or helped and vaccines have been found.

Evidence #2: We have also found cures and vaccines for many things only animals can get.

Animal experimentation

Topic Sentence #3: Animal testing has been a major help in the world.

Evidence #1: In 2003 there was over 200,000 lives saved both animals and humans due to animal research.

Evidence #2: People are working on cures for Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and a variety of other diseases and are close thanks to animal experimentation.

Animal experimentation

Topic Sentence #4: There are many dangers with new medications but animal testing is necessary.

Evidence #1: Most of the animals used do go through pain but not a lot the medication alone hurts them more.

Evidence #2: Over the years there has been violence and other legal acts have been brought up but its still the right thing to do.

Animal experimentation

Topic Sentence #5: There are new things in college and schools to test on animals, and there are groups of people to help test on animals.

Evidence #1: At Texas University, their using animals testing to widen the variety of education that the students can get.

Evidence #2: Animal testing has also provided many jobs and opportunities for the next generation of students and workers.