strategic management n.
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State the strategy of Hindustan Unilever in your own words. PowerPoint Presentation
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State the strategy of Hindustan Unilever in your own words.

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State the strategy of Hindustan Unilever in your own words. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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strategic management q1 state the strategy
Strategic Management

Q1.State the strategy of Hindustan Unilever in your own words.

Q2.At what different levels is strategy formulated in HUL?

Q3.Comment on the strategic decision-making at HUL.

Q4.Give your opinion on whether the shift in strategic decision-making from India to Unilever’s headquarters could prove to be advantageous to HUL or not.

q5 consider the vision and mission statements
Q5.Consider the vision and mission statements of the Reserve Bank of India.

Comment on the quality of both these statements.

Q6.Should the RBI go for a systematic and comprehensive strategic plan in place of its earlier pragmatic approach of responding to environmental events as and when they occur? Why?

Q7.What is the motive for internationalization by the Kalyani Group? Discuss.

Q8.Which type of international strategy is Kalyani Group adopting? Explain.

q9 identify the type of organization structure
Q9.Identify the type of organization structure being used at Synergos and explain

how it works. What are the benefits of using this type of structure? What are the pitfalls?

Q10.Express your opinion about whether the structure is in line with the recruitments of the strategy that Synergos is implementing.

Q11.Based on the information related to the information, control and reward systems available in the case, examine whether these systems are appropriate for the type of strategy being implemented.

q12 analyze the igate case to highlight
Q12.Analyze the iGATE case to highlight how it could apply some of the strategic

controls such as premise control, implementation control, strategic surveillance and special alert control.

Q13.Analyze and describe the process of setting of standards at iGATE.

Q14.Give your opinion on the effectiveness of the role of reward system in exercising HR performance management at iGATE and suggest what improvements are possible, given the environmental conditions in the IT/ITES industry in India at present.

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