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The Story of J.J. Jameson

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The Story of J.J. Jameson - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Story of J.J. Jameson. Written by Gabe and Laura.

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the story of j j jameson

The Story of J.J. Jameson

Written by Gabe and Laura

Once upon a time there was a young boy named J.J. Jameson. He was an only child, but that did not stop him from making friends and being a happy boy. Since he was an only child he got to go out to eat very often. Late one evening his parents took him to…

A seafood restaurant.

The waffle house.


The lobster tank in the seafood restaurant always bothered J.J. He felt sorry for the little things in the tank awaiting their death. He wished he could set them free! That night while having dinner, he noticed the waiter got a lobster out of the tank and set it on the counter, but got sidetracked and walked away. Half an hour passed and the waiter still had not come back for the lobster, so J.J. decided to…

put the poor lobster back in the tank.


Grab the lobster and put it in his mom’s purse.


Luckily J.J’s mom didn’t notice the lobster in her purse. When J.J. got home he secretly got the lobster out of his mom’s purse and snuck out the back door. He took the lobster down to the beach to give it a chance to be free. J.J. took the rubber bands off the lobster’s claws and left him on the beach where the waves meet the sand. J.J. stood back and watched as the lobster made it’s way to the ocean.

J.J felt bad that the lobster had been sitting out of the water for so long. He knew the lobsters life would be short, but figured the lobster should enjoy life while it lasted. J.J carefully put the lobster back in the tank with his other lobster friends. On their way out of the restaurant, J.J. said goodbye to the lobster forever.
When J.J arrived at the waffle house he noticed how crowded and busy the place was. The waiter came ofer and asked what they wanted to drink. J.J ordered…

a root beer float.


a chocolate milk.

The nice waiter brought the float right away. The root beer float he ordered came with those bendy straws that J.J. loves so much. The restaurant was so loud and crowded, but the waiter was very friendly and helpful the whole time. On the way out J.J.’s parents left a lottery ticket as a tip for the waiter. When the nice waiter scratched the ticket, he realized he won $1,000!
The restaurant was so loud and crowded. J.J. did not get his drink for a long time. The waiter came to the table and apologized for taking so long because he was so busy. He went right away to get their order. On the way to the table someone bumped into the waiter and J’J.’s chocolate milk tipped over, spilling on the floor. As the waiter tried to catch the falling cup, he slipped and fell and ended up with food all over him. That poor waiter!