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Raleigh Altrusa 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Raleigh Altrusa 2011

Raleigh Altrusa 2011

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Raleigh Altrusa 2011

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  1. Raleigh Altrusa 2011 The Way We Were, The Way We Are, The Way We Will Be

  2. How we began Altrusa International, Inc. of Raleigh Building Better Communities

  3. Club Revitalization Event

  4. Congratulations to Emily and Lyn At the February meeting, Emily Johnson announced her engagement to Lynn Muchmore.

  5. Grandma Who? Jane Gray’s family welcomed a new arrival to whom Jane will be known as Gram, or Nana, or Mimi or something similar. What is that new moniker, Jane?

  6. Focus on Health Education At the Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education in Raleigh a non-profit organization, which provides programs and resources for teaching North Carolinians about healthy lifestyles

  7. Jane Gray Appointed District Three Program Development Committee Chair Henri Dawkins Nominated as Distinguished Volunteer By Urban Ministries

  8. Happy Birthday Altrusa The Durham and Raleigh Altrusa clubs joined Chapel Hill in celebrating 94 years of Altrusa. Chapel Hill hosted a wonderful party at the Chapel Hill Country Club. The theme was "your best Easter Bonnet".

  9. New Member Orientation At left Jane Gray gives the history of Altrusa while Carol Paquette, Sandy Reid, and Becky Lee look on. Below, Sandy Reid presents Becky with her Altrusa pin while Carol Paquette looks on.

  10. Altrusa International, Inc. of Raleigh At District three Conference

  11. First Timers Meeting

  12. Hanging out before the opening session

  13. The flag ceremony

  14. In memoriam

  15. Opening breakfast – Go Red for Heart Disease Prevention in women

  16. Robin with Nancy Litton, Speaker, Red Cross

  17. Now Down to Business

  18. At the Trough

  19. Browsing at the vendors

  20. District three activities display

  21. Who’s that with Donna?

  22. Myrtle H. Price Membership Award

  23. Outstanding Community Service Award

  24. Biennium goals recognition

  25. Altrusa Supports our Soldiers

  26. Next Year’s conference in GA

  27. Installation of 2011-2012 Officers At the May meeting, Teresa Williams, of the Durham Club, conducted the installation ceremony for the Raleigh Club’s new officers. As she read the duties and responsibilities for each office, she presented the inductee with a symbolic tool that would help the new officer to successfully complete the duties of her office.

  28. Fundraising Raised $350 for the club’s treasury. Donated $300 in leftover merchandise to Cause for Paws.

  29. Sandy Reid, Left Us to Move to the Asheville area. We Miss Her Smile and Her Energy The Comings and Goings We welcomed Becky lee sponsored by Carol Paquette and Sandy Reid, Pat Nivanh, sponsored by Jane Gray, and Kathy Slocum and Kay Wyche, sponsored by Donna Kelly.

  30. A NEW LOOK FOR ALTRUSA Clarity, Flexibility, Inclusion A NEW LOOK FOR The Acorn

  31. Membership on the rise The initiation of Katherine Lipsey, Pat Nivanh, Kathy Slocum, Kay Wyche

  32. Raleigh club learns about critical community need Judge Robert Rader our guest speaker at the July meeting told us about the new Wake County Justice Center, under construction in Raleigh. The increase in Wake County’s population makes this new courthouse much needed.

  33. Great New Digs for Altrusa Thanks to Jane Gray, the Raleigh Altrusa club found a permanent home in the fellowship hall at Highland United Methodist Church. With our new home we also are delighted to enjoy a meal provided by Two of Us catering. Look at the delightful spread

  34. Serving our Soldiers Raleigh Club members and members from their sister club in Durham (shown lower left) socialize before a presentation by Connie Inggs, director of the RDU Center of the USO of North Carolina whose mission is to enrich the lives of military personnel and their families in NC (shown lower right with Carol Paquette and Donna Kelly).

  35. Happy Birthday Donna

  36. Did you know? • Our new motto, “Leading to a Better Community” • Mamie L. Bass was our first national president • Altrusa became an international organization in 1935 • The Raleigh club was started in 1937 • The various foundations are an important part of what makes the grants that Altrusa works with possible • The Cassie Dollar rehabilitation award is designed to help people with mobility issues • Beverly Hardy is the new governor of District Three • Literacy is one of the thrusts of Altrusa Jane Gray orients and reorients members, new and old alike. Raleigh Club members puzzling out the answers to the questions.

  37. Literacy front and center Nora Casper, Community Outreach Manager, from the Literacy Council of Wake County (shown left with Donna Kelly) spoke about that the mission of the Literacy Council which is to "improve lives of adults, youths, and families by teaching basic literacy and life skills for economic and social success."

  38. Congratulations Katherine

  39. Altrusa Raleigh club Busy serving the community

  40. Serving homeless women at the Helen Wright Center

  41. Club Launches new service activity with interact

  42. Receptionist duty at the open door clinic

  43. Make a Difference Day Raleigh Club members deliver books to the Open Door Clinic for Make a Difference Day, Altrusa’s annual event in support of literacy.

  44. Bringing Christmas Cheer to Interact Shoppers Raleigh’s Christmas project this year was to provide gifts for the Christmas Bazaar at InterAct. The items donated for the Christmas Bazaar allow the children who are in shelter with their Moms to “shop for” and wrap gifts for their Moms.

  45. Our Newest Member

  46. And so we end