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IRAM Testing / Verification

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IRAM Testing / Verification - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IRAM Testing / Verification. Sam Williams UC Berkeley Testing Intro. Testing will be performed on each level of the design from ISA simulator through a VERILOG netlist, and also on actual parts. Level of testing will vary depending on capabilities.

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iram testing verification

IRAM Testing / Verification

Sam Williams

UC Berkeley

testing intro
Testing Intro
  • Testing will be performed on each level of the design from ISA simulator through a VERILOG netlist, and also on actual parts.
  • Level of testing will vary depending on capabilities.
  • For functionality, tests are just snippets of assembly code in a specific test file format.
pass fail determination
Pass/Fail Determination
  • Self-checking: provide register/memory true values to compare output of simulator against.
  • Trace Comparison: each simulator produces an architectural trace (instruction, PC, registers modified, new values, memory addresses/values). Then compare any two simulators
  • Directed: require user inspection, e.g. cache replacement policy
test file format
Test File Format
  • Simple text file divided into multiple sections (code, initialization, self-checking, simulator specific controls, variables, memory image)
  • Random variables/sets can be used to produce very simple random self-checking tests
  • Simulator controls allow configuration of simulators for a specific test
  • Init/self-checking sections can set any register in any register file
  • Wrapper incorporates all and creates the file(s) best suited for the simulators in question
wrapper verify script



Temp files


Source file(s)

Output files

Wrapper (verify script)

Parse, random test generation



random tests


  • Gives pass/fail condition
  • Compare traces generated from simulators. Looks for data miscompares, missing instructions, wrong destinations, etc…
  • Currently only works on instruction level, not virtual processor.
  • Can be used to generate/compare memory images from traces.
random test generator
Random Test Generator
  • Single configuration file used to determine number of instructions, probability distributions, exceptions allowed, control structures, speculative, etc…
  • Control structures: e.g. for-loop, if-else, jsr primitives
  • Can insert code to prevent exceptions from occurring, e.g. prevent misaligned accesses
  • Insert vsync’s to ensure vector-scalar memory coherency
  • Complex primitives, e.g. dot products, matrix operations, etc…
  • Can be used to create random regressions where paramaters are automatically varied
testing on different simulators
Testing on Different Simulators
  • ISA and performance simulator can take advantage of all methods
  • For VERILOG and VERILOG netlist it is more difficult to implement a trace generator
  • For silicon, it is essentially impossible to generate traces, and will not be possible to capture or even drive all pins. Solution is test through the JTAG interface. Requires the wrapper to run code to drive this interface with instructions, and extract results.
future work
Future Work
  • Further develop “unique fail” determination code in verify script
  • Fully implement trace generator for VERILOG simulator. (Allows more than simple self-checking tests and memory image generation)
  • Implement code to drive JTAG interface to perform silicon testing.
  • Support for testing external / asynchronous events
  • Write many more self-checking and directed tests