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California State University, Los Angeles

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California State University, Los Angeles. _______________________ Department of Public Health Internship Rules and Site Information PH 496. A site is any agency that offers an internship. Any site you choose must have a contract with CSULA before you can do an internship there.

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california state university los angeles
California State University, Los Angeles


Department of Public Health

Internship Rules

and Site Information

PH 496


A site is any agency that offers an internship.

Any site you choose must have a contract with CSULA before you can do an internship there.

Please visit the department’s internship website for a list of approved internship sites.


If a site does not have a contract, you can do an internship there if:

  • The site is willing to sign a contract.
  • The contract is signed before the start of the quarter in which you want to do an internship.
  • This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

If you want us to create a contract with a site, you must email Dr. Hoffman with the following information:

  • Name of the organization.
  • Name, phone #, & email address of a contact person.
    • You should have already spoken to this person about interning.

You must have this information to Dr. Hoffman at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the quarter in which you plan to do the internship.

once you have chosen a site
Once you have chosen a site:
  • Call the contact person listed for that site. Discuss options, duties, responsibilities, etc.
  • Contact Dr. Hoffman to make sure the internship is acceptable.
  • Set up a meeting with the internship contact person. At the end of this meeting you will need 2 documents:
    • A Letter of Acceptance.
    • The Learning Plan.
the letter of acceptance
The Letter of Acceptance

The site should provide the following on letterhead stationery:

  • Dates of the internship.
  • What you will do (your responsibilities).
  • The name of your supervisor.
  • A statement that they approve of your Learning Plan.
  • The signature of a representative.
the learning plan
The Learning Plan
  • Print out the Learning Plan document from the Public Health Department website.
  • Fill this out and read it completely. You may copy the Service Objectives & Learning Objectives from the Letter of Acceptance. If you are unsure what to write, ask your supervisor.
once you have the documents
Once you have the documents:
  • Bring them to Dr. Hoffman.
    • She is in the office Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    • If she’s not there when you stop by, you can leave the documents in her box in Caroline’s office.
  • Once Dr. Hoffman approves the documents she will give you permission to enroll in PH 496.
to enroll in ph 496
To enroll in PH 496
  • You must have approval from Dr. Hoffman.
  • Dr. Hoffman will give your name and CIN to Caroline Trejo, who will give you permission to enroll. You will be notified of this.
  • Once you have permission, log into GET and enroll in the course. You must do this within two days or the permission elapses, so don’t wait!
ph 496
PH 496
  • This course is scheduled for Thursdays at 6:10.
  • We will meet 3-4 Thursdays during the quarter. Check this bulletin board for dates.
  • If you have a scheduling conflict with Thursdays at 6:10, talk to Dr. Hoffman.

Q: What types of sites are appropriate for an internship?

A: Many sites are appropriate, but your internship must involve tasks related to public health. Check with Dr. Hoffman if you are unsure about a site.


Q: Can I do 8 units of internship in one quarter?

A: Yes, but we require you to find 2 internship sites and do 120 hours at each site. We may allow students to do 8 units at one site, but this is rare and depends on the project the site is proposing.


Q: Can I get a paid internship?

A: If you find one, sure. However, many internships are unpaid.

Q: I already work at XYZ Agency. Can I do my internship there?

A: No, you will need to do an internship at a site other than where you work.


Q: I’m a new Public Health major. When should I do my internships?

A: You will do your internships during your senior year. Internships are an opportunity for you to use the skills you’ve gained as a PH major, so you need to take at least a year of classes before doing an internship.


Q: I am taking a class at 6:10 on Thursdays. Can I still take 496?

A: Yes. Talk with Dr. Hoffman to make arrangements.