to ll m tax or not to ll m tax that is the question l.
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To LL.M. (Tax) or not to LL.M (Tax)—That is the question PowerPoint Presentation
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To LL.M. (Tax) or not to LL.M (Tax)—That is the question

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To LL.M. (Tax) or not to LL.M (Tax)—That is the question - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To LL.M. (Tax) or not to LL.M (Tax)—That is the question. Prof. Mombrun Prof. Branch Assistant Dean Morgan. Rough Estimate of tax student career path. First Tax Class -- Last Tax Class. Tax Court Law Clerk. LL. M. Program. More JD Tax Classes. First & Last Tax Class. I HATE TAX!!!.

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To LL.M. (Tax) or not to LL.M (Tax)—That is the question

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    1. To LL.M. (Tax) or not to LL.M (Tax)—That is the question Prof. Mombrun Prof. Branch Assistant Dean Morgan

    2. Rough Estimate of tax student career path First Tax Class -- Last Tax Class Tax CourtLaw Clerk LL. M.Program More JD Tax Classes

    3. First & Last Tax Class I HATE TAX!!! = No More Steps Congratulations !

    4. First Tax Class Seriously – an eye opener First time in law school where you get a real answer in class --Not usually—It depends or what do you think? --Normally, either you meet the statutory requirements or you do not --Love at first sight --or you heard that tax lawyers make good money—Love at first sight

    5. Benefits of an LL.M. • Improve tax job placement significantly • Almost a requirement these days • Improve substantive tax knowledge—BIG TIME • Improve practical knowledge

    6. Benefits of LL.M • Preparation for career at: • IRS or Gvt. Agency • Law Firm or Accounting Firm • Business or Estate Planning • Teaching • Choosing New Business Entities • In-House Counsel • Real Estate

    7. Benefits of LL.M. • Probate • Personal Income Tax • Local Government

    8. Corporate Tax Advanced Income Tax VITA Coordinator Director Volunteer Tax Paper Tax externship or internship Partnership Tax Tax Procedure Gift & Estate Tax Income Tax of Trusts & Estates State & Local Tax Tax Club? Join ABA Tax Section Preparing for an LL. M. and

    9. You are in your third year? • See what you can do from previous slide • Secure really good recommendations from your tax professors • Make sure you get the best possible grades in your tax classes and business classes • Prepare your application carefully and highlight what makes you unique or different

    10. You are in your second year! • More flexibility! • Complete list in slide #8 • Do well in your tax and business classes • Secure really good recommendations • Convince your professors that you really want to get that LL.M.

    11. Before the LL. M. Program • Apply in Sept/Oct of 3L year • Rolling Admissions • Make good grades in all your Tax Classes • Take as many Tax Classes as Possible • Write a Tax Article • Get Published – Enter Competitions!

    12. Which program to apply to? • Go for the top! • Caveat: Be sure you know what you want and where you want to be! • Above all—APPLY, APPLY, APPLY • DO NOT TAKE YOURSELF OUT OF THE RUNNING—THIS IS NOT YOUR JOB!!

    13. Special Mention—U of Florida • Consistently ranked #1 or #2 • Rigorous program and very well respected • Relatively affordable • One year of Florida weather • Constantly looking to improve

    14. Special Mention--Northwestern • Program started in 2002 and they are already ranked #4 by US News • They appear very aggressive and committed to the growth of the program • 94% of graduates employed within 9 months of graduation • TARE—Tax Attorney Recruitment Event • Started recruitment drive 2 years ago with the University of Florida and Boston University

    15. What’s the LL. M. Program Like? • Like your 1L year … again! • Problem-solving based classes • Much more reading, researching, & studying • Saturation of information • Possible thesis paper • Makes JD look like kindergarten

    16. Applying for Jobs in Today’s Market • Résumés vs. Networking • Cover Letter • Don’t start off with Mickey Mouse opening • Sign your name!!! • Proofread and reproof for errors and awkward phrasing • Complete application packet • Join Tax Section Committees • PASS THE BAR

    17. To LL.M (Tax) or not to LL.M. (tax) T h e E n d