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Research Tips . “Gaming Topics” Betty McNeal [email protected] 702-895-4119. Today’s Agenda. Provide brief overview of gaming Discuss print sources of gaming information Discuss electronic sources of information Show research value of various types of information.

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Research tips l.jpg

Research Tips

“Gaming Topics”

Betty McNeal

[email protected]


Today s agenda l.jpg
Today’s Agenda

  • Provide brief overview of gaming

  • Discuss print sources of gaming information

  • Discuss electronic sources of information

  • Show research value of various types of information

History of gaming l.jpg
History of Gaming

  • Old as mankind, every country & culture

  • If not legalized, it goes underground

  • Various motivations: Gain, Greed, Excitement, Fantasy, Escape

  • Mathematical odds always against players

  • Operators are guaranteed to have the advantage

  • Extremes cause personal & societal problems

Gaming history starters l.jpg
Gaming History Starters

  • Subject search in Library Catalog

  • General and specific subjects and time periods

  • People of Chance: Gambling in American Society from Jamestown to Law Vegas, by Findlay

  • High rollers:A History of Gambling in America. Video. History Channel.

  • The numbers game in New York City 1960-1969: A social & political history, by Liddick

More gaming history l.jpg
More Gaming History


  • Doctoral dissertation: David Schwartz

    • Suburban Xanadu: The casino resort on the Las Vegas Strip, 1945-1978. UCLA, 2000.

  • Gaming Research & Review Journal. See article with USA Timeline. (V. 3, Issue 2, p. 65)

  • The Development of the Law of Gambling: 1776-1976. U. S. Dept of Justice. Call no: J1.25/G14/776-976.

Research value gaming history l.jpg
Research Value—Gaming History

  • Perspective on the present

  • Explains Nevada’s development

  • Insight into human psychology

  • Part of the literature search

Gaming boundaries l.jpg
Gaming Boundaries

  • Limited stakes gaming

    • Colorado

  • Loss limits

    • Riverboats

  • Restricted gaming

    • Supermarkets, bars, drug stores

  • Restricted areas

    • Deadwood. Cripple Creek, Central City, Black Hawk. Atlantic City. Detroit.

  • Class I, II, III

    • I Social games. II Bingo, pull tabs, cards. III Tables and slots

Interdisciplinary nature of gaming research l.jpg













Interdisciplinary Nature of Gaming Research

Economic impact of gaming l.jpg
Economic Impact of Gaming

  • Construction

  • Employment

  • Wages

  • State revenue

  • Use of revenue to upgrade community

  • Infrastructure upgrades

Social impacts of gaming l.jpg
Social Impacts of Gaming

  • Crime, drugs, prostitution

  • Underworld influence

  • Gambling addiction

  • Underage gambling

  • Family values

  • Capitalizing on human weakness

  • Insolvency & bankruptcy

Research value gaming knowledge l.jpg
Research Value—Gaming Knowledge

  • Familiar with concepts, jargon

  • Multiply options for gaming topics

  • Speed up literature search

  • Adds motivation & enthusiasm

Research materials by format l.jpg






Online catalogs

Online databases





Audio, video

Research Materials by Format

Research materials by type l.jpg
Research Materials by Type

  • Bibliography

  • Treatises

  • Journals

  • Magazines/Newspapers

  • Reference works

  • Web Sites

  • Dissertations & Theses

  • Government publications

Bibliography l.jpg

  • Casino Gaming in the United States: A Research Guide. 401 pages.

    • Thomas A. Mirkovich & Allison A. Cowgill

    • Call no: Z7164/G35/M57/1977

    • Annotated bibliography, 800+ entries

    • Social, economic, moral, legal aspects

    • Covers 1985-1994

Instant bibliographies l.jpg

UNLV Library

Keyword: Casinos, Gambling, etc.


Thompson, William N.

Library of Congress

Keyword: Casinos, Gambling, etc.

Instant Bibliographies

Research value bibliography l.jpg
Research Value--Bibliography

  • Literature search

  • Control of literature resources

  • Verify author, title, date, publisher

Books l.jpg

  • Textbooks

  • Scholarly works

  • University press publications

  • Trade publications

Basic gaming books l.jpg
Basic Gaming Books

  • --Introduction to the Casino Entertainment Industry. Eade & Eade. Call no: HV6711/E23/1997

  • --The Gaming Industry: Introduction & Perspectives. Call No. HV6711/G35/1996

  • --Casino Operations Management. Kilby & Fox. Call no: HV6711/K55/1995

  • --Overview of the Gaming Industry. International Gaming Institute. HV9999/G252/)94/1996

Research value books l.jpg
Research Value—Books

  • Compiled using wide variety of sources

  • Strict review, editing, fact checking by publisher

  • Advantage of extensive time to write, evaluate

  • May have extensive bibliographies, helpful notes

Journals l.jpg

  • Academic origin

  • Peer reviewed

  • Studies, critiques, analyses

  • Full text, online

  • Gaming Research & Review Journal

  • Journal of Gambling Studies

  • Gaming Law Review

Interdisciplinary journals l.jpg
Interdisciplinary Journals

  • Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research

  • The Annals of the American Academy of Political & Social Science

  • Psychological Reports

  • Journal of Youth & Adolescence

  • British Journal of Addiction

  • Journal of Social Issues

  • National Tax Journal

Journal sources l.jpg
Journal Sources

  • Print journals or combo print/online

  • Online databases (long list in university library)

    • Academic Search Elite

    • Emerald Library )

    • Wiley Interscience

    • Psychinfo

    • PapersFirst

Journal alerts l.jpg
Journal Alerts

  • Inquire about email newsletters from journals

  • Email Tables of Contents from publisher

  • Enter free no more than 5 keywords to get Tables of Contents from journals emailed to you

Research value journals l.jpg
Research Value--Journals

  • Zero in on narrow subject

  • Update book material

  • Add to book bibliography

  • Adhere to research methodology

  • Primary source material

Newspapers magazines l.jpg

  • Not scholarly

  • Can’t use to “prove” a point, but can use for facts, names and dates, informal comments

  • May mention a study or lead to a principal investigator

  • Can use if that is the best source for a particular kind of data

Newspapers magazines28 l.jpg

  • For academics, industry personnel or general reader

  • News, updates, email editions

  • Feature articles

    • Casino Journal

    • Casino Executive Reports

    • Las Vegas Review-Journal

    • Casino Wire (online)

    • Pechanga (online/Indian gaming)

    • State Capitals Newsletters (online)

Research value news magazines l.jpg
Research Value—News/Magazines

  • Current awareness

  • Online access

  • Email delivery

  • Tuned to the real world

  • May suggest new trends

Reference works l.jpg
Reference Works

  • Encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs

  • Indexes & Abstracts—key to journal searching

  • Bibliographies

    • Gaming Business Directory

    • Encyclopedia of Gambling

    • Nevada Gaming Almanac

    • Global Gaming Almanac

    • Dan’s Poker Dictionary (online)

    • Problem Gambling Terms (online)

Research value reference works l.jpg
Research Value—Reference Works

  • High probability of accuracy

  • Basic data, such as statistics, names and addresses, principles and outlines

  • Foundation of knowledge from which to branch out

Web sites l.jpg
Web Sites

  • Anybody can publish

  • May not have author, references or proof

  • Most gaming authorities have web sites

  • Look for disclaimers

  • Verify in another source, if necessary

Web site citation or documentation l.jpg
Web Site Citation or Documentation

  • Refer to appropriate style manual. APA, Univ. of Chicago, MLA.

  • General bibliographic elements precede the web site

  • Date retrieved from web given

Gaming web sites l.jpg
Gaming Web Sites

  • Good choice for revenue statistics

  • All gaming commissions and boards have sites

  • Gateway to libraries, bookstores

  • Find associations, regulatory bodies, revenue charts, research institutes, conferences and expos

  • Free articles on some sites

Research value web sites l.jpg
Research Value—Web Sites

  • Eliminate manual searching

  • Access remote catalogs

  • International coverage

  • Variety of views, opinions

  • Can contact owner

  • When last updated often included

  • Online purchase of materials if necessary

Best gaming links web site l.jpg
Best Gaming Links Web Site


  • Webmaster: Dr. David G. Schwartz

  • Constantly improving, updating

  • All types of reference/information sources

  • Not much guidance as to how to use

  • May be overwhelming for new researcher

  • Brief annotations; few evaluations

Forthcoming web site guide l.jpg
Forthcoming Web Site Guide

  • Gaming Recreation, Regulation & Research, A Guide to Information on the World Wide Web, by Betty McNeal

  • E-book

  • Gaming Web sites are discussed and evaluated

  • Distribution not decided (ebook, floppy, cd-rom, web page)

Dissertations theses l.jpg

Click “Digital Dissertations” on Find Articles & More. (UNLV Library)

Fill in basic or advance search boxes.

Citation, Abstract, 24-page preview, full text.

Dissertations & Theses

Unlv gaming theses l.jpg
UNLV Gaming Theses (UNLV Library)

  • “Attitude of gaming employees towards problem gambling: How it affects their learning at an awareness training”. Bybee, Lisa M.

  • “The relationship between casino drop and gaming stock performance: A multivariate analysis”. Gilbert, Mark H.

  • “Impact of casinos on residential property values: Henderson, Nevada”. Giannini, Barbara

  • “An analysis of smoking and gambling among Las Vegas visitors”. Koenen, John

Theses other universities l.jpg
Theses—Other Universities (UNLV Library)

  • “Emergency management assessment and impacts of tropical cyclones on waterfront casinos in Biloxi, Mississippi” (Mississippi State U)

  • “Minimal treatment for concerned significant others of problem gamblers” (Univ. of Calgary)

  • “The impact of increased external competition on Nevada taxable gaming revenue” (UNR)

Research value dissertations theses l.jpg
Research Value—Dissertations/Theses (UNLV Library)

  • Sample format to guide new researchers

  • Insight into manageable topics

  • New problems highlighted

  • Update books & journals

Government publications l.jpg
Government Publications (UNLV Library)

  • Laws, statutes, cases

  • Rules & regulations

  • Congressional & state legislative hearings

  • Commissions & Task Forces

  • Special reports

    • National Gambling Impact Study Report

    • Nevada Revised Statutes

    • S E C filings (EDGAR database)

Research value government publications l.jpg
Research Value—Government Publications (UNLV Library)

  • Topics pertinent to citizen interest

  • Prepared by specialists and experts

  • Information not found elsewhere, e. g., testimony at hearings

  • Raw data you can manipulate yourself

Gaming and the law l.jpg
Gaming and the Law (UNLV Library)

  • Federal Law

  • State Law

  • Tribal Law

    • Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

  • Regulations to supplement, administer and enforce the law

Need for gaming laws l.jpg
Need for Gaming Laws (UNLV Library)

  • Cash industry

  • Strict cash handling procedures

  • Fees and taxes properly assessed

  • Insure honesty of games

  • Inspire public confidence

Legal citation form l.jpg
Legal Citation Form (UNLV Library)

  • Uniform System of Citation [Blue Book, or Harvard Blue Book]

  • Examples:

    • NRS §463.1405 (2)

    • 1995 Nev. Rev. Stat. 497

    • NGC Reg. 16.405©

    • Nevada Gaming Commission v. Desert Palace, Inc. 101 Nev. 173, 647 P. 2d 477 (1985)

Legal sources on internet l.jpg
Legal Sources on Internet (UNLV Library)

  • Findlaw

  • Megalaw

  • Westlaw (fee based)

  • Lexis (fee based)

  • Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe Free Access through UNLV catalog

More internet legal sources l.jpg
More Internet Legal Sources (UNLV Library)

  • International Association of Gaming Attorneys

  • Gaming Practice Group (Michigan)

  • Nevada Attorney General, Gaming Division

  • Martindale & Hubbell (lawyer directory)

  • Lionel Sawyer & Collins

  • U. S. Code/State Codes

  • Court Cases

  • Law Journals

  • I. Nelson Rose , “Gaming and the Law”

Research value laws legal topics l.jpg
Research Value—Laws, Legal Topics (UNLV Library)

  • Authority, force

  • Exact citations for documentation and ease of location

  • Show interaction of industry and government

  • Public welfare & common good

Nevada gaming laws l.jpg
Nevada Gaming Laws (UNLV Library)


  • Blueprint for other states

  • Licensing & Control Ch. 463

    • Powers, duties of regulators

    • Licensing & licensing fees

    • Licensing corporations

    • Casino entertainment tax

Legalization other venues l.jpg

Nevada Style (UNLV Library)

New Jersey

Louisiana (1)

Indian Reservations ( but not all)

Colorado (limited)

South Dakota (limited)









Legalization--Other Venues

Gaming regulations l.jpg
Gaming Regulations (UNLV Library)

  • Branch of administrative law

  • Supplement and support enabling legislation

  • Day to day operations management

  • Minute details and procedures

Gaming regulations54 l.jpg
Gaming Regulations (UNLV Library)

  • Available on the Internet

  • Implement gaming laws through administrative codes

  • Procedures for money handling and other details

  • May specify make up of boards & commissions

Research value gaming regulations l.jpg
Research Value—Gaming Regulations (UNLV Library)

  • Compare casino compliance plans with state requirements

  • Show the law at work in the world

  • Can be cited as authoritative

Gaming regulators associations l.jpg
Gaming Regulators Associations (UNLV Library)

  • Exchange ideas, explore common interests

  • Respond to scholars and authorities

  • NAGRA (N. American Gaming Regulator’s Association)

  • IAGR (International Gaming Regulators Association

  • GREF (Gaming Regulators European Forum)

  • North Amer. Pari-Mutuel Regulators Assn.

Nevada gaming regulations l.jpg
Nevada Gaming Regulations (UNLV Library)


  • Sample topics

    • Application procedures & forms

    • Accounting procedures

    • Patron disputes

    • Disciplinary proceedings

Nevada black book l.jpg
Nevada Black Book (UNLV Library)

  • Online photos, names, descriptions.


  • Bowers, Michael W., and A. Constandina Titus. “Nevada’s Black Book: The Constitutionality of Exclusion Lists in Casino Gaming Regulation”. Whittier Law Review 9 (Spring 1987): 313-330.

Show me the money l.jpg
Show Me the Money (UNLV Library)

  • Nevada MICS

  • Nevada Gaming Audit Manual

  • “What to Expect from an Audit”

  • Gaming Audit Group (Institute of Internal Auditors)

  • “Auditing the Casino Floor” , by Craig Robinson

Gaming license applications l.jpg
Gaming License Applications (UNLV Library)

  • Owners, officers, boards, key employees

  • Nevada Forms 7, 7A

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Personal History Disclosure Form

Gaming commissions boards l.jpg
Gaming Commissions & Boards (UNLV Library)

  • Power to regulate and control

  • Investigate, audit, license, enforce, discipline

  • Web sites have duties, statutes, regulations, revenues, reports

  • Public agendas and open meetings

Commissions boards l.jpg
Commissions & Boards (UNLV Library)

  • Nevada Gaming Commission

  • Nevada Gaming Control Board

  • New Jersey Casino Control Commission

  • National Indian Gaming Commission

  • Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission

  • Gambling Board for Great Britain

  • National Gambling Board of South Africa

State gaming boards examples l.jpg
State Gaming Boards--Examples (UNLV Library)

  • Colorado Gaming Board


  • Illinois Gaming Board


  • Mississippi Gaming Commission


Gaming associations l.jpg
Gaming Associations (UNLV Library)

  • Competitors unite to promote industry

  • Web sites contain statistics, brief facts

  • Possible source for interviews

  • Nevada Resort Association

  • NASPL (North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries)

  • National Indian Gaming Association

  • British Casino Association

Due diligence l.jpg
Due Diligence (UNLV Library)

  • Applies to more than gaming

  • Gaming board/commission scrutiny of applicants for gaming licenses

  • Personal, educational, legal, financial. Past and present

  • Determine “suitability”

  • Access to records: family, driving, military, educational, criminal, employment, business, taxes, liens, credit, assets here and abroad, etc.

Casino due diligence l.jpg
Casino Due Diligence (UNLV Library)

  • Investigate properties for possible acquisition

  • Investigate vendors and suppliers they wish to do business with

  • Write a due diligence plan to follow

  • Irregularities of business associates reflect on casino and may affect licensing

Due diligence sources l.jpg
Due Diligence Sources (UNLV Library)

  • Investigator’s Guide (GAO, pdf file)

  • U. S. Dept. of Justice (Freedom of Information Act)

  • National Fraud Center

  • Bankruptcy (PACER/Public Access to Court Electronic Records)

  • Vital Records/Corporation Records

  • NCIC (National Crime Information Center)

Research value due diligence l.jpg
Research Value—Due Diligence (UNLV Library)

  • Cost studies of due diligence operations

  • Identify problems with obtaining information from foreign nations

  • Develop shortcuts and streamlined procedures

  • Show relation of due diligence to the Freedom of Information Act

Indian gaming l.jpg
Indian Gaming (UNLV Library)

  • Tribal Sovereignty

  • Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. U. S. Code, Title 25, Chapter 29, Section 2701

  • National Indian Gaming Commission

  • Tribal-state compacts

  • Foxwoods=most profitable in U. S.

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs (current conflict)

Indian gaming70 l.jpg
Indian Gaming (UNLV Library)

  • California compact


  • Good faith negotiation

  • Some tribes have casinos without contracts

  • State of Texas closed casino

  • Management outsourcing (management contracts)

Research issues indian gaming l.jpg
Research Issues—Indian Gaming (UNLV Library)

  • Inability of states to tax

  • Upgrading of Native American management skills

  • Further refinement of the sovereignty issue

  • Casino alcohol among high addiction population segment

Casino surveillance l.jpg
Casino Surveillance (UNLV Library)

  • Casino Surveillance: The Eye That Never Blinks. George Lewis. HV6711/L49/1996

  • Techniques of Casino Surveillance. Marcia A. McDowell. Call no: HV 6711/M358/1995.

  • Biometric Technology/facial imaging

Casino surveillance73 l.jpg
Casino Surveillance (UNLV Library)

  • Nevada Regulation 5

    • Specified surveillance equipment

    • Procedures for slots, table games, keno, Count Room, etc.

    • Sets retention time for videotapes

    • Limited access to surveillance room

    • PTZ camera (pan, tilt, and zoom)

Research value surveillance l.jpg
Research Value--Surveillance (UNLV Library)

  • Design equipment that meets specs

  • Study the prevalence and variety of cheating scams

  • Estimate undetected cheating and loss of gaming revenue

  • Biometrics use in surveillance

Gaming demographics l.jpg
Gaming & Demographics (UNLV Library)

  • Population count, location & characteristics

  • Age, race, sex, income, occupation, etc.

  • Survey data and sample data

  • Government censuses

  • Independent surveys

Demographic sources l.jpg
Demographic Sources (UNLV Library)

  • Print and online

  • Census 2000

  • Population Estimates

  • Population Projections

  • Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority


Research value demographics l.jpg
Research Value—Demographics (UNLV Library)

  • Identify cohorts for isolation and study

  • Plan new casinos and casino expansion

  • Relate research to real people

  • Balance theory with reality

Statistics sources l.jpg
Statistics Sources (UNLV Library)

  • Statistical Universe – full text, index to 100,000 publications containing Federal, state, local and international stats

  • U. S. Statistical Abstract – paper and online

  • American Statistics Index -UNLV Government Publications

  • County Business Patterns (need industry code from NAICS) Online

  • Gaming Magazines

Revenue statistics l.jpg
Revenue Statistics (UNLV Library)

  • Current and several years back on Internet

  • Nevada=by Region, no named casinos

  • Categorized by type of game, machine denomination

  • Atlantic City & Riverboats by casino name

  • Indian gaming revenues very hard to find

Revenue statistics80 l.jpg
Revenue Statistics (UNLV Library)

  • National revenues at American Gaming Association site

  • Gross Gaming Wager at Christiansen Capital Advisors (some fee-based reports)

  • Lottery revenues

  • Australian and Canadian stats online

Research value statistics l.jpg
Research Value—Statistics (UNLV Library)

  • Pretty obvious, but we’ll say something anyhow

  • Raw data may need interpretation

  • Quantify concepts

  • Prove claims and assertions

Gaming courses l.jpg
Gaming Courses (UNLV Library)

  • UNLV

  • Boyd Law School (gaming law)

  • Community College of Southern Nevada

  • UNR

  • Outside universities (Houston, SUNY Morrisville, Central Michigan U, Arizona Western College, etc.)


Casino executive development l.jpg
Casino Executive Development (UNLV Library)

  • UNLV International Gaming Institute

  • Executive Development Program (UNR)

  • Casino Management Association

  • NIGA Training Program

  • Gaming Education Conferences

  • Gaming Conferences & Expos

Research value gaming courses l.jpg
Research Value—Gaming Courses (UNLV Library)

  • Monitor/compare course offerings and content

  • Design gaming courses, degrees majors, minors

  • Incorporate gaming into marketing, tourism,hotel ops, restaurant ops

Casino jobs job descriptions l.jpg
Casino Jobs & Job Descriptions (UNLV Library)

  • Appendix to “Introduction to the Casino Entertainment Industry”, by Eade


  • Occupational Outlook Handbook

  • Casino Wage Surveys (UNLV)

Casino compensation l.jpg
Casino Compensation (UNLV Library)

  • Casino Wage Surveys (from UNLV’s Human Resource Development Center) Available in library

  • Casino Careers Online

  • (fee-based)

  • Internet search for annual report of gaming executive compensation

Research value casino jobs l.jpg
Research Value—Casino Jobs (UNLV Library)

  • Track turnover

  • Compare salaries, educational requirements

  • Conduct employee satisfaction or motivation studies

  • Monitor immigration laws

Lotteries l.jpg
Lotteries (UNLV Library)

  • NASPL: North American Society for Public Lotteries Public Gaming International

    • (history, gambling studies, problem gambling, sales & profits

  • World Lottery Almanac


Research value lotteries l.jpg
Research Value—Lotteries (UNLV Library)

  • Compare lottery addiction to casino addiction

  • Compare lottery adverting to casino advertising

  • Identify population segments that prefer lotteries

  • Measure impact of convenience of multiple lottery sales locations

Internet gambling l.jpg
Internet Gambling (UNLV Library)

  • Currently illegal in U. S.

  • Currently billions spent on I.G.

  • Anthony Cabot monitors the field (5 books so far, largely readings from many authors and many countries)

  • The Kyl Bill; Goodlatte Bill

  • Australian experience, moratorium and restrictions

  • “IGI of Nevada” -guidelines, standards, technology requirements

  • Nevada Assembly Bill (AB) 466 (2001)

Research issues internet gambling l.jpg
Research Issues—Internet Gambling (UNLV Library)

  • Identity of gambler as to age and jurisdiction

  • How to regulate across state and national borders

  • Contractual obligations of operators

  • Liability of credit card companies for conducting transactions

Gaming industry analyses l.jpg
Gaming Industry Analyses (UNLV Library)

  • Bear Stearns

    • Gaming Intelligence Reports

    • Partners with Smith Barney

    • Global Gaming Almanac (1999 latest)

    • Jason Ader, Gaming Analyst

Gaming industry analyses93 l.jpg
Gaming Industry Analyses (UNLV Library)

  • AAGI ( Applied Analysis Gaming Index)

  • Monthly study of 8 major gaming operators

  • Financial watch and advisory service

  • Headquartered in Las Vegas

  • See web site

Gaming financial data l.jpg
Gaming Financial Data (UNLV Library)

  • Gaming analysts and companies listed in Gaming Business Directory

  • Fee-based services, but limited data on web sites. Publications are expensive.

  • See Hoovers Online, Standard & Poors, Moody’s, Deutche Bank

Gaming financial data95 l.jpg
Gaming Financial Data (UNLV Library)

  • National Gaming Summary

  • Monthly columns in Casino Journal and other magazines

  • SEC reports

  • Casino Annual Reports

Research value financials l.jpg
Research Value—Financials (UNLV Library)

  • Design a study comparing casino financials to general economy

  • Forecast or predict industry trends

  • Profile casino corporations

  • Analyze assets and debt vs. expansion plans

Gaming research institutes l.jpg
Gaming Research Institutes (UNLV Library)

  • Alberta Gaming Research Institute

  • Gemini Research

  • Institute for Research in Pathological Gambling & Related Disorders

  • Institute for the Study of Gambling & Commercial Gaming

Casino marketing l.jpg
Casino Marketing (UNLV Library)

Casino marketing99 l.jpg
Casino Marketing (UNLV Library)

  • Apply general principles of marketing

    • American Marketing Association

    • Management First (Emerald Library online)

  • CRM [customer relationship marketing]

  • CLV [customer lifetime value]

  • Database Marketing Institute

Research issues marketing l.jpg
Research Issues—Marketing (UNLV Library)

  • Measure effectiveness of marketing plans

  • Customer perceptions of casino services

  • Segment marketing to ethnic groups

  • Return on investment regarding marketing budgets

  • Unique marketing vs. following the industry

Opponents of gaming l.jpg
Opponents of Gaming (UNLV Library)

  • Citizen Link – Focus on the Family

  • National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling

    • Rev. Tom Gray

    • See testimonies in National Gambling Impact Study Report

Polls and surveys l.jpg
Polls and Surveys (UNLV Library)

  • AGA Survey of Casino Entertainment


  • Gambling Impact & Behavior Study

  • Harrah’s Survey 2002


  • Australian Gambling Study

  • Gallup Gambling Poll

Research value polls surveys l.jpg
Research Value—Polls,Surveys (UNLV Library)

  • Sample public opinion

  • Conducted by independent consultants

  • Basis for additional research

  • Sometimes all that’s available

Problem gambling l.jpg
Problem Gambling (UNLV Library)

  • Bibliography on Problem Gambling

  • Gambler’s Anonymous

  • National Council and many state councils

  • Special sites for Women, Seniors, Underage youth

  • Education, counseling, literature, awareness programs

  • Self-exclusion programs

Research issues problem gambling l.jpg
Research Issues—Problem Gambling (UNLV Library)

  • Study annual addiction rates of various groups

  • Effect of teen video games on future gambling habits

  • Effectiveness of prevention and treatment programs

  • Identify thought processes and irrational factors that lead to excess

Research issues problem gambling106 l.jpg
Research Issues—Problem Gambling (UNLV Library)

  • Social responsibility of casinos to curb, discourage

  • Discovering and testing recovery methods

Pop quiz l.jpg

  • Just kidding!!!

Enjoy your research l.jpg
Enjoy Your Research (UNLV Library)

  • Survival Tactics

    • Write once or twice

    • Rewrite 6 times

    • Get feedback

    • Rewrite some more

    • Polish & proofread