people centric leadership good intentions are not enough l.
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People-Centric Leadership Good Intentions Are Not Enough PowerPoint Presentation
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People-Centric Leadership Good Intentions Are Not Enough

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People-Centric Leadership Good Intentions Are Not Enough - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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People-Centric Leadership Good Intentions Are Not Enough. Radiant Systems June 20, 2007. Edward D. Hess Professor and Batten Executive-in-Residence Darden Graduate School of Business University of Virginia. Objectives:. Share with you converging research on:

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People-Centric Leadership Good Intentions Are Not Enough

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people centric leadership good intentions are not enough

People-Centric LeadershipGood Intentions Are Not Enough

Radiant Systems

June 20, 2007

Edward D. Hess

Professor and Batten Executive-in-Residence

Darden Graduate School of Business

University of Virginia


Share with you converging research on:

  • High performance organizations (HPO)
  • High performance leadership
  • Manager best practices

Begin thinking about what effective leadership


Begin drilling down to the mission critical

behaviors necessary for effective leadership.

the real challenge
The Real Challenge
  • Leadership attitudes and beliefs
  • Leader values
  • Leadership principles
  • Leadership philosophy

Most people figure out what leadership is

Most people fail to execute

Translating theory into consistent daily behavior



Jimmy Blanchard story

Bill Turner story

Dr. DeBakey story

My Story: Age 33

1987 – age 40

1989 – age 42

1994 – age 47

Leadership is about people: the emotional ‘gumbo” of life

high performance orgs
High Performance Orgs

5 different lines of research all come to the same


  • HBS – Heskett et al – The Service Value Chain
  • Stanford Business School – O’Reilly & Pfeffer – The Hidden Value
  • University of Michigan & Case Western – Positive Organizational Scholarship
  • Emory Center – Leading with Values and High Growth Companies
  • Gallup – Manager Best Practices
clear and compelling
Clear and Compelling















What Does It Mean?

  • Gallup – Employee satisfaction
  • Michigan – Energized employees
  • Emory – Employee empowerment

All are trying to describe the same thing

results of having engaged employees are clear
Results Of Having Engaged Employees Are Clear
  • Happier employees
  • More productivity
  • More intensity and focus
  • Lower turnover
  • Satisfied customers
  • You make more $$$ (Sysco, Best Buy)
how do you create employee engagement
How Do You Create Employee Engagement?
  • Is it your culture?
  • Is it having fun?
  • Is it $$?
  • Is it perks?
  • Is it hiring the right people?
  • Is it being a great place to work?
  • Is it charismatic leadership?
  • Is it having the right mission?
1 most critical most important factor
#1: Most Critical: Most Important Factor






emotional intelligence research case western
Emotional Intelligence Research Case Western

50-70% of how employees perceive their job can

be traced to 1 person = their boss

Does my boss:

  • truly care about me ?
  • help me grow and advance?
  • give me feedback fairly and consistently ?
  • listen to my opinion ?
  • treat me as a person ?
let s step back
Let’s Step Back
  • How many direct reports do you have?
  • Well, you can only impact so many people?
  • How does this stuff go from the CEO all the way to the tech support rep?
the domino effect of leadership
The “Domino Effect” of Leadership

Leadership cascades down an organization

People think it is okay to treat their people

like they are treated

People imitate, role model acceptable


leaders impact employees
Leaders Impact Employees

What do employees want from leaders?

team reports
Team Reports
  • What do your employees need or want from you?
  • What makes you feel good about your job?
  • Compare the lists
welcome back
Welcome Back…

I took a break after the last session for a

purpose. I wanted you to reflect on our

discussion and see if there were any


Were there?


Some people feel “sick”…

They think:

Wow – I had no idea how many behaviors I exhibit

daily that send the wrong message….

I realize now that my behavior does not correlate

with my beliefs

This is NOT how I want to come across

common reasons
Common Reasons
  • You are smarter
  • You are better educated
  • You have more experience
  • You have positional power
  • You can coerce them
  • Fear of losing job
  • People want to be led
think about
Think about…

How did you get to a leadership position?

Why you want(ed) to be a leader?


Most people want to lead because of the:

5 Ps

  • Power
  • Prestige
  • Pay
  • Promotions
  • Perks
leadership perspective
Leadership Perspective

Your underlying philosophy, attitudes and

beliefs about leadership frame and colors

your behavior. From this perspective

emerges a fundamental and pivotal choice…

leadership perspective29
Leadership Perspective

Is it all about YOU?


Is it all about THEM?

leadership perspective30
Leadership Perspective

If it truly is all about YOU,

You will want to learn how to be effective to

get results yourself


If it truly is about THEM, you will want to

learn to be an effective people leader to

inspire others to get results

leadership principles
Leadership Principles

Straightforward and simple, really only 4:

  • Golden Rule
  • Take care of your people
  • Lead by example
  • Do what’s right
leadership principles33
Leadership Principles

Principles are Simple, Daily Execution is Hard

  • Consistency
  • Discipline
  • Thousands of little acts
  • Leadership fishbowl

Expertise research

leadership principles34
Leadership Principles

Communication happens through:

50% Body language

38% Tone

7% Words

Professor Jane Dutton Energizing Your Workplace

high performance organizations
High Performance Organizations

Research says that leaders in HPO’s are:

  • Jim Collins Level 5 types
  • Humble, passionate operators
  • Most grew up in one company 20+ years
  • Can relate to, understand and care about line employees
  • Paranoid about complacency and arrogance
  • Devalue elitism and executive perks
  • Not necessarily charismatic nor visionary, nor MBAs
  • Attribute success to others, luck, being in right industry, right place at the right time.
serendipity in life and leadership
Serendipity In Life and Leadership
  • Think of all the unplanned events that got you here.
  • Your success is because of many other people giving to you
  • When is it payback time?
      • Outback, Best Buy stories






humble and arrogance
Humble and Arrogance

Can we rank order humble behaviors?

And Arrogant behaviors?

what have we just done
What Have We Just Done?

Any insights or AHA’s?

  • Discuss work of Karl Weick
wait a major problem
Wait – A Major Problem

The Leadership Paradox

effective leadership execution
Effective Leadership Execution

Fight the daily

killers of

Effective Leadership

Leadership Skills

How to Lead

Five Steps

Leader’s Self-management tools

Right Leadership Attitudes and Beliefs

4 Fundamental Leadership Principles

in conclusion
In Conclusion…

Effective Leaders


  • What behaviors do we reward?
  • What behaviors do we devalue?
  • How do we change behavior?