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NASCOE MIDAS Overview August 5 – 6, 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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NASCOE MIDAS Overview August 5 – 6, 2010

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NASCOE MIDAS Overview August 5 – 6, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NASCOE MIDAS Overview August 5 – 6, 2010. Interfaces. Entry system. Funds Management. Interfaces. Eligibility. Financials. Today’s World. A Business transaction. Integrated System Scenario with MIDAS. A Benefits Application. Rules engine Eligibility. Grantor. Funds Management.

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NASCOE MIDAS Overview August 5 – 6, 2010

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August 5 – 6, 2010



Entry system

Funds Management




Today’s World

A Business transaction


Integrated System Scenario with MIDAS

A Benefits Application

Rules engine







Three Business Process Teams created to support the MIDAS program

  • Marketing Assistance Loans
    • Initial scope – Loan Origination
  • Common Processes
    • Scope – Customer Data, Eligibility, Entity, Fiduciary
  • Common Land
    • Scope – Farm Records, Acreage Reporting, GIS

Primary Tasks

  • Analyze current business processes and policies
  • Identify and implement process improvements (example: reduced cycle time, reduced defects, reduce # of forms, etc…)
  • Review/validate business requirements, and business rules
midas teams

MIDAS Detail Teams

  • 2 year detail from State and County Offices
  • Subject Matter Experts (SME)
  • Over 258 years of FSA Experience

Primary Tasks

  • Support requirements gathering activities
  • Support Organizational Change Management (serve as change agents)
    • Proof of Concept (POC)
    • Initial Operating Capacity (IOC)
    • Full Operating Capacity (FOC)
  • Lead deployment efforts for POC/IOC/FOC
common processes business team
Common Processes Business Team

Lisa Berry, Team Lead

Focus on:

  • Customer Name and Address Information
    • Individuals & Businesses
  • Entity Information (businesses only)
  • Fiduciary Relationships
  • Producer Eligibility


common processes business team1
Common Processes Business Team
  • Common Processes Team Members
    • Julie Pena (Oklahoma)
    • Steven Stark (Nebraska)
    • Gina Smith (Missouri)
land data and acreage reporting business team
Land Data and Acreage Reporting Business Team

Elizabeth Miller, Team Lead

Focus on:

  • Geospatial Information System(GIS)
      • Common Land Unit (CLU)
  • Crop and Commodity Tables
      • Workflow Analysis
      • Maintenance
land data and acreage reporting business team1
Land Data and Acreage Reporting Business Team

Focus on:

  • Acreage Reporting
      • Annual Acreage reporting process
  • Farm Records System
      • Land Data and GIS Integration
      • Creation and Maintenance of Farm Records
land data and acreage reporting team
Land Data and Acreage Reporting Team
  • Land Data and Acreage Reporting Team
    • Dan Holen (Minnesota)
    • Michelle Larkin (Michigan)
    • Darrin Watkins (Texas)
    • Tara Wedemeyer (New York)
    • Gwen Uecker (North Dakota)
mal team activities to date
MAL Team - Activities To Date

Laura Schlote, Team Lead

Focus on reducing:

  • Overall lead time
      • Application to Payment processing
  • Number of forms
  • Number of improper payments findings


achievements to date
Achievements To Date

Policy Changes (implemented or being implemented)

  • Allow loan requests to be accepted by phone
  • Allow producers to get lien waivers prior to loan request
  • Allow producers to request measurement service up to 30 days prior to loan request


achievements to date1
Achievements To Date

Forms (implemented or will be implemented)

  • Improved CCC-679 Lien Waiver
  • Eliminated CCC-674 (incorporated into CCC-601)
  • Combined CCC-677 and CCC-678 (SAP system)


marketing assistance loan team
Marketing Assistance Loan Team

Marketing Assistance Loan Team

  • Ned Johnson (Wisconsin)
  • Jean Knight (Maryland)
  • Mary Porter (Georgia)
  • Michael Walter (New York)
what is poc ioc foc
What is POC, IOC & FOC

POC – Proof of Concept

Vision of a solution using real system

  • A functioning system with a limited number of capabilities (a preselected number of business scenarios / processes / process steps)
  • Standard out of the box SAP software functionality
  • Limited set of data loaded in the system
what is poc ioc foc1
What is POC, IOC & FOC

IOC – Initial Operating Capability

Production system for Common Programs, MAL and Acreage Reporting

  • Parallel operation in both new SAP software environment as well as legacy systems
  • Enable new business processes and new look and feel with SAP software
  • Organizational Change Management to include training on new roles, skill sets, etc.
what is poc ioc foc2
What is POC, IOC & FOC

FOC – Full Operating Capability

Capability to operate all programs within the new SAP software environment

  • Legacy systems retirement including System 36
  • Continued Organizational Change Management (OCM)
importance of organizational change management
Importance of Organizational Change Management
  • MIDAS will impact people + process + technology
  • Changes to processes do not succeed without transformation within the organization itself
    • Changes in knowledge, skills, and activities
    • Changes in roles and responsibilities
    • Changes that impact people’s day-to-day work life
  • Change is NOT easy, but necessary.
  • Mitigates Risks
    • Project failure increases with the magnitude of change
  • Benefits Realization
goals of ocm
Goals of OCM
  • To provide a logical path and structured approached for moving from current business delivery system to changed/new way of business delivery.
  • Get the people, processes and systems ready for changes
  • To speed the adoption of the changes and accelerate the return of it’s value
  • Scope
    • MIDAS OCM will focus on addressing changes specific to the development, design, implementation and deployment of MIDAS
  • MIDAS OCM Strategy
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Communications
    • Organizational Readiness
    • Training
  • Alignment with other modernization initiatives, such as FSA-FMMI; Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW); BPMS and WBSCM
  • Involvement of FSA Employees, Agency Partners and Other Key Stakeholders, such as NASCOE



User Community

FSA Organization





ocm team
OCM Team
  • The team will:
    • Implement OCM activities and measure and monitor change management efforts
    • Foster a culture of continual improvement within FSA
    • Work closely with all of FSA to ensure OCM goals and activities are implemented and meeting the desired needs
ocm activities to date
OCM Activities to Date . . .
  • Established enterprise wide FSA Modernization Communications Team
  • Conducted MIDAS Project Kick Off
  • Completed 1st phase of Stakeholder Analysis for the enterprise-wide Communications plan
    • Identified audience, communications vehicles, determine appropriate frequency of each communication vehicle and measurement methods .
ocm activities to date1
OCM Activities to Date . . .
  • Conducted internal (FSA Staff) MIDAS Project Team training
    • Lean Six Sigma Training (LSS)
    • SAP Software Training
  • MIDAS Website Launch (
  • Draft MIDAS Newsletter
  • Draft MIDAS brochure
  • LSS site visits, Listening sessions, and NASCOE meetings.