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Faraaz Shah Alex Leader Jeff Sharon Karen Weinshelbaum Patrick Dostal

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Recovered Medical Equipment for the Developing World. Faraaz Shah Alex Leader Jeff Sharon Karen Weinshelbaum Patrick Dostal. History of Mount Sinai REMEDY. Founded in August 2003

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Recovered Medical Equipment for the Developing World

Faraaz Shah Alex Leader

Jeff Sharon Karen Weinshelbaum Patrick Dostal

history of mount sinai remedy
History of Mount Sinai REMEDY
  • Founded in August 2003
  • REMEDY is a student-run organization, with the backing of the administration and the assistance of doctors and faculty from the Mount Sinai Hospital and the Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Collection of unused or reusable medical supplies
  • Donation of supplies to receiving organizations and clinics around the world
Overview of Mount Sinai REMEDY






i hospital collections
I. Hospital Collections
  • Participating departments of the hospital keep REMEDY bins in their storage closets
  • Students go on weekly and monthly routes, collecting mostly surgical instruments (scissors, hemostats, forceps)
  • Instruments are taken to the Sterile Processing Department, which decontaminates all Mount Sinai surgical instruments
  • Decontaminated instruments are then picked up and brought to the REMEDY storage closet
ii home health care
II. Home Health Care
  • “Visiting Doctors”
  • “Visiting Nurses”
  • Individual Patients’ homes
  • Mobility equipment
  • Assisted living devices
  • Wound care supplies
iii general collections general donations
III. General Collections & General Donations
  • Mount Sinai Doctors
  • Mount Sinai Laboratories
  • Hospital Departments
  • Clinical trials
  • Office supplies
inventory sessions
Inventory Sessions
  • Donated items are sorted and counted
  • Materials are packaged to be redistributed
  • Items are prioritized to go to different organizations based on need and request
receiving organizations
Receiving Organizations
  • Hope For A Healthier Humanity
  • Aid for AIDS
  • Hand-carried
    • Students
    • Residents
    • Doctors
hand carried donations
Hand-carried Donations
  • Mount Sinai students and student groups
  • Mount Sinai residents
  • Mount Sinai hospital staff
san pedro sula honduras
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
  • MSMI (Medical Students Making Impacts) led a surgical trip of 2nd year medical students with physicians to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and then this past summer a team of 3rd years went down also
  • Over 30 suitcases full of supplies were hand-carried
  • For the past 4 years, groups of medical students with MSMI have spent time working in clinics and providing health education
  • We just completed a trip last winter break in San Ignacio and Orangewalk, Belize. Thousands of patients were seen.
  • We gave them supplies
donations around the world
Donations Around the World
  • Donated supplies through Sikhs United for disaster relief following Katrina
  • A group of physicians brought 1,800 specula and physical exam supplies to Pakistan,
  • Crutches, walkers, and canes were donated to SEVA Guyana, a mobile clinic
  • Cardiovascular supplies to a clinic in Africa through EMERGENCY USA
  • An incoming HuMed brought 4 boxes of supplies to Senegal
  • Supplies donated to Ghana through the Baako Ye project
the future of mount sinai remedy
The Future of Mount Sinai REMEDY
  • Continued expansion of faculty, staff, and student support and participation.
  • Recruitment of high priority supplies:
    • Medications
    • Diagnostic Equipment
    • Wound Care Materials
7th Annual Pan American Catholic Health Care Conference in Guatemala City

- Conference had various players involved in Central American Health Care

- Made contacts with members which can lead to further expansion

- Met the people who actually distribute our supplies

- Ongoing project to bring Mexican medical students here to learn about REMEDY

Stethoscope Drive !!!

Stethoscope Drive !!!

presented by

Mount Sinai REMEDY is currently holding a stethoscope drive to collect old and new stethoscopes and other physical exam equipment to donate across the world to doctors and communities in need, particularly to medical clinics in Central America and the Caribbean where there are dire shortages of medical equipment.  We are currently collecting the equipment in the Mount Sinai Gift Shopin the Guggenheim Pavilion Atrium.  The Gift Shop has graciously agreed to collect the donations, so please bring any stethoscopes, otoscopes, opthalmoscopes, reflex hammers, penlights, blood pressure cuffs and other physical exam equipment you wish to donated and please place it in the marked "Stethoscope Drive" box.

In today's world of modern medicine, where powerful new advances in technology have revolutionized diagnosis and treatment options, the stethoscope still remains one of the most valuable and commonplace tools at a physician's disposal here in the US. However, there many doctors across the world without access to this basic instrument that we often take for granted. Imagine having to diagnose a case of pneumonia or a mitral regurgitation without a even a stethoscope to aid you.  This is a reality for many of these doctors.

Mount Sinai REMEDY is a high-impact student group at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. We are committed to the recovery of recyclable medical supplies and equipment from Mount Sinai Hospital, affiliated programs, and other community health centers.  Mount Sinai REMEDY has the full backing of the hospital and school administration. We collect supplies regularly from hospital floors and research labs.  We also recover home health care supplies from around New York.  We are always looking for more places from which to accept and donate supplies, especially within the hospital.Our donations to date have totalled more than four hundred thousand dollars in value and have have been donated to many places and missions worldwide, from Belize to Honduras to Kenya to Pakistan.  Please contact us for more information and visit us on online at

Currently collecting in the Mount Sinai Gift Store