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focused tutoring

focused tutoring

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focused tutoring

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    1. Focused Tutoring ORIENTATION

    3. Attendance

    4. Attend scheduled appointments on time The tutor will only wait 15 minutes for you; after that, you will be counted as a No Show. Notify your tutor (NOT the coordinator) at least 24 hours in advance with a phone call (not with an email or text message) if you cannot attend your tutoring appointment. After that, you will receive a Late Cancel. Do NOT leave a voice mail at the office to cancel your session. The coordinator will not contact the tutor for you and you will be considered a No Show. Attendance Commitments

    5. You will be dropped from the program if : You have 2 No Shows in a row without contacting your tutor in advance. You Cancel or Late Cancel frequently in a semester.

    6. You cannot reschedule a session that was a No Show or a Late Canceled. Reschedule

    7. Focus Tutoring tutors are qualified to tutor, not teach. Attend class regularly

    8. Take the prerequisite required for the class (e.g., CPT score, ACT score, or prior course). Complete and turn in a Course/Education Plan (meet with an Academic Advisor for assistance). Read the chapter and do assignments before attending tutoring. Do as much of the assignment as you can so that you know what questions you have. Preparation

    11. Your tutor to do your work or check your work if you do not have questions about it. Your tutor to know everything; different instructors want assignments done differently. Your tutor to tell you the answers; they will guide you to learn the material.

    12. Initial attendance forms each session. Complete evaluation forms as requested. You have to:

    13. Attend Study Skills workshops, Student Success workshops, and other Learning Resources as needed. (More information is available in links.) Explore the Focused Tutoring website:, including How to and How to Use a Graphing Calculator. You can also find pictures of our tutors on our website. Contact the coordinator with concerns about the program, tutor, or tutoring. Let us to know how we can help make your experience beneficial.

    14. Tutor Commitments

    15. Attend scheduled tutoring appointments on time. Meet students for tutoring on a SLCC campus but NOT in a Learning Center or Lab, unless it is a CIS class. What do tutors need to know?

    16. Ask questions to assess studentsí understanding rather than tell the students the answers. Be patient and encouraging. Be sensitive to cultural differences and use a variety of methods to help with various learning styles. Maintain confidentiality, especially of disabilities and grades. Do not do the work for the student; help the student find the answers in their material. During the session

    17. If the student is coming unprepared. With concerns about the program, student, or tutoring. If the tutor canít attend a tutoring appointment. When do tutors need to contact the Coordinator?

    18. Print out the Student Commitments (this is the link), and sign them. Bring them to TB 506A to meet with the coordinator. We will contact you using the information in the college database. By signing these Commitments, you agree to abide by them, to attend every scheduled session, and to come prepared. You give Focused Tutoring permission to share your contact information with your tutors. Final Steps

    19. Thank you for your time