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Ecotourism starter Watch the movie- think about these questions What is ecotourism? What does it aim to achieve? Where are there examples of it taking place? What is ecotourism?

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Presentation Transcript
  • Watch the movie- think about these questions
  • What is ecotourism?
  • What does it aim to achieve?
  • Where are there examples of it taking place?

What is ecotourism?

  • Ecotourism is “responsible travel to natural areas which conserves the environment and sustains the livelihood of local people”.

National Geographic Online

  • “travel that focuses on avoiding harm to wilderness areas and wildlife and wherever possible, actively contributes to their preservation.”


  • Are we talking about the people as well?
  • Read the handout on the Maasai Mara Base Camp and the Mount Kenya Safari Lodge
  • Note down the key features of each resort
  • Which is the more eco-friendly resort? Why?
designing an eco tourist resort6
Designing An Eco-tourist resort
  • Aim: To show your knowledge and understanding of ecotourism
  • Task
  • Draw a labelled diagram of a tourist resort that you have designed to be a perfect eco-tourist resort. Your resort can have any facilities or features that any resort in the world already has. Your resort does not have to be like any existing resort as long as it fulfils the requirements of an eco tourist resort as fully as possible.
  • You should use the feature list below to give you some ideas but you are encouraged to come up with some of your own
things to consider
Things to consider: -
  • Think about
  • minimizing impact on the environment
  • encouraging people to learn about the environment and other cultures
  • ensuring the visitors and the hosts both have a positive experience
  • ensuring that local people benefit financially
self peer assessment mark scheme
Self /Peer Assessment mark scheme

Features Description

  • 1-2- You describe a few features.
  • 3-4- You describe a range of features. Features are realistic and compatible.


  • 1-2- You give simple reasons that are not related to ecotourism principles.
  • 3-4You give reasons that are related to the environment or people but not both
  • 5-6You give reasons that are related to both local people and the environment8-10You give detailed reasons that are related to the environment, and local people


  • 1-2You use some simple geographical vocabulary.
  • 3-4You use a range of appropriate geographical vocabulary.