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Curriculum Vitae Workshop. Sujin Lee, B.S., Pharm.D. Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice South Florida State Hospital Email: Office: (954)262-1372. Learning Objectives. Learn how to create a competitive and professional C.V. Learn how to construct a letter of intent

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Curriculum vitae workshop l.jpg
Curriculum Vitae Workshop

Sujin Lee, B.S., Pharm.D.

Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice

South Florida State Hospital


Office: (954)262-1372

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Learning objectives l.jpg
Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to create a competitive and professional C.V.

  • Learn how to construct a letter of intent

  • Describe the “dos and donts” of interviewing

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Why do you need a c v l.jpg
Why do YOU need a C.V.?

  • Application to graduate programs

    • Residency, fellowship, post graduate program

  • Application for employment

  • Application for promotion

    • “Continuing contract”

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Slide4 l.jpg



Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Resumes versus c v s l.jpg
Resumes versus C.V.’s

  • Resume: French for a summary list of accomplishments and experiences

  • Curriculum vitae (C.V.): Latin for a short account of career experience and qualifications that is primarily used in the academic settings

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Resumes versus c v s6 l.jpg
Resumes versus C.V.’s

  • Similarities:

    • Designed to get applicant to an interview

    • Marketing oneself

  • Differences:

    • CV:

      • Top level position, residency, etc.

      • More specific: Comprehensive history of education, career, professional experiences, and organizational involvement.

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Resumes versus c v s7 l.jpg
Resumes versus C.V.’s

  • Differences:

    • Resume:

      • Lower level position

      • More general: Summary of experiences, qualifications and skills

      • Ideally, one page in length

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Rules of writing l.jpg
Rules of Writing

  • Short, concise phrases are more effective

  • Proofreading is ESSENTIAL!!!

    • If bullets are used, DO NOT include periods at the end of sentences

  • Use ACTION verbs:

    • Accomplished

    • Achieved

    • Assisted

    • Presented

    • Published

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Rules to writing l.jpg
Rules to Writing

  • Sell your accomplishments, but do not exaggerate to the point of misrepresentation

    • Provide an accurate and positive picture of what you have to offer

    • Minimize possible weaknesses

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Weaknesses can be strengths l.jpg
Weaknesses can be strengths…

  • Example: My weakness is that “I take on too much”…but this is also a strength since I have strong organizational skills and can prioritize tasks to complete everything in a timely and efficient manner

  • Example: My weakness is that “I am a perfectionist”…but this is also a strength since others can rely on me to complete all assignments

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Contact Information:

    • Your name!!!

      • Mr., Mrs., Miss., or Ms. not required

      • Use Jr. Or “III” only if you always use this when you sign your name

    • Home and/or business address

      • Do not abbreviate unless absolutely mandatory for space restrictions

      • If you do abbreviate, stick with official abbreviations

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Numbers numbers numbers l.jpg
Numbers, numbers, numbers!

  • Include home number

  • Include cellular phone number (OPTIONAL)

  • Work number: “I would request that discretion be used in contacting me at work”

  • Email address

    *If they can’t reach you…missed opportunity!?

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format13 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Job Objective:

    • Listed as “position desired, job objective, or employment objective

    • Argument to INCLUDE: Provides focus & sense of direction. You know what you want!

    • Argument to EXCLUDE: Too constricting, may change, and missed opportunities

    • Instead, express it in the cover letter

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format14 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Formal Education:

    • Chronological

    • Most current first

    • High school education is not necessary

      2000-04 Doctor of Pharmacy (GPA optional)

      NOVA Southeaster University, College of Pharmacy

      Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • Additional Education:

    • Beyond formal academic settings

    • Include as a separate section

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format15 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Clerkship Experience:

    • Chronological order, most recent first

    • Describe responsibilities/activities of each rotation separately and in detail

    • Name of preceptor, with their degrees and titles

    • Include clerkships to be completed

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format16 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Example: Drug Information 09/00-10/00

    CVS Clinical Services, North Smithfield, RI

    Preceptor: Nan Ferris, Pharm. D.

    • Responded to drug information inquiries from over 4100 CVS pharmacies, health care professionals and customers at the Clinical Information Center, either verbally, in writing, or both

    • Researched and analyzed medical information by utilizing computerized databases

    • Prepared articles to be published in the CVS FOCVS newsletter distributed nationwide to all CVS pharmacists

    • Developed and presented a one-hour ACPE-accredited continuing education program to CVS pharmacists

    • Presented articles at weekly journal club

    • Counseled patients referred from the refill reminder service

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format17 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Professional Experience:


    Pharmacy Intern 2000 – 2002

    Rite Aid, New York, NY

    Supervisor: James Smith, RPh

    *List responsibilites*

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format18 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Presentations:

    • Title/topic

    • Audience

      • Academic (Posters)

      • Healthcare staff (Educational In-services)

    • Place, event or location

    • Date

      *Be sure you are able to answer any questions regarding the presentation.

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format19 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Professional Affiliations: Demonstrates dedication to your career and important for networking (“It’s all about the people you know”)

    • List full name of organization (Local, state, national)

    • Positions held

    • Dates of active membership

    • Display CONTINUED interest after graduation

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format20 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Publications:

    • Papers and abstracts

    • Posters

    • Journal articles (Journal Club)

      • Again, be sure that you are familiar enough to answer any questions

    • Newsletter articles

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format21 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Research Experience:

    • Project title

    • Description

      • Example: Chemistry/biology/medical lab

      • Example: Data collection

    • Site/Research supervisor

    • Dates

    • Funding

      • Example: NIH, FDA, etc.

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format22 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Honors and Awards:

    • Academic recognition:

      • Rho Chi

      • Phi Lambda Sigma

      • Dean’s List

    • Academic scholarships:

    • Special awards:

      • Leadership award

      • “Stueys”

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format23 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Licensure/Certifications:

    • State

    • Number

    • Expiration dates

    • Special Certifications

      • BCLS

      • ACLS

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format24 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Computer skills: Very important to be “technologically efficient”

  • Extracurricular Activities: Optional

    • Community organizations

    • Service groups

    • Outside interests

      • “Well rounded individuals”

  • Languages: Optional

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format25 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • References:

    • Three references is standard

    • Include a variety of sources

    • “Available upon request”

      • Have them ready, if needed

    • Don’t forget to ASK your references

      • Give them PLENTY of time

      • Provide ALL materials (including C.V., SASE)

      • Provide detailed information, if needed

      • Thank them for their time

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format26 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • Don’t’ forget!!!

    • Name and page number on each page in small font at the top or bottom of each page (be consistent)

      • Example: Sujin Lee, 1 of 6

    • DO NOT staple…paperclip

    • FONT of 10 to 14 (most common: 12)

    • “Pretty paper” but not too busy

      • Watch the watermark!!!

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

C v format27 l.jpg
C.V. Format

  • See your faculty advisor, faculty members, and FSHP website for examples

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Never include l.jpg
NEVER Include…

  • Title as “Curriculum Vitae”

  • Reason for leaving

  • Salary information

  • Photographs

  • Weaknesses

  • Exaggerations

  • Extra personal information

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Residency showcase l.jpg
Residency Showcase

  • “Show and tell” of programs

  • Informal way to meet preceptors and current residents

    • Check schedule of events

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Personal placement system l.jpg
“Personal Placement System”

  • ASHP Accredited Residencies

    • The “Match”: Pharmacy Practice

    • At this time, a general, Pharmacy Practice residency is not required for a Specialty Residency

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Pps process l.jpg
PPS Process

  • Register with ASHP and PPS

  • Scan PPS to view positions

  • Set up interviews

    • Beforehand

    • On site

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Pps process32 l.jpg
PPS Process

  • “To specialize, or not”

    • Is there a specific population of interest?

    • Is there a specific service or training program of interest?

    • Do you have an interest in teaching?

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Pps process33 l.jpg
PPS Process

  • Other considerations:

    • Ability to relocate

    • Size of program

    • Size of learning facility

    • YOUR responsibilities?

    • Accreditation?

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Pps interview on site l.jpg
PPS Interview On Site

  • Mailbox system:

    • You have an ID number and box

    • They have an ID number and box

    • Exchange of “interview requests”

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

After the meeting l.jpg
After the Meeting…

  • Which programs? How many programs?

  • Considerations:

    • Finances?

    • Time?

    • Ability to relocate

    • Size of program; learning facility

    • YOUR responsibilities?

    • Accreditation?

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

After the meeting36 l.jpg
After the Meeting…

  • Take the initiative…

    • Send in materials EARLY

    • Schedule your interviews EARLY

    • Think ahead: Interviews conducted January – February

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

The match l.jpg
The “Match”

  • Confirm a program’s participation in the Match

  • Specialty residencies are NOT part of the Match

  • Apply to both the program and the Match

    • ASHP registration

    • PPS registration

    • NMS registration (National Matching Service)

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

The match38 l.jpg
The “Match”

  • No interview offers are made before the Match  Fair playing field

  • Each applicant and program submits a “rank order list”

  • The Match places individuals into positions based on preferences stated in their “rankings”

  • To match, both parties must rank each other

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

The match39 l.jpg
“The Match”

  • The Match is a “contract”, thus, you are obligated/committed to the program to which you match

    *Do not rank any programs in which you do not want to participate

    *Do not miss the Match date

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

The interview l.jpg
The Interview

  • Getting started:

    • “Thank you for your time”

    • Firm handshake

    • Eye contact

    • Smile 



    • Be prepared

    • Do not go in cold

      • Practice, practice, practice!

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Interview skills l.jpg
Interview Skills

  • Goals of the Interviewee:

    • Communicate information about yourself

    • Obtain information about the program or employer

    • Determine whether the position is suitable for you

    • Impress the employer…sell yourself!

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Answering questions l.jpg
Answering Questions

  • Have CLEARLY DEFINED goals

  • When answering questions, be specific (give examples of situations that demonstrate your skills and strengths)

  • Before answering a question, take a minute to put your thoughts in order

  • Carry a notepad to jot down important information…AFTER the interview

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Practice questions l.jpg
Practice Questions

  • “What are your three strengths and weaknesses”

    • Remember, weaknesses can be strengths

  • Challenging questions:

    • “That’s a good question, I’m glad you asked that”

  • Seeking clarity:

    • “How do you mean, exactly?”

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Practice questions44 l.jpg
Practice Questions

  • Them:

    • “You don’t have enough experience”

  • You:

    • “I understand how you feel about my lack of experience. Others have felt the same at first, but they found that my experience in other areas makes up… or my eagerness to learn…or my dedication, etc.

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Presentation l.jpg

  • Dress conservatively

    • Tattoos

    • Earrings (males)

    • Nose rings

    • Hairstyle

    • DO NOT chew gum

    • CLEAN clothes and hygiene

  • Be on time or early

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Things to avoid l.jpg
Things to AVOID

  • Poor personal appearance

    • First impressions do matter!

  • Inability to express yourself clearly

  • Lack of enthusiasm

  • Overemphasis on money

  • Making excuses…appearing “fake”

  • Lack of maturity

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Things to avoid47 l.jpg
Things to AVOID

  • Inability to take criticism

    • Everything provides a “growing” experience

    • “Areas of improvement”

  • Lack of knowledge…be prepared to answer any questions regarding items in your C.V.

  • “Unprofessional” behavior

    • Badmouthing employer, peers, professors, etc.

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Things to avoid48 l.jpg
Things to AVOID

  • Conversation regarding

    • Age

    • Race/ethnicity

    • Religion

    • Marital status

    • Children status

    • Sexual preference

    • ETC!!!

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Things to avoid49 l.jpg
Things to AVOID

  • Distracting, non-verbal behavior

    • Fidgeting of hands & feet or playing with hair

    • Clicking your pen

    • Jiggling of change or keys in pockets

    • Crossing arms

    • Chewing gum

    • Ringing of cellular phone

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Wrapping up the interview l.jpg
Wrapping up the Interview

  • Thank them for their time

  • Confirm follow up method

    • Email

    • Letter

    • Phone call

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

After the interview l.jpg
After the Interview

  • Promptly send a “thank you” note

    • Thanking the interviewer for the opportunity

    • Reemphasize your interest in the position

    • Electronic email is an option

    • “Snail mail” may be more formal

    • Take “thank you cards” with you to Midyear

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Thank you letters l.jpg
“Thank You” Letters

  • Reflect courtesy and good manners

  • Write and send promptly


  • Brief and to the point

    • Paragraph #1: Thank interviewer for taking the time to talk with you about your qualifications and the opportunity to learn more about the job and their company.

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Thank you letters53 l.jpg
“Thank You” Letters

  • Paragraph #2:

    • Express how our enthusiasm for the position has strengthened as a result of the interview. Re-emphasize how your specific qualifications, strengths, and experience directly relate to the available position and how you can contribute to the employer’s operations.

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Thank you letters54 l.jpg
“Thank You” Letters

  • Paragraph #3:

    • Again, express your gratitude for the opportunity to interview. Reiterate your interest in the position. Offer to provide any additional information that my be helpful to the employer as they make their decision regarding the filling of the position. End the letter by saying that you look forward to talking with/hearing from the employer again.

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Cover letter l.jpg
Cover Letter

  • “Formal letter format”

  • Paragraph #1:

    • Thank you

    • Express interest in position

    • Inform receiver that you are sending C.V. and/or application

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Cover letter56 l.jpg
Cover Letter

  • Paragraph #2:

    • Where you received you degree

    • Educational experience

    • Work experience

    • Professional activities

    • Qualities you gained from above experiences and that make you a “fabulous” candidate

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Cover letter57 l.jpg
Cover Letter

  • Paragraph #3:

    • Your strengths

    • What you have to offer the institution

  • Paragraph #4:

    • Express appreciation for interview

    • Offer receiver a chance to contact you

  • Enclosure: If you are sending C.V. and/or application materials

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Letter of intent l.jpg
Letter of Intent

  • First paragraph:

    • State reason for communication

    • “I am writing to express my interest in your program. I enjoyed learning about the position at the recent meeting.”

  • Second paragraph:

    • What attracts you to the program?

    • What can YOU offer them?

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Letter of intent59 l.jpg
Letter of Intent

  • Third paragraph:

    • Closing statement

    • “I look forward to discussing my qualifications and interests with you at greater length. I have enclosed my curriculum vitae. Please contact me if I can provide any additional information. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

What if i do not match l.jpg
What if I do not “Match”

  • There are still opportunities available!

    • Not every individual and program matches

    • Check with ASHP and NMS

  • Non-ASHP Accredited programs

  • New/young programs

  • “Late” programs

  • “It’s all about who you know”

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Last reminders l.jpg
Last Reminders

  • Keep a portfolio during your fourth year advanced experientials

  • Review your C.V. periodically

    • Do not procrastinate…you will forget SOMETHING!!!

  • Barnes & Noble: Grab a cup of coffee and some books  and practice, practice, practice!

  • Sample C.V.’s, Letters of intent, Cover letters, etc. are available for your perusal! Just ask!

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D

Questions l.jpg

  • For specific questions, i.e. pertaining to your own C.V., please contact me

    • Email:

    • Office: 954-262-1372

Sujin Lee, Pharm.D