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Baseline Logic

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Baseline Logic
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Baseline Logic

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  1. Baseline Logic • Definition of Text Schemata • A set of slots • Relationships among them • Automatic cueing • Driving schemata • each component sets the stage for the next • some components are shared • features of the component trigger an expectation for the next component

  2. A proposal Example • “In today’s business world, it is more important than ever to have a wide range of skills and interests.” • What slot? • What next?

  3. What Next? What’s to be done Today’s business world Objectives More about business world Situation Development

  4. Slots--Raising Expectations • If you give a mouse a cookie.. • He’ll ask you for a glass of milk. • If you give your audience a problematic situation • you’ll point them to a solution

  5. Invoking Dependencies • If you promise a mouse a cookie • you’d better have a cookie • If you propose to do a project • you’d better make a case for why you are qualified do it

  6. How to Use Slots • all slots accounted for • in the text • in the legwork • in the situation

  7. An example: Situation Slot “While many new disciplines have become involved in technical communication, the goal remains to make the life of the user as easy as possible.” • Do I need to elaborate? • Does my audience know and accept this goal? “to make the life of the user as easy as possible” • Yes: simple remind • No: explain, support

  8. Proposal Schema • Situation • objectives • methods • qualifications • costs • benefits

  9. Scrabble Game--Assigning Slots A. We have recently developed a 2 semester writing intensive sequence at X college. B. A person aspiring to enter the business world must be a modern day orator. C. In today’s business world, it is more important than ever to have a wide range of skills and interests. D. Our workshop will be of interest to educators and administrators seeking to better prepare their students for the business world. E. Colleges should develop writing-intensive courses. F. We propose to describe our sequence and lessons learned in a 3 hour workshop.

  10. Situation Types • Lack insight • Traditional technical communicators have skills that will go unrecognized if we are not willing to change the way we think of ourselves. • Insight but no plan • In my presentation, I will address areas where technical communicators can add value for their companies and the end users they support. • Insight and plan, but no implementation • If you are a multidisciplinary team creating large documents with many files, you need tools that allow you to work and track your changes.

  11. Linking Situation to Objectives • lack insight -> • give insight • insight but no plan -> • develop plan • insight and plan, but no implementation -> • implementation

  12. Linking Situations to Objectives: • Situation: Insight and plan, but no implementation • “We are a multidisciplinary team creating large documents with many files, and need tools that allow us to work and track our changes.” • Objective: Implementation • “This session will train us to use Studio 3.0, teaching its main features and functions.”

  13. Insight Projects • Make me smarter: • Competitive assessments • Marketing studies • Review of the literature • Benchmarking studies • membership surveys • war stories

  14. Planning Projects • Give me a plan • recommend a process • define the options • analyze alternatives • describe a technique or tool

  15. Implementation Projects • Make me work better • increase or improve • decrease or reduce • support or further goals

  16. Aligning • Are benefits aligned with objectives & desired result? • Desired Result: Encourage teams with diverse backgrounds to define tasks and goals. • Objective: “I will demonstrate the Interface Design Kit.” • Realigned Objective: “I will demonstrate how the exercises in the Interface Design Kit encourages users to explore, evaluate, and define task goals.”

  17. Align • Are benefits aligned with current situation? • Benefit: we can better position ourselves to continue advocacy for the end user • Situation: Technical Communication Skills will go unrecognized • Realigned Situation: Skills technical communicators use to advocate for the end user are going unrecognized.