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SAFE CAP 200 9 Table of contents General Information and scope of activity Our attitude to a Closure … Production & Sales Portfolio Service Sales & Marketing Industrial Structure Manufacturing capacity Human resource Licenses & Patents Strategy & Opportunities

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table of contents
Table of contents
  • General Information and scope of activity
  • Our attitude to a Closure …
  • Production & Sales Portfolio
  • Service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Industrial Structure
  • Manufacturing capacity
  • Human resource
  • Licenses & Patents
  • Strategy & Opportunities
  • The main features of Safe Cap
general information
  • Company name:Safe Cap
  • Year of foundation: 1998
  • Location: Moscow region, Russia

Address: Okruzhnoy proezd 5, Fryazino

Phone/Fax: + 7(495) 995-90-31, 995-90-32, 995-90-33

Network site: www.safecap.ru

  • Branch-offices:

4 sales offices and warehouses in Russia: Novosibirsk, Samara, Rostov-on-Don; Mineralnye Vody

2 sales offices and warehouses in Kazakhstan: Karaganda, Almaty

1 distribution office in Kiev

  • The company has all required authorizations, licenses and certificates.
general information scope of activity
General Information: Scope of Activity

Safe Cap– is a reliable partner in plastic closures production and sales. The company is one of the biggest Russian manufacturers and distributors of plastic caps for PET/PE bottles.

Distribution activity: distributor of CSI (Alcoa), Rexam, Corvaglia, Portola, Plasticum.

our attitude to a closure
Our attitude to a Closure …

A: Closure features

B: Ensuring of Closure features

Excellent sealing possibilities.

Provides freshness and product life in the best way.

2. Fits to high speed capping equipment of bottling lines.

Fits to standard range of PET neck finishes.

Provides trouble free application.

Simple for consumer use.

Optimal opening/closing torque.

4. Tamper Evidence:

patented Safe Cap design provides the highest level of tamper evidence available;

provides consumer a sense of security that the package safety hasn’t been compromised

1. Skilled staff.

2. Strong principles of quality control.

3. High quality of moulds & equipment.

4. High quality of raw material and packaging.

C: Technical support

Outstanding technical assistance for integrating product and capping equipment.

2. Supply of adapted capping chucks could be realized by customer’s request.

D: Service

Tampo/Offset printing for decoration closure top.

Embossment for decoration closure top.

Promotion possibilities.

Design service for decoration work.

A + B + C + D => PRICE

productions sales portfolio
Productions & Sales Portfolio


  • 28mm plastic screw closures for returnable and non-returnable PET bottles (BPF/PCO 1810) for carbonated and still beverages
  • -Safe Cap 501 – one-piece HDPE closure,
  • tamper evident band-molded “pig-tail”, sealing property–bore seal
  • Safe Cap 601 – one-piece HDPE closure,
  • tamper evident band – molded “drop band”, sealing property–bore seal
  • -Safe Cap 101 – one-piece HDPE closure,
  • tamper evident band-molded “pig-tail”, sealing property–bore seal
  • -Safe Cap 201 – two-piece HDPE closure, tamper evident band-molded “pig-tail”, sealing property – EVA-liner “out-shell”
  • Safe Cap 2000 – two-piece HDPE closure, tamper evident band-molded “pig-tail”, sealing property – EVA-liner “out-shell”
  • -Carters SC 307 – two-piece PP closure, tamper evident band- molded “pig-tail”, sealing property – EVA-liner “out-shell”
  • -Carters SC 310 – two-piece PP closure, tamper evident band- molded “drop band”, sealing property – EVA-liner “out-shell”
production sales portfolio
Production & Sales Portfolio
  • 38mm HDPE closure for dairy products
  • - 314 Lead Cap – two-piece 38mm 3-start thread HDPE closure for PE bottle, tamper
  • evident band – molded “drop band”, sealing property – LD expanded PE foam liner
  • 48mm HDPE closure for non-carbonated beverages
  • SC 4804 - 48mm 3-start thread HDPE closure, tamper evident band – molded “drop
  • band”, sealing property – bore seal
  • Handles for PET neck finish
  • SH-4804
  • SH-2803/SH-2807/SH-2809 - different designs of handles for 28mm PET neck finish
  • SH-2809 - oriented handle is approved to use by AND&OR / Spain (European
  • manufacturer of handle applicator)
  • All ranges of CSI, Rexam, Corvaglia, Portola, Plasticum products can be supplied

handle for 48mm PET neck finish

    • Tampo printing for decorating closure top (up to 3 colors)
    • Offset printing for decorating closure top (up to 3 colors)
    • Embossment for decorating closure top
    • Promotion possibilities:
  • - inside embossment on the closure,
  • - embossed EVA-liner,
  • - laser marking on the liner.
    • Design service for decoration work.
    • Technical support:
    • - outstanding technical expertise for integrating caps and capping equipment,
    • - supply of adapted capping chucks could be realized by customer’s request,
    • - complete satisfaction assured
    • Contracted servicing (processing under the contract)
    • Safe Cap takes any orders for manufacturing of any plastic goods by injection molding for medical, foods, packaging and others industries.
sales marketing business map
Sales & Marketing: …business map

Safe Cap’s adherence to high quality standards have enjoyed appreciation

on the part of leading Russian and CIS companies engaged in water, soft drinks, beer and dairy business, which is the key driver for the dynamic expansion of SC sales network…

sales marketing 10 top customers
Sales & Marketing: 10 TOP Customers

Our Customers is Our Pride …

Efes, Bobimex (brand “Bobilevo”, “Senezhskaya”), Raduga, Borodino, Tomsk Beer, Shishkin Les, MegaPack,Heineken,Fonte Aqua, Best Bottling, AquaDar, Buket Chuvashii, Klinskie Napitki (brand “Kristalin”), Visma (brand “Archyz”), Tonus, Bravo Premium, Zhigulevskoe Beer, Niagara, PK Lider /Moscow/, IDS (brand “Borzhomi”), Klinskie Napitki (brand “Kristalin”)

industrial structure manufacturing capabilities
Industrial structure: manufacturing capabilities
  • The company’s manufacturing capabilities make it possible to manufacture anyplastic
  • products by means of injection moldingusing PEandPP resins.
  • We can say with certainty that our capabilities completely suit withexpectationsof the
  • most exacting customers.
  • Our confidence is based on:
  • - high-standard skills of our staff;
  • - availability of diversifiedmodern
  • high-tech equipment base;
  • - strict compliance and permanent
  • monitoring of process technology
  • and technical condition of
  • the equipment
  • - multistage control of raw
  • materials and finished product.
industrial structure quality control
Industrial structure: quality control
  • The quality of our production is the key feature of our activity.
  • According to the requirements of International Organization for StandardizationISO
  • 9001:2000 (GOST R ISO 9001:2001), there was developed and adopted a system of
  • quality managementwhich provides effective management of business processes at
  • our plant.
  • In order to achieve dynamic company’s developmentand providing compliance of
  • the products with consumers requirements we modernizedourcontrol system for:
  • - condition ofproduction equipment,
  • - quality of raw material,
  • - documents circulation.
  • The quality of our production can meet the
  • highest requirements of our customers.
industrial structure production and warehouse places
Industrial structure: production and warehouse places
  • Territory:
  • Total square of territory – 1,74 hectare
  • Production and warehouse buildings:
  • Total square –about 9300 sq.m.
  • Production area –more 1400sq.m.
  • Warehouse area– more 6000sq.m.
  • Office and subsidiary places – more 1700sq.m.
industrial structure production facility
Industrial structure: … production facility
  • Permitted electricity power – 3150 kW(5ТP х 630 kW)
  • There is a possibility to increase of permitted electricity power.
  • Autonomous heating supply system:
  • Boiler-room (diesel), made by “De Dietrich” / France.
  • Total heating power 1800 kW (2 boilers х 900 kW).
  • Autonomous water-cooling system:
  • Total cooling capacity – more 1300kW.
  • Autonomous air supply system:
  • Total air flow – about 600 liters per sec.
  • Central resin feeding system (Piovan / Italy):
  • Capacity – 3000 kg per hour.
  • Lifting-transport units:
  • overhead hoisting units (cat-cranes), tonnage up to 5000 kg – 3units
industrial structure warehouse facility
Industrial structure: … warehouse facility
  • The best part of warehouse area is equipped by three-storied shelving for pallet’s
  • storage.
  • Capacity of shelving stands - 1200 pallets (dimension of the pallets: 1,2x0,8m)
  • Loading/unloading equipment:
  • High-rise stackers and forklift units – 6pcs.
  • Warehouse area has 6 loading/unloading gates.
  • 4 gates are equiped by dock levellers and
  • dock shelters.
  • 6 trucks could be loaded/unloaded at the same time
manufacturing capabilities
Manufacturing capabilities
    • Total q-ty of injection lines(IMM) – 18. We have IM machines made by famous world
    • suppliers: “Netstal”/Swiss/, “Husky”/Canada/, “Arburg”, Demag”/Germany/, BMB /Italy/,
    • with clamping force from 600to 3500 kN. All injection lines were equipped for necessary
    • subsidiary (peripheral) devices.
    • All injection lines were linked up to
    • central resin feeding system
    • (Piovan/Italy).
  • Raw materials:
  • HDPE / annual volume – more 4000 tons
  • EVA / annual volume – 300 tons
  • Colourants / annual volume – 40 tons
  • Total volume of processing materials
  • more 4500 tons
  • Raw material Suppliers:
  • LukOil-Neftechim /Russia/, Basell,
  • Dow Europe, Ampacet /Belgium/, Actega DS, Clariant /Germany/, Gabriel-Chemi /Austria/
human resource
Human resource
  • Employees
  • - Shift workers: 36 people
  • - Workers: 13 people
  • - Engineers & Technical staff: 17 people
  • - Administrative staff: 19 people
  • - Sales staff: 15 people
  • - Management: 10 people
  • TOP- Management: 6 people
  • Total: 116 people
licenses patents
Licenses & Patents

License for unlimited right to produce and sell closure under the Trade mark of SAFE CAP in Russia and all CIS countries accordingly following patents:

Euro Patent No: 0178253 / US Patent No: 4.645.088 / Canada Patent No: 1249548

Industrial Patent No.48797 in Russia

Industrial Patent No.542 in Belorus

Industrial Patent No.4868 in Ukraine

Industrial Patent No.219 in Kazakhstan

Patent No. 361811 for trade mark “LS” in Russia

Patent No. 17033 for trade mark “LS” in Belorus

Patent No. 13241 for trade mark “LS” in Kazakhstan

Patent No. 33817 for trade mark “LS” in Ukraine

Patent No. 201635 for trade mark “ ” in Russia

Patent No. 188398 for trade mark “ Hoffmann” in Russia

Patent No. 17032 for trade mark “ Hoffmann” in Belorus

Patent No. 13240 for trade mark “ Hoffmann” in Kazakhstan

Patent No. 36701 for trade mark “ Hoffmann” in Ukraine

strategy of development
Strategy of development

Safe Cap considers various business opportunities to be explored and realized in order to:

- ensure stable development

- improve profitability

- protect/expand market share

Key areas for strategic development include:

- Commodity caps & closures manufacturing

- Diversification of product lines

- Contracted servicing

- Customs molding

- Manufacturing under license agreements

- Acquire attractive business

- JV partnership

- Alliance & exclusive partnership

- Merging with key industrial players/investors

strategy of development partnership
Strategy of development: …partnership
  • Safe Cap is open for a strategic partnership with industry investors in order to develop the business by using the existing platform…
  • SSafe Cap has a number of competitive advantages that allow for speedy and efficient expansion that offers attractive return on the capital invested …
  • SSafe Cap is flexible in considering various forms for partnership with an interested investor, including:

Establishment of a joint venture to develop a stand alone investment project

Investments in capital assets of Safe Cap for the purpose to reinforce capital base to allow for maximum leveraging benefits

the main features of the company
The main features of the company
  • 100 % of our occupation is plastic closure business
  • Sales by own distribution network
  • Young experienced team
  • Flexibility and mobility in making decisions
  • Good friendly relationships with key beverage bottlers