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  2. PROJECTS • Information Project on Higher Education Reform II: Lisbon Strategy and Bologna Process • Tempus IV: Promotion of European Higher: Education Reforms in the Tempus countries • Tempus Joint European Project: PRIUM PRomoting a Model of Integrated University in the FYR of Macedonia UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  3. HE Reform II: Details • Contract Period: 06.12.07– 05.12.08 • Budget: € 277,000 (UNICA € 58,400) • Consortium members: UNICA-BES-ACA • Main objectives: • Assisting National Bologna Experts through materials, case studies and two training seminars. • Virtual Community of Bologna Experts. UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  4. HE Reform II: Seminars Two training seminars: • ‘Universities and Lifelong Learning: Opening up for the Knowledge Society’ University of Vienna, 25-26thMarch, 2008 80 participants • ‘European Qualifications Framework, Learning Outcomes and Labels for ECTS and Diploma Supplement’ Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 30thJune -1stJuly, 2008 130 participants UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  5. HE Reform II: Seminars UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  6. HE Reform II: Seminars’ evaluations Vienna and Madrid training seminars: Statistics UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  7. HE Reform II: Next steps • Awarness-raising about the Bologna Process amongst stakeholders in the 27 EU Member States, the EEA countries and one Candidate Country • Development and dissemination of the Virtual Community as a main information and communication platform for Bologna Experts • Materials • Publication of 10 papers on the Bologna objectives 2010 • Development of the EC HE Reform website • Brochures and casebooks on Bologna Process objectives • Contract renewal with the EC UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  8. TEMPUS IV: Details • Contract Period: 20.12. 2007 – 19.12. 2008 • Budget: € 140,000 (UNICA € 51,700) • Consortium members: UNICA-BES • Main objectives: • Raising awareness about EU Higher Education policies and modernisation process, • Promoting convergent reforms in the Tempus partner countries • Integration of Tempus Experts into the Virtual Community of Bologna Experts. UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  9. TEMPUS IV: Seminars Two training seminars: • ‘Contribution of the Bologna Process: Principles and Instruments’ Vrije Universiteit Brussel,14-15thApril, 2008 40 participants • ‘Promoting Higher Education Reforms: Quality through Modernisation of Universities’ University of Zagreb, 16-17thJune, 2008 70 participants UNICA - EC PROJECTS


  11. TEMPUS IV: Seminars’ evaluations Brussels and Zagreb training seminars: Statistics UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  12. TEMPUS IV: Next steps • Provision and dissemination of updated information about EU Higher Education Policies • Thematic support to the Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) • Support National Tempus Offices on the organization of events • Maintenance of mechanisms of information, communication & coordination • Integration of Tempus HERE in the Virtual Community of Bologna Experts UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  13. Challenges of both projects • Late signature of the contracts and subsequent time pressure; • Heavy workload concentrated on this first part of the contracts period; • Difficulties to schedule seminar dates at such short notice; • Finding trainers and speakers available at short notice and preparing them; • Short notice for invitations, in some cases visa issue problems, and subsequent lower number of participants; • Little time to gather presentations and prepare seminar documents; • The UNICA Secretariat was moved twice in 2007-2008; • Creation of a new position. Given the circumstances, UNICA has managed to organise four successful seminars. Indeed, the evaluations sent back to the UNICA Secretariat are mainly positive as previously depicted in the graphics. The proposal of contract renewal states the EC perception of the work done. UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  14. TEMPUS JEP - PRIUM • Contract Period: 01.10. 2007 – 01.10. 2009 • Budget: € 209,045 (UNICA € 13,215) • Consortium members: UNICA (coordinator) - Ss. Cyril & Methodius University in Skopje - St. Kliment Ohridski University in Bitola - University of Vienna - Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Brussels Education Services • Main objective: Promoting an Integrated Model of University in the FYR of Macedonia UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  15. TEMPUS JEP-PRIUM: Fields of Action • University Governance and Financing Reform • Strengthening of Strategic Management Capacities • Strengthening of Central University Services Each aspect is dealt by a specific team lead by academic experts from the 4 universities involved. UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  16. TEMPUS JEP-PRIUM: Work Packages • WP 1: State of the Arts in Macedonian Universities in the three fields • Kick-off in Skopje, 3rd March 2008 • Meeting with the EC, 10-11th March 2008 • Site visit University of Vienna, 29-30th May 2008 • Site visit Vrije Universiteit Brussel, 9-10th September 2008 • WP 2:Exchange of Best Practice Seminar with the participation of different UNICA universities Skopje,12-13th November 2008 • WP 3: Drafting a new model structure • WP 4: Evaluation of the draft new model structure • WP 5: Information Sessions • WP 6: Proposal for an Integrated University Model in FYRoM UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  17. TEMPUS JEP-PRIUM: Challenges • Delay in the concession of the bank guarantee; • Subsequently the general start-up activities were also held up; • Difficulties to schedule events dates at such short notice; • A formal request for a modification of the project’s eligibility period and the reasons for this request were sent to the EC on 10th December 2007; • Eventual approval for the extension of the project’s eligibility period after the approval of the second interim report. UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  18. Erasmus Mundus Action IV • Contract Period: Two years starting in November 2008 • Budget: € 262,800 (UNICA to be calculated) • Consortium members: Coordinator UNICA Formal partners: • Youth Agora • Erasmus Student Network (ESN) • ESN Tallinn • Tallinn University • University Pierre and Marie Curie • Asociación Orión, Network of Latin American, Caribbean and European Universities and NGOs • Brussels Education Services Non-formal partners: • University of Vienna • University of Cyprus • University of Zagreb • Stockholm University • Sapienza University of Rome • ESN Rome ASE UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  19. Erasmus Mundus Action IV Main objectives: • To develop a Mobility Information Platform that provides the necessary information to access all opportunities of personal and professional growth offered by the study experience in the EHEA • To make the mobility experience in the EHEA richer and more successful, • To encourage more students from all over the world to study in the EHEA • To strengthen cooperation between universities and students organizations. UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  20. EC ProjectsOutcomes for UNICA • Increase visibility and credibility of the Network; • Driving force in the development of the Bologna Process; • Face-to-face relations with the European Commission and lobbying; • Integration of universities from Central and Eastern Europe into the EHEA; • Support members in co-operative projects; • New UNICA staff for the projects’ management. UNICA - EC PROJECTS

  21. EC ProjectsUNICA Funding Total funding EC projects 2008-2010 • Approx. € 1.200,000 • UNICA share approx. € 250,000 / 21% UNICA - EC PROJECTS