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The sea

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The sea. Тамбаум Влад, Окунев Вячеслав, Белых Артём, Золотухин Олег . Travelling by sea.

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the sea
The sea

Тамбаум Влад,

Окунев Вячеслав,

Белых Артём,

Золотухин Олег.

travelling by sea

Travelling by sea

Many people enjoy travelling by sea. They say it is the most exciting means of travelling, of course, they mean travelling by a big ocean liner because it combines comfort and speed. But smaller ships are less comfortable and in stormy seas passengers feel unhappy, they get sea-sick and travelling by sea becomes a real torture for them.

the pacific ocean

The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific ocean is the largest of all oceans. It covers about 181 square kilometers – nearly a third of the Earth surface. The Pacific contains about half the water in the world ocean.

The deepest known depth is found there. It is the Mariana Trench and it lies 11 033 meters below sea level.

In the Pacific there are a lot of storms and ship-wrecks.

great barrier reef
Great barrier reef

The Australian Great barrier reef is the largest coral reef in the world. It is 2000 km long and can be seen from space. Corals make wonderful shapes. Some look like trees, others look like flowers. In the great barrier reef there are more than 400 tips of coral. There are more than 1 500 species of fish. The blue parrot fish has beaklike jaws. When young, these fish are light blue, they turn darker blue as they get older.

the sea inhabitants
The Sea inhabitants

Turtles are the most common reptiles on the great barrier reef and six of the world’s seven turtle species live here. There are fish jazz band – trumped fish, guitar fish, pipe fish. The fish you can see in the picture is a trumpet fish.

the big problem
The Big Problem

Today, the ocean needs help. Ships dump toxic waste, tankers leak and spill oil, boaters throw trash overboard…

Many people don’t realize just how vital the ocean is. Without the ocean, the Earth would be just another barren rocky planet, circling the sun. The ocean gives us food, energy and minerals. It regulates the air and helps to keep the environment healthful.

what can we do
What can we do?

Everyone can help. Here are a few more things you can do today:

  • Protect ocean birds and marine life: don’t throw plastic things .
  • Don’t litter. Rubbish has the way of ending up in rivers, lakes, and the oceans.
  • Take part in beach clean-up projects.