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New Prospect Baptist Church Online Giving PowerPoint Presentation
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New Prospect Baptist Church Online Giving

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New Prospect Baptist Church Online Giving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Prospect Baptist Church Online Giving

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  1. New Prospect Baptist ChurchOnline Giving

  2. Login First time logging in? Select to create your account If you have previously created an account – enter your login information • Phone number • Password Select

  3. Create Account First Name Last Name Phone Number Email Address City Zip Code State Create a Password Re-enter your Password Select

  4. Give A Gift Select your Transaction Give A Gift Event Registration Recurring Enter your Details General Offering Tithes 1580 Building Fund Benevolence Mission Sunday School Other YOUR GIFTS WILL TOTAL AUTOMATICALLY

  5. Give A Gift Message Include a message pertaining to your gift Payment Enter Your Payment Information

  6. Give A Gift Complete payment Information Click the (Save Account) box to save your payment information, your card information will be saved for future donation gifts. Your payment information is always safe and secure. All transactions are transmitted over a secured server. Select

  7. Transaction Confirmation Confirm your transaction by selecting A transaction confirmation will be emailed to you with details of your recent transaction.

  8. Thank You The thank you page confirms that your gift/payment has been received. Select

  9. All donations help us to Build a Healthy Community. Pastor Lynch Our Vision Building A healthy Community One Family At A Time through: Worship, Word, Witness and work

  10. It’s Simple To Use! Enter your phone number Create a Password Follow Screen Prompts to Complete Registration You are now Ready to enter your Gifts, Donations or Payments

  11. Download the SecureGive App Open the App Click organizations nearby Select New Prospect Baptist Church Follow Screen Prompts

  12. Automate the Important

  13. Ways to Give Online Mobile Kiosk 3 Kiosk Mobile Online

  14. Why SecureGive? Additional methods for safe giving Convenience for those who do not carry cash or a checkbook Digital giving helps you to be intentional in your generosity Real time tax deductible receipt via email You now have multiple ways to give: Online at NPBC Giving Kiosk in Church Lobby On your smart phone, android or iPad via Securegive app