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  1. UNIT 4

  2. Learning Outcomes • Yunus (A) • Angels • Food that we may eat • Truthfulness • Kindness • Respect

  3. Yunus (A) • There was a land with many bad people. The would lie, steal and hurt other people. They did not believe in one Allah. To guide them, Allah sent a prophet. His name was Yunus (A). • Yunus (A) told his people to believe in One Allah. He tried very hard but nobody would listen to him. He kept trying again. Still nobody wanted to listen to him. It seemed these people will never become good. Yunus (A) became very upset.

  4. Yunus (A) did not want to talk to these people anymore. He left his land and got into a ship. He wanted to go far away from the bad people. • As the ship went to the sea, the weather became bad. Big waves came. It rained hard. The waves tossed and bounced the ship. The sailors became very worried thinking will the ship sink • The sailors thought maybe someone on this ship bought bad luck. They thought if the person is removed from the ship, then the sea will be quiet. The sailors picked a name by doing a lottery. In the lottery the name Yunus (A) was picked!

  5. The sailors threw Yunus (A) into the sea. Yunus (A) started to sink. But Allah had helped him. Allah sent a big fish to help Yunus (A). The fish gulped him. Yunus (A) entered the body of the fish. It was dark and quiet. He prayed to Allah to forgive him. • The fish swam with Yunus (A). It came close to a shore and left Yunus (A) on this lonely shore. Yunus (A) was very tired. He was in the rough sea, and then inside a body of the fish. Now he was at a shore which was sunny and hot. He was looking for a shade, but there was none and he was too weak to walk. So he slept on burning sand. Then Allah had helped him again. A gourd plant grew there and gave him shade with its big leaves. • When Yunus (A) became strong, he went to his town. He tried once again to tell people about Allah. This time many people listened to Yunus (A) and starting believing in Allah. Yunus (A) tried and Allah helped him become successful.

  6. Angels • In Arabic angels are called Malak • Angels are made out of light • We do not see the angels but they are always around us. • Whenever we do a good thing, an angel writes it down. All our good work will help us get to heaven, if we do a bad thing , an angel writes it down. We cant hide anything bad from Allah. We should be careful and not do bad things. • The angels do many things for Allah. They always listen to the orders of Allah. Angel Jibril had the big job of bringing the Quran down to prophet Muhammed (S). One night Muhammed (S) was in a cave called Hira. At that time angel Jibril told prophet Muhammed (S) that he was a prophet of Allah.

  7. When Allah made the first man Adam (A), the angels bowed to man. The angels agreed to help the people. The angels pray to Allah for us. They save us from the bad things. • When we need help, we make du’a. when Allah orders the angels to help us, they quickly help us. • Angel Mikail brings rewards for us. Angel Israfil will blow the tumphet when the world will end (will learn more in unit 5). Angel Malik will bring the punishment in the Hell. We also know the names of two angels Harut and Marut

  8. Food that we may eat • Allah gave us different kinds of food. All the food is a gift from Allah. He has also given us rules about eating our food. • Allah allows us to eat all good food. These are Halal food. There are other food that Allah does not want us to eat. These are Haraam food. • Before we eat any food we say Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. We remember Allah and thank him for the food • Allah allows us to eat all kinds of fruit and vegetables. All fruits and vegetables are Halal. So meat are halal and some are haram. Halal meats are from good animals such as cows, lamb and chicken. To be halal, the meat of these animals are prepared in an islamic way by remembering Allah. This process is called Zabiha. A fish is generally halal to eat.

  9. The meat of a pig is haram. We don’t eat any meat from pigs. Such mean may be called pork, ham ,sausages and bacon. As muslims we don’t eat this, so make sure you check the ingredients before you buy anything!!! • We should not waste food • We can eat food made by the christians and the jews, if the food Is halal. If we know that some food were offered to an idol or false god then we cannot eat these food. • We are not allowed to drink Alcohol • When we finish eating we should thank Allah

  10. Truthfulness • Everyday we should remain truthful. This means we should speak the truth. Allah loves those who speak the truth. He does not love the people who lie. • Prophet Muhammed (S) always spoke the truth, even before he became the prophet. For this quality people loved and trusted him. People of Makkah called him Al – Amin. • Allah always knows who is speaking the truth and who is lying. We cant hide anything from Allah.

  11. There are many rewards for being truthful. • Allah tells us to speak the truth, shaitan tells us to lie. We should NOT listen to shaitan. Shaitan wants us to be in trouble. • If we do something bad we should not try to cover it up with lies. We should say sorry to Allah. Saying sorry to Allah means we make tawbah. Allah is very kind that he forgives us when we make tawbah.

  12. Kindness • You show kindness when you help or support someone. Kindness is being nice to others. We are kind when we make things easy for others. • A good muslim is kind to people, animals and plants. We should not hurt any animals for fun. • When Muhammed (S) and the muslims were in madinah, the idol worshippers fought against them. When Muhammed (S) came back to Makkah as a winner he was very kind. He did not punish the idol worshippers, but he forgave them. The idol worshippers were over his kindness. They became muslims.

  13. The Quran has a surah called Al- Ma’un. In this Surah, Allah tells us to be kind. Allah tells us that it is not good if you pray salat but if you are not kind. • A good muslim is kind to others. Muslim should always help others.

  14. Respect • Respect is to treat someone or something with hono. We should always treat others they way we want treated. • We should show respect to our parents, elders , teacher • We should never say anything bad to our parents. • The Quran is a book of Allah. We touch it with clean hands and we keep it clean. We respect the Quran and take care of it. We read the Quran with respect. • As muslims we should not make fun of other religions. Islam is the only religion of Allah. Even today some people worship pictures an idols. We shouldn’t make fun of them. • We respect properties of others. • We should show respect to everything around us. This makes the world a better place

  15. END OF UNIT 4