welcome to english class n.
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Welcome to English Class! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to English Class!

Welcome to English Class!

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Welcome to English Class!

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  1. Welcome to English Class! Mrs. Kokan’s Schedule: 1-CP English III 2-Honors English III 7-Honors English II

  2. WORLD LITERATURE • Why study it? • What can be gained from studying other cultures? • Why is it important to expose ourselves to other authors, cultures, countries, and groups of people? • How has traveling changed you? • Where will the world take you?

  3. BRITISH LITERATURE • Why study it? • What can be gained from studying other cultures? • Why is it important to expose ourselves to other authors, cultures, countries, and groups of people? • How has traveling changed you? • Where will the world take you?

  4. YOU ARE INTERNS! • Think of this class as an INTERNSHIP. • You will be collaborating with peers to complete authentic tasks (projects). • THIS IS A WORKING RELATIONSHIP. You won’t always like your classmates or coworkers, but you have to work together.

  5. Why Interns? • In real life, people apply what they learned in school to authentic tasks on the job; however, they must receive on-site training first to truly understand their jobs’ responsibilities. • College students must complete internships, before they’re ready to enter the work force.

  6. English Class = Internship • This will be a student-initiated class where you, the interns, become active learners. • Therefore, you will be applying skills learned in this class to individual and collaborative projects.

  7. Project-Based Learning • What is project-based learning?

  8. #truth • “I don’t always like or enjoy doing something in the moment, but I’m glad that I did it afterward.” –Me • “Sometimes I pretend that I’m having fun when I’m doing something that I don’t want to do, and I actually end up having fun.” – Jack Black • “It’s lonely on top.” –Me

  9. #truth • “‘I’m bored’ is a useless thing to say. I mean, you live in a great, big, vast world that you’ve seen none percent of. Even the inside of your own mind is endless; it goes on forever, inwardly, do you understand? The fact that you’re alive is amazing, so you don’t get to say ‘I’m bored.’” [Louis C.K.]

  10. #truth • “BORED people are BORING people.” – Bonnie’s Mom

  11. Use this PowerPoint for the Following Information: • Class procedures and expectations • Technology application setups • Proper classroom conduct and decorum in writing

  12. Keystones • Good news? • No more PSSAs! • Bad news? • Keystones • Composition • Literature • SOPHOMORES, at the end of this course, you will take the Literature Keystones to count for your AYP scores.

  13. Classroom Diagnostic Tests • CDTs: • Taken ? times a semester • Diagnose strengths and weaknesses • Remediation programs will be developed based on individual students’ needs

  14. Remediation: Keystone Prep Students’ CDT scores, grades, and class participation will determine their individual remediation program. Remediation will occur during period 3. No extra homework will be given.

  15. Procedures & Expectations • Refer to your handout as we review the procedures and expectations. • Read the course description. • Return the contract: • Friday, January 24th • Take the QUIZ • Thursday, January 23rd

  16. GRADING POLICY • Points system • Handbook contains the grading scale • Check PowerSchool often •

  17. PARTICIPATION • Be on time • Bring required materials • Participate in discussions, projects, and activities • Answer questions • Complete assignments on time • Take care of the laptops • Show respect

  18. UNACCEPTED BEHAVIORS • Tardiness • Not bringing materials to class • Abuse of laptops or books • Talking during direct instruction • Disrespectful, disruptive or dangerous behavior • Negative attitudes • Sleeping

  19. HOMEWORK • Late homework receives half credit up to one week after the due date. • Late projects or essays are deducted a letter grade each day. • Detentions are given after THREE missed assignments. • You will receive two one-day late passes. • See HW assignments in GOOGLE DOCS. • Spreadsheet • Color-coded calendar

  20. MAKE UP WORK • BE RESPONSIBLE! • Check the Absentee bin for papers • Check the HW Calendar in Google Docs • Ask a friend • Email Mrs. Kokan • Schedule test/quiz make up dates • ONE WEEK to make up tests/quizzes

  21. REQUIRED MATERIALS • Folder or three-ring binder • Notebook or paper • Writing utensil • Textbook • Novel(s) • Monday = RAC

  22. Textbook • JUNIORS: • New course; therefore, no official book • Handouts • Novels • SOPHOMORES: • British Lit. textbook • Novels

  23. MISCELLANEOUS RULES • Secure drink lids and place on the floor during laptop use • Turn off and hide cell phones • Keep your hands to yourselves • Don’t touch classroom items • Do not cheat, plagiarize, or copy • NO TOLERANCE

  24. MISCELLANEOUS RULES • Be mature and show common sense: • Attire • Assignments • Writings • Conversations • Respect yourselves, others, and classroom materials (i.e. laptops)

  25. TARDINESS • Procure a late pass • Detention = FOUR tardies • Locker or restroom use do not count as excuses • Failure to bring your textbook to class will result in a tardy

  26. POTTY POLICY • Fill out handbook • Date & time • Do not ask during direction instruction • Appropriate times: • Individual or group work

  27. Music • During independent or group work, students are permitted to listen to music on their own devices and headphones. • DO NOT insert headphones into the computers and search on Youtube, etc. • It drains the batteries

  28. No Cell Phones • Strict new policy that will be enforced • Cell phones must be silent and hidden • Cell phones will be collected otherwise

  29. Emails to Note: • • Email with questions or submit attached assignments • • Share Google Drive assignments • WRITE DOWN THESE ADDRESSES!

  30. Laptop Distribution • Remember your laptop number! • How to Retrieve and Replace laptops on the cart • Log in as… • hslocal

  31. DO NOT… (laptops) • 1. Do not remove a laptop from the cart unless instructed to do so. • 2. Do not use a laptop other than the one that was assigned to you (unless otherwise instructed). • 3. Never pull out the magnetic charging cord. Instead, sweep it to the right with your hand for removal. • 4. Do not sign in as your name on the login screen. • 5. Do not carry the laptops with one hand or with the lid open.

  32. DO NOT… (laptops) • 6. Do not customize your desktop. • 7. Do not put anything on the keyboard and close the lid. • 8. Do not eat, drink, paint, use markers, etc. near the laptops. • 9. Do not move or unplug the laptop cart for any reason. • 10. Do not touch the screens or smudge dirt on them.

  33. DO NOT… (laptops) • 11. Do not wiggle the screen back and forth. Position it to your liking and leave it there. • 12. Do not add any widgets to the laptops. • 13. Do not log into someone else’s server. • 14. Do not mess with the kproxy or mega proxy. • 15. Do not remove the batteries from the laptops.

  34. DO NOT… (laptops) • 16. Do not search or view any inappropriate words, websites, pictures, etc. • 17. Do not restart your computers without speaking to Mrs. Kokan. • 18. Do not pop off keys, break things in the slots, stick things in the CD drive, or abuse the laptops in any way. • 19. Do not remove the laptops from the classroom. (They cannot be signed out.)

  35. Consequences for Misusing Laptops • Failure to comply with the rules will result in detention. Punishments for repeated or grand offenses are subject to the discretion of Mrs. Kokan. • No surfing the web while you’re supposed to be completing class work. After a WARNING, a DETENTION will be issued.

  36. LAPTOP SIGN OUTS • Students may sign out laptops in the library. • Please note, you will not be able to access your server or use the Internet at home. • See Mrs. Templeton in the library to save your document/project to the signed-out laptop.

  37. DO… (laptops) • ONLY use the laptop assigned to you. • When removing your laptop from the cart, brush the magnetic cord to the right. • Immediately check to make sure the laptop seems clean and working properly. If you notice anything fishy, immediately inform Mrs. Kokan for two reasons: 1) so that she can document the error; 2) so that you will not be held responsible. • Keep your laptop flat on your desk at all times. • Sign in as hslocal.

  38. Pd. E Library & Lab Usage • Mrs. Templeton = Librarian • Library • Only two students may have a pass from Mrs. Kokan for the library during period 3. • Lab • Mrs. Templeton will have 24 lab passes a day in the library. First come, first served.

  39. BLACKBOARD, a.k.a. BB • BB will house the following: • Course documents • Project & paper requirements • Homework assignments • Technology application setups and uses • Course information • Discussion boards • Wiki links

  40. BB Navigation • Buttons • Folders • Downloading documents • A download box will appear with the downloaded document • Click on the document in the box for it to open

  41. BUTTONS • Open up this course’s corresponding expectations in the appropriate folder within the CLASS INFORMATION button. • Check homework assignments within the HW ASSIGNMENTS button. • Color-coded calendar • Check out your class’ color

  42. DICTION = Word Choice • When responding to discussions, select your word choice carefully. • Use action verbs, descriptive adjectives, enhanced vocabulary. • Refrain from using slang. • Points will be deducted from the Style category for weak diction.

  43. Conventions • Precision and effort are expected in all assignments and discussions. No matter how simple the assignment seems, grammatical rules should always be followed: • Write in complete sentences. • Use proper punctuation (periods, commas, apostrophes, semi colons, etc.) and capitalization. Remember this is not Instant Messenger; this is English class. • Spell words correctly! Look them up online if you’re unsure of spellings.

  44. Create Lead Collaborate Delegate Evaluate Apply Investigate Analyze Interrogate Research Think Critically Read Critically Pump up your Potential

  45. ? Discuss amongst yourselves. Did You Know? by Karl Fisch What is 21st Century Learning?

  46. Preach It Fellas… • “No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it. We need to see the world anew.” - Albert Einstein • “If we always do what we’ve always done, we will get what we’ve always gotten.” - Adam Urbanski

  47. Tech Survey & Video Discussion • Complete the following: • Tech Survey • Blackboard (via Google Docs Form) • Discussion about the “Did You Know?” Video:

  48. Assignment: • Find an interesting quote by an author or artist from any country other than the USA (Juniors); from Great Britain (Sophomores). • Type it or make it neat and pretty • Due: tomorrow • Be prepared to answer WHY?