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Telecommunications Industry Association TR41.4-05-11-006 PowerPoint Presentation
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Telecommunications Industry Association TR41.4-05-11-006

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Telecommunications Industry Association TR41.4-05-11-006 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Telecommunications Industry Association TR41.4-05-11-006
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  1. Telecommunications Industry Association TR41.4-05-11-006

  2. DRAFT NENA i2 market solutions&consequent recommendationson IP PBX system design Edition 2 / Patrick DANIEL – A L C A T E L / 6-Oct-05

  3. Introduction “It seems that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s ultimatum to VoIP providers issued this May about having E911 access ready for Q3 05 has served its purpose. More VoIP technology providers have lined up to announce their VoIP E911 access readiness”

  4. ‘NENA i2’ VoIP E911stepOverview with new elements NEW ! NEW !

  5. New elements in ‘NENA i2’ • Emergency Services Gateway (ESGW) • ESGW provides interconnection point between the VoIP domain and existing Emergency Services Provider Network • The ESGW provides protocol interworking between Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and call setup signaling to the E9-1-1 tandem (Multi-Frequency [MF] or Signaling System #7 [SS7]) • VoIP Positioning Center (VPC) • Receives and stores information about an emergency call, including callback number information and location information • May query LIS with LocationKey (LK) to obtain Location Object (LO) • Based on LO, VPC determines Emergency Services Routing Number (ESRN), and allocates an Emergency Services Query Key (ESQK) associated with the VPC, the call instance and the Emergency Service Zone (ESZ) from which the call originated. Also Contingency Routing Number (CRN) for alternate routing • Responds to subsequent queries for location information for that call instance from the PSAP via its serving ALI database, using the allocated ESQK

  6. Basic VoIP emergency call routing in ‘NENA i2’ IP Branch Office 1 IP Headquarters Local ILE Dynamic location updates possible Frontal Local ILE IP Branch Office 2 VoIP Service Provider

  7. Basic VoIP emergency call routing in ‘NENA i2’ Emergency Service Query Key (ESQK) • Emergency Service Query Key (ESQK) – The ESQK identifies a call instance at a VPC, and is associated with a particular SR and PSAP combination. The ESQK is delivered to the E9-1-1 SR and as the calling number/ANI for the call to the PSAP. The ESQK is used by the SR as the key to the Selective Routing data associated with the call. The ESQK is delivered by the SR to the PSAP as the calling number/ANI for the call, and is subsequently used by the PSAP to request ALI information for the call. The ALI database includes the ESQK in location requests sent to the VPC. The ESQK is used by the VPC as a key to look up the location object and other call information associated with an emergency call instance. The ESQK is expected to be a ten-digit North American Numbering Plan Number.

  8. The different organizational entitiesand resulting complexity

  9. Open question on ‘NENA i2’ Regarding the ‘VoIP domain’ • Which elements are hosted on the enterprise side ? • Which elements are hosted on the public side ?

  10. Fact 1 BellSouth Telecommunications extract BellSouth supports dynamic location updates to its ALI data base from VPC 3rd party through an signed contract

  11. Fact 2 HBF Group solution

  12. Fact 3 Intrado solution 1

  13. Fact 4 Intrado solution 2

  14. Fact 5 Level 3 solution

  15. Fact 6 Level 3 – TeleCommunication Systems (TCS) agreement / Sept 05 Level 3

  16. Recommendations based onNENA i2 market solutions analysis VoIP E911 / Patrick DANIEL / 6-Oct-05

  17. Recommendations based onNENA i2 market solutions analysis • ESGW & VPC functions outside IP PBX perimeter • Push ‘Indoor LIS’ integration. Consequently, openness to next Location-based Services • Push ‘Indoor VPC proxy’ integration combined to signed contract with VPC operator for ‘dynamic location updates’ capability • Denied access issue to enterprise network is then resolved • Only SIP exchanges simplifying IP PBX architecture evolutions • Challenge these recommendations

  18. Thank you

  19. Backup slides on TCSseen as THE active player VoIP E911 / Patrick DANIEL / 6-Oct-05

  20. Level 3 & TCS agreement / Sept 05 • To provide this service to Level 3's customers, TCS delivers the following key functions: • Location Determination -- validated subscriber location database featuring a hosted real-time provisioning interface; • Route Determination -- real-time call flow integration where the VoIP Positioning Center (VPC) receives the 9-1-1 call and determines the appropriate PSAP to which the call should be routed using Emergency Routing Database and PSAP routing reference data; • Call Delivery -- routing instructions are returned from the TCS VPC to the serving softswitch to route across the Level 3 network to the PSAP via selective routers; • Location Content Delivery -- in response to an Automatic Location Information (ALI) query from the PSAP, TCS' ALI Link(TM) provides the caller's location data;

  21. TCS issued patent Sept 15, 2005 • The patent provides a means for querying a Message Servicing Center (MSC) from a VoIP switch and a means for receiving an Emergency Services Routing Key (ESRK) in response. Additionally, the patent allows querying by an Automatic Location Identification (ALI) database for caller information related to the ESRK

  22. TCS, Skyhook Wireless and deltathree Bring Live Wi-Fi E9-1-1 Demonstration to VON Conference • TCS, a provider of mission-critical wireless communications, Skyhook Wireless, a provider of the industry's first Wi-Fi based metro-area positioning system, and deltathree, a provider of proven, high-quality Internet telephony products, solutions and infrastructure, to deliver VoIP 9-1-1 services announced the companies are demonstrating Nomadic VoIP E9-1-1 call support at the VON Conference (Sep 20, 2005)

  23. Vonage Introduces 9-1-1 TCS ‘VoIP Verify’ for Broadband Wireless Networks • Designed for mobility, ‘VoIP Verify’ provides Vonage subscribers with a simple tool to determine the availability and extent of the individual’s emergency services coverage from the caller’s current registered location

  24. Backup slidesMiscellaneous VoIP E911 / Patrick DANIEL / 6-Oct-05

  25. Recommendations based on NENA i2 analysis(ref slide 5) ‘Indoor LIS’ Bluetooth ILE Control centre WLAN Infirmary Fixed SIP First-aid workers WAN Outdoor Loc IF Enterprise Presence server 4 7a Notification Server 3 7b SIP SIP LocationApplication Server Calendar Status Call Server Status 2 1 Call PSAP Name Phone number Location ‘VPC Proxy’ 5 6