How we use it and who benefits
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How we use it and who benefits. Native American Center. Fort Lewis College Durango, Colorado. Questions…. What does the Native American Center (NAC) at Fort Lewis College (FLC) do ? How do we use AccuTrack at the NAC ? What type of information does Accutrack provide our center?

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How we use it and who benefits

How we use itand who benefits

Native American Center

Fort Lewis College Durango, Colorado


  • What does the Native American Center (NAC) at

  • Fort Lewis College (FLC) do?

  • How do we use AccuTrack at the NAC?

  • What type of information does Accutrack provide our center?

  • How does the Native American Center and Fort Lewis College benefit from AccuTrack?

Who we are what we do


Fort lewis college who we are
Fort Lewis College – Who We Are

  • Founded in 1911, and designated as Colorado’s public liberal arts college

  • Located in southwestern Colorado – Durango, CO

  • Total student population: 3,893

    • Student-to-faculty ratio: 19:1

    • Average class size = 22

  • Most popular majors:

    • Business (20%), Biology (9%), Education (8%) Psychology (7%),

    • Exercise Science (7%), Art (6%)

  • Unique majors:

    • Native American & Indigenous Studies, Public Health, Adventure Education, Student Constructed

Native american center at flc who we are
Native American Center at FLC – Who We Are

  • “The Native American Center promotes the academic success and personal development of all Native American Students who attend Fort Lewis College. We do this through academic, cultural, social, and spiritual support. The NAC also serves to foster the wider concept of diversity on the FLC campus, in the local community, and within the larger Four Corners area.”

Who our programs support
Who Our Programs Support

  • Native American population at FLC: 790 students (20% of our Student Body)

  • Number of American Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages represented on campus: 144

  • Most common tribal affiliations of students:

    • Navajo (58%)

    • Alaskan Native (11.6%)

    • Cherokee (6.5%)

  • Most popular Native American student majors:

    • Business Administration (15%), Biology (9%), Undeclared (8%), Psychology (7%), Art (7%), Exercise Science (6%), Engineering (6%)

  • Most common degree earned by

  • Native American students:

    • Business Administration (10%), Sociology (10%), Biology (9%), English (8%), Exercise Science (8%)

Our 4 Pillars


We are a Cultural Center on campus with various support services in the following 4 categories, often referred to as our 4 pillars of support.




All of our services are tracked by AccuTrack

The nac s academic programs
The NAC’s Academic Programs:

  • Study Space, with computer lab and printing

  • Tutoring Program

  • Media and Textbook Check-Out Program

  • Student Success Program

  • New Student Orientation

  • Academic Advisors on Staff

    • Degree Planning

    • Outreach

    • Degree Checklists

    • Scholarships, Financial Aid, Housing, etc.


The nac s social programs
The NAC’s Social Programs:

  • Welcome Back BBQ

  • Senior Dinner

  • Professional Development

  • Programs

  • Community Engagement

  • Village Gatherings

  • Wilderness Program

  • Dinner With A Doctor

  • Holiday Parties


The nac s cultural spiritual programs
The NAC’s Cultural & Spiritual Programs:

  • Cultural Excursions

  • Speaker Series

  • Elder-In-Residence

  • Story Telling

  • Cultural Sharing

  • Tipi Raising

  • Native Artists and Concerts

  • Ceremonies & Blessings

  • Registered Student Organizations


Our staff
Our Staff

  • Yvonne Bilinski, Director

  • Elizabeth Perrault, Science & Math Advisor

  • Jim Engle, Enrichment Advisor

  • Joey Dell, Academic Advisor

  • Adam Beals, Student Success Advisor

  • Administrative Assistant, recently retired and position vacant

How do we use accutrack at the nac
How do we use AccuTrack at the NAC?

  • 1.We track participation in all our “4 Pillars” activities:

  • Academic, Social, and Cultural.

  • For example:

  • Our tutors log all tutoring sessions

  • into Accutrack at the end of the month.

  • We use Accutrack to check books and media out to students.

  • Anytime the NAC hosts an event or has a speaker, participants “sign in” to Accutrackas in attendance.

How do we use accutrack at the nac1
How do we use AccuTrack at the NAC?

2.We track all “student contact” between NAC

staff members and students:

Each staff member is responsible for logging any and all contact they have with students. This “student contact” includes:

One-on-one meetings for advising, degree planning, personal issues, financial aid, social interactions, etc.

How do we use accutrack at the nac2
How do we use AccuTrack at the NAC?

3. We track all students who use our center,

by a sign in desk at the entrance of the center.

Students come here to work on homework, use the computers, socialize, etc

The Native American Center’s Front Desk


AccuTrack Check-in Station

Card reader

to scan student IDs &

Barcode reader to check out


What kind of information does accutrack provide us
What kind of information does Accutrack provide us?

  • The following 10 slides are great examples of the kind of information Accutrack provides the Native American Center about our services.

  • Before Accutrack, the Native American Center had no method of recording who used our center or our services.

  • We can now share our data with the administration and our private grant funders as justification for our funding, which provides services and staff.

  • We use our data to assess our programs and evaluate what future services we will continue to offer.


  • Tutoring Program:

    • Drop-in Tutoring & One-on-One Tutoring

    • Employs ~15-20 student tutors and degree holding community members per semester

    • Mostly Science & Math tutors, with English, Composition, Business, Accounting, Spanish

    • Program limited by Funding


  • Media and Textbook Loan Program


  • Village Gatherings & Wilderness Program & Speaker Series & Professional development:

Make into chart

Cultural spiritual
Cultural & Spiritual:

  • Elder In Residence

Staff student contact
Staff-Student Contact

Winter 2012

Fall 2012

Staff student contact1
Staff-Student Contact

Winter 2012

Fall 2012

Staff student contact2
Staff-Student Contact

Winter 2012

Fall 2012

Contact type
Contact type

This diagram represents what type of student contact each staff person has most often.

Note that “advising” is one of the main functions that our staff provides.

All services
All Services

Includes tutoring, media/textbook loan, activities, events, workshops, & staff-student contact

Retention estimates fall 2011 fall 2012
Retention Estimates:Fall 2011 – Fall 2012

  • Freshmen Students

    • Belonging to a cohort of Native Freshmen who utilized NAC services

    • 49% retained from Fall 2011 to Fall 2012

  • Overall Students

    • Samples of Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors who utilized NAC services

    • 65% retained from Fall 2011 to Fall 2012

Advantages of using accutrack
Advantages of using AccuTrack:

  • Easy to set up and use for multi-purpose data collection

  • Data can be fed to other forms of reporting. For example, we upload our Banner data (registration data) with data collected by AccuTrack to get the retention data of who uses our services.

  • Data can be used as a tool for assessment and evaluation of programs.

  • Multiple offices on our campus share a license but have separate databases (i.e., Math tutoring center and Composition tutoring center).

  • Great tech support and training opportunities

  • Accutrack is user friendly and controls are fairly intuitive

  • This is the wave of the future! Every office should be tracking the use of your staff and services. When administrators look at cutting the budget, it helps to be able to provide real data to show how your program and staff are utilized.

Presentation by:

Elizabeth Perrault

Science & Math Advisor/Tutor Coordinator

Native American Center

Fort Lewis College

Durango, Colorado

Phone: 970-247-7225