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Welcome to ADT OE Security Training!. Overview. Who is ADT? Why do customers buy a security system? Benefits of a security system How does it work? Customer Rate plans The pitch. Who is ADT?. ADT – American District Telegraph Founded in 1874 Largest security company in the US

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  • Who is ADT?

  • Why do customers buy a security system?

  • Benefits of a security system

  • How does it work?

  • Customer Rate plans

  • The pitch

Who is adt
Who is ADT?

  • ADT – American District Telegraph

  • Founded in 1874

  • Largest security company in the US

  • Secure over 6M customers

  • #1 choice for home security

  • Networked monitoring centers

    • Jacksonville, FL; Omaha, Nebraska; Rochester, NY; Denver, Colorado; Kansas City, Missouri

Adt benefit statements
ADT Benefit Statements

  • Monitored system dramatically reduces your chances of home break in by 80%

    • 1 of 20 homes broken into every year

    • Homes without security system is 3X’s more likely to be burglarized

  • Adds value to home

  • Own the system on day 1

  • Can relocate the system

Why a security system
Why a security system?

Event-driven purchase

Let the caller express their concern….

… then show how we can help


Why a security system1
Why a security system?


Neighbors, Family, Friends, Local News

Personal Injury

Elderly, Children, Accidents around the home

Family Change

Marriage, Divorce, New Child, Parent Moves in

Recently Moved

New Home, New Location, New Furnishings


The equipment
The Equipment

A GE manufactured home security system,

monitored by ADT offers 4 levels of


  • Yard Sign

  • Warning Decals

  • Loud Siren

  • 24 Hour Monitoring

    Source: FBI, Crime in the US, 2001

Simply the best
Simply the Best…..

  • GE – leading manufacturer of security equipment

    The technology used to protect US embassies worldwide

  • ADT – the #1 security services provider

    Four redundant, 24/7/365 central stations staffed with highly trained operators

What does a security system do
What does a security system do?

  • Turn on/off

  • Detect intruders

  • Make noise

    • 105 decibel Siren

  • Call for help

    • Linked to ADT’s 24-hour response centers

    • Cellular backup available

Simon kit
Simon kit

  • 1 Touchpad with Police, Fire and Medical Alert Buttons

  • 1 Keychain Remote with personal panic button!

  • Door/Window Contacts

  • 1 Infrared Motion Detector (won't pick up pets below 40 lbs!)

  • 1 High-decibel Siren

  • 1 Telco Jack

  • 1 Yard Sign and Window Decals

  • Panic Alert Feature

  • Battery Back-up power supply

  • 24 Hour Monitoring

  • Theft Protection Guarantee

  • Homeowner's Insurance Discount Guarantee

Simon user interface
Simon – user interface

  • Revolutionary design makes it the easiest security system to use

  • Talks to you in normal English – so you always know what your system is doing

  • Uses the same wireless technology GE supplies to the US government for protecting foreign embassies

Key fob

As easy to use as locking or unlocking your car

Recessed buttons protects against false activation

Activates panic alarm if both top buttons pushed at the same time

Key Fob

Pir motion detector
PIR (motion detector)

  • Detects movement of body heat

  • Calibrated to ignore dogs up to 40 pounds

  • Small size blends in with home decor

Welcome to adt oe security training

Door/Window Sensor

  • Protects or monitors anything that opens and closes

  • Will transmit a trouble signal if someone tries to tamper with the sensor

  • 4 – 6 year battery life

Our product
Our Product

Optional Features:

  • Monitored PhotoelectricSmoke Communicator

  • Emergency Medical Alert Pendant

Types of monitoring service
Types of Monitoring Service

  • One-way or Standard

    • The monitoring station contacts you when alarm is triggered

  • Two-way or Voice

    • The monitoring station contacts you when alarm is triggered

    • You can contact a live operator via your alarm pad

Two way advantages
Two-way Advantages

  • Works like OnStar or a speaker phone

  • Reduces false alarms

  • Part of the Standard Package

  • No extra $ to upgrade equipment

    • Small charge to upgrade monitoring

  • Live verified alarms top the list for immediate dispatch

    • Highest priority

Cell uplink
Cell Uplink

  • What is it?

    • A digital device that works like a cell phone that is placed inside your control panel so that your system can contact ADT in case of an emergency

    • Used for those customers that do not have a landline phone

Alarm monitoring
Alarm Monitoring

  • An external center monitors your property

  • When an alarm is triggered, a digital dialer calls the monitoring center

  • Center calls your home to check the alarm

    • Customer has 4 rings to answer and cancel the alert when accidentally triggered

    • If no answer, the center will begin calling your contact list

  • Personal attack buttons initiate call to police

  • Triggered smoke detectors initiate call to fire department

Monitoring centers
Monitoring Centers

  • Central Stations

    • Dedicated to receipt of alarm signals and swift precise reaction

    • 24-hour service 365 days per year

    • Strategically located across the country

    • Monitors hundreds of thousands of homes electronically every day

    • Staffed by highly trained and safety certified ADT professionals

    • Handle any situation

Beacon qualification
Beacon Qualification

  • Score determined by customers credit history using SS#

  • Homeowners score must be 525 and above to qualify for service

The sales pitch
The Sales Pitch

  • Let the event drive the purchase

    • Why is it that you called us today?

    • Why is it that you are interested in a security system from ADT?

  • Key off the event

    • New home – This will be perfect for you. A security system is one of the best ways to protect your new home.

    • Crime – This will be great. A security system is the one of the best ways to protect your family.

The sales pitch1
The Sales Pitch

  • Why two way?

    • Contact with ADT is immediate – No delay

    • Password allows ADT to know you are in trouble

  • 1:3:1 – Sell the two, use the third to help close

    • Use a 1 (1 Keypad):2 (2 door/window sensors): 1 Motion Sensor as the base pitch to get the customer interested.

    • Add the third door/window sensor to help the customer feel like they are getting a deal, and to help you close the customer.

Consumer offer details
Consumer Offer Details

  • 3 Year Contract

  • $99 Activation Fee

  • Auto-pay/Auto Draft monthly payment

Existing systems
Existing Systems

Types of systems




Questions to ask:

Is the system currently working?

Can you see any sensors on the doors?

How big is the keypad?