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Local Employment Dynamics’ Analytic Tools

Local Employment Dynamics’ Analytic Tools. Use existing data to link multiple sources Create new data and products Reduce cost and respondent burden Make data available while protecting confidentiality. The Concept – Data Integration. LEHD Led to LED. New data and products.

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Local Employment Dynamics’ Analytic Tools

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  1. Local Employment Dynamics’Analytic Tools

  2. Use existing data to link multiple sources Create new data and products Reduce cost and respondent burden Make data available while protecting confidentiality The Concept – Data Integration LEHD Led to LED New data and products

  3. Local Employment Dynamicsmerges multiple data snapshots into informative movies about the U.S. society and economy

  4. Local Employment Dynamics • A voluntary partnership between the states and the Census Bureau • States supply quarterly worker and business wage records • Census Bureau merges the state records with other data to produce new data and products about jobs, workers, industries and your local economy

  5. States in LED Partnership

  6. States in LED Partnership • State partners 45 • States in the process of joining 3 • NE, OH, SD • States yet to join 3 CT, MA, NH

  7. www.census.gov Next to Business & Industry Click on Local Employment Dynamics Then click on Quick Links to: OnTheMap, QWI Online, IndustryFocus Or click on Data Tools

  8. Local Employment Dynamics’ Tools and Featureshttp://lehd.did.census.gov

  9. Community Economic Development HotReporthttp://CED.census.gov • Available for all counties/ county equivalents in the U.S. (not towns/cities) • Contains ETA WIRED regions (Generations 1, 2 and 3) • In future, may allow user-created aggregations of counties • Publicly released at Workforce Innovations in mid-July

  10. Community Economic Development HotReport Features

  11. Older WorkerProfiles • Reports on workers aged 55+ are being released for 31 states over next six months • 36.8 million people are age 65 and older (12% of population) • 5.1 million people are age 85 and older http://lehd.did.census.gov/led/library/profiles_2007.html

  12. QWI Online NAICS or SIC option Shows most recent quarter of data Links to available states

  13. QWI Online – Flagship Product 2-, 3-, and 4-digit NAICS code 8 age categories Entries updated instantaneously

  14. QWI Online “Pivot” or Comparison Tables

  15. Key Features of Industry Focus Ranking and multiple indicator selection State, county, Workforce Investment Areas (WIA), metro areas

  16. Industry Focus provides… …easy, intuitive selection criteria and economic indicators for your geography, work force, and industry. Click on industry to see workforce characteristics.

  17. Uses for OnTheMap Economic Planning & Time Series - Where is the labor supply located? - Which industries are growing or declining over time? Transportation planning & analysis - Between which areas do workers commute? Emergency management - Daytime population estimates

  18. OnTheMap Mapping Missouri Tornado Path F-Scale: F3 between Clever and Nixa Path Length: ~40 miles      Width: 1/4 to 1/2 mile      Time: 10:08 – 11:00 P.M. *Source: National Weather Service

  19. OnTheMap: Where People Go to Work Where do people who live in the path of the tornado work?

  20. OnTheMap: Where Workers Live Where do workers employed at jobs located in the path of the tornado live?

  21. Cross-Border Labor Shed Using Concentric Circle Analysis

  22. Report from Concentric Circle Analysis

  23. OnTheMap: Downtown St. LouisProposed Mississippi River Bridge Project

  24. OnTheMapLED’s online dynamic mapping tool • 42 states online • User-selected areas • Block is base unit for display; block group is base unit for report • Geographic layers such as community colleges and zip codes • Where do workers live? • Where do residents work? • Reports on age, earnings, and industries with three years of data • Cross-state flows

  25. Local Employment Dynamics’ Tools and Featureshttp://lehd.did.census.gov

  26. ThreeLearning Aids for Using OnTheMap • e-Learning module - On The Map Tour:on lehd.did.census.gov home page under Quick Links – 12 minute illustrated and narrated scenario • Exercise:provides text and pictures to do a step by step labor shed exercise in Clark County, WA • Help includes Glossary of Terms:“Help” is located at the top of every On The Map page

  27. Selecting Your Basic Geography

  28. Type “Irv” in Place Name Lookup; Highlight in City Lookup Results

  29. Displaying City of Irvine OnTheMap

  30. OnTheMap Zoom Out:Click, drag and drop

  31. What if I Goof Up? • Back Arrow: will undo most single mistakes • Clear: clear the points, thermals and selected geography • Place Name Lookup: use this if things get really confusing; just type in your place name and start over

  32. Background Map Layers

  33. Example: Zip Code Layer

  34. Create/Change Overlay: Create Travel Sheds

  35. Travel Sheds Defined Commute shed - Plots and reports where those who live in the selection area work. Labor shed - Plots and reports where those who work in the selection area live.

  36. Create Travel ShedSelect Labor Shed & Shed Report Type Report Name Here

  37. Types of Reports • Shed: shows top 10 cities and counties and top 3 states where people in the selection area live or work. • Area Profile: shows job counts, workers’ age and wage ranges, and industry types. • QWI: shows 10 Quarterly Workforce Indicators (in Labor Shed only.) • The text box allows you to name your report. • Reports can be downloaded. • Screen can be bookmarked as a website.

  38. Selection Tools: Choose Layer

  39. Selection Layer :Select Incorporated Cities

  40. Draw Line Through Irvine to Outline City Boundaries

  41. Display Options: PointsLet the Hourglasses Spin

  42. Display Options: ThermalsWhere Workers Live

  43. Both Points & Thermals

  44. Labor Shed ReportPop-up blockers OFF!

  45. Change Report with Re-use Selection

  46. Area Profile Report: Characteristics of Irvine’s Workers

  47. Buffered Selection: Set Width of Corridor & Draw Line

  48. QWI Report Only Available for Labor Shed

  49. Create & Continue Paired Areas

  50. Paired Area Analysis: Circle and Freehand Selections

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