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Herpetologist. By: Garrett Swendsen. Herpetologist. By: Garrett Swendsen. What Is A Herpetologist?.

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By: Garrett Swendsen


By: Garrett Swendsen

what is a herpetologist
What Is A Herpetologist?
  • A Herpetologist is a Zoologist who specializes in reptiles and amphibians, like snakes, lizards, and more. Herpetologist help with the medical profession with their knowledge of toxins and dangerous venoms. With their knowledge of the toxins it gives us medication. The American Indians used a poison frogs back, the wiped their arrows on it to makes their arrows cause more damageand be poisoned.

Herpetologists help in the conservation of reptiles and amphibians. The National Autonomous University of Mexico has become a global leader in developing new treatments for bites from poisonous critters, some of which have cleared FDA hurdles.

is what they study important
Is What They Study Important?
  • A Herpetologist is important because without them we wouldn’t know about some of the most beautiful creatures today. They also help us with their knowledge to tell us what creatures are dangerous and we should stay away from. They help the medical profession with their knowledge of toxins or venoms or work in the poison control.
what do you gave to do to achieve work in this area
What Do You Gave To Do To Achieve Work In This Area?
  • Those who want to study about amphibians and reptiles should check out their educational options, like museums, zoos, aquariums, and more. Some herpetologist first earn a bachelors degree in biology or a related field.
what do these scientist do
What Do These Scientist Do?
  • Herpetologist study research on amphibians and reptiles such as lizards, snakes, and more. Research may be conducted in a field or in controlled laboratory settings. Some herpetologist study museum samples.
day in a life for a herpetologist
Day In a Life For A Herpetologist
  • Herpetologist spend their time researching amphibians and reptiles in a field or controlled laboratory settings. Some herpetologist go to museums and research there. They also spend their time finding toxins and venoms. They research it and then help the medical profession with their knowledge of the venom or toxin.
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