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Domestic Animals

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Domestic Animals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Contents. References. Domestic Animals. Domestic Animals. Movie. BY Malsha Herath. Just For Fun. By Malsha Herath. Lets have some fun!!!!. Before. Next. Domestic animals. Who am I ? Dog Duck Cat Donkey Goat Cow Rabbit Hen Want to know what we sound like? Where do we live?

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Domestic Animals

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    1. Contents References Domestic Animals Domestic Animals Movie BY MalshaHerath Just For Fun By MalshaHerath

    2. Lets have some fun!!!! Before Next • Domestic animals. • Who am I? DogDuck Cat Donkey GoatCow RabbitHen • Want to know what we sound like? • Where do we live? • Matching Game.

    3. Domestic Animals. • Animals that can be easily tamed are called domestic animals. We keep them in our houses or in farms. Some animals carry loads for us. Animals like dogs are very cleaver and faithful for us. They guard our house. Before Next

    4. Bow wow!!Hello kiddies!!!!! I’m your best friend, and I'm very faithful to you. I like to eat bones, and lots of meat. Who am I? Next Before

    5. Meeeeew!!!!! I’m a domestic animal too. I love to drink milk, and my favorite hobby is to catch mice!!!! Oh and I like to sleep most of the time like you kids. Hmmmmmmmm……. Who am I? Before Next

    6. I am a very important farm animal all over the world. I am covered with lots of hair that can be white, black, grey or red. I give you milk, and fur. I have two horns on my head. Who am I? Before Next

    7. Hey kids, guess who I am. I’m the cutest animal in the whole wide world. I like to eat carrots, and leaves. I am white as snow. Who am I? Before Next

    8. Quack Quack !!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a bird who swims in water, but I can also walk on the dry surface. I like to eat worms, small fish, grass, and much more. Who am I? Before Next

    9. Heaonkheaonk!!!!! I am a member of the horse family, but I'm not tall like a horse. I like to eat hay, and grass. I am grey in color. Who am I? Before Next

    10. MooooooooMooooooo!!!!!!! Hey there kids, wanna guess who I am? I have black spots all over my body. I like to eat grass, and I give you delicious milk. Who am I? Before Next

    11. I am a very useful domestic animal for everybody. I like to eat worms, and grains. I give you lots and lots of eggs. My babies are called chicks. Who am i? Before Next

    12. Click on me to hear what I sound like? Dog Cat Goat Duck Donkey Hen Cow Next Before

    13. Where do we live? Dog Dog house Before Next

    14. Cat Litter Box Before Next

    15. Goat Farm house Before Next

    16. Rabbit Burrow Before Next

    17. Pond Duck Before Next

    18. Donkey Farm house Before Next

    19. Barn Cow Before Next

    20. Hen Farm house Before Next

    21. Matching Game. • Who lives in a Farm? • Who makes this sound? Before Next

    22. You got it right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Before

    23. Sorry!!!!!!!!!! Try Again. Before

    24. For more fun and games……… • Domestic Animals- • Pet Shop- • Fun Games- Next Before

    25. Next Before

    26. References. • UEN K-12 :- • Domestic Animals :- • Farm Life :- • Pet Shop song :- • UEN K-12 :- Next Before

    27. State Core Standards Kindergarten Zoology. Standard 1. Students will be able to increase their knowledge about domestic animals. Objective. Describe each domestic animal, and where they live. Objective 2. Recognize the sound and guess the name of the animal. • Animal Planet Before