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  2. Early vote & Vote-by-mail Strategy Trainer: Karen Gasper, Ohio Organizing Collaborative Facilitator: Hope Wood, NOI

  3. Introductions NOI On Demand You Norms



  6. Agenda What is Early Vote & VBM? Why do we do it? Creating a Early Vote Plan -Timeline -Targeting -Programming Next Steps, Q&A

  7. Meet your trainer Karen Gasper Civic Engagement Director Ohio Organizing Collaborative

  8. What is Early Vote and Vote-by-Mail?

  9. Early Vote • By mail via absentee ballot • Voting by mail and voting by absentee ballot are the same thing. • Voters mail in a absentee ballot request form and are mailed a ballot before the election that they must fill out and mail back in. • In person at Early Vote Locations • Set by state law • Voters can vote in person at designated locations • Early vote time period set by state law

  10. Voting by Mail with Absentee Ballot • Encouraging voters to vote by mail helps us by: • Making it more likely an infrequent voter will cast a ballot • Decreasing the number of doors we need to hit before Election Day • Providing opportunities for people to vote who cannot vote during the week • In certain states, voters are allowed to vote absentee by mail for any reason.

  11. Voting by Mail with Absentee Ballot STEP 1: Voter mails absentee ballot application to election administration. VOTER Election Administration (Board of Elections, Clerks Office, Supervisor of Elections, etc) STEP 2: Election administration mails absentee ballot to voter. STEP 3: Voter mails completed ballot to election administration.

  12. CREATING YOUR Early vote & VBM PLAn

  13. Your Early vote plan Timeline Targeting Programming

  14. Timeline • Research – state early vote laws, directives, deadlines & data collection • Meetings – meet with your jurisdiction’s elections official(s) • Planning – budget, target universe(s), calendar out mail, phones & door to door contact and early vote events

  15. Creating your voter contact plan: Timeline

  16. Creating your voter contact plan: Timeline

  17. Creating your voter contact plan: Timeline

  18. Creating your voter contact plan: Timeline

  19. Creating your voter contact plan: Timeline

  20. Your Early vote plan Timeline Targeting Programming

  21. Targeting: who might not show? • Seniors • Students/Youth • Rising American Electorate • “Drop Off Voters”

  22. What’s a universe? A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO SHARE COMMON CHARACTERISTICS: Geography Gender Age Race/Ethnicity Voting History Consumer Data Party Affiliation



  25. Your Early vote plan Timeline Targeting Programming

  26. Programs – Mail Sandwich Program • Sandwich One • Robo/postcard – letting people know to expect their VBM application • Mail out VBM applications/coordinate with mailing dates of election administration • Live call walking people through filling out and sending in application • Sandwich Two – People who have ballots • Postcard to people with ballots urging them to send it in • Door knock on homes with ballots – target by precincts with highest number of ballots • Live phone call to homes with ballots

  27. VBM Sandwich Program • Things to know • Can you provide postage paid envelops for VBM applications? • Will election officials provide postage for ballots? • Are their locations where ballots can be turned in other than via mail? • Can you handle ballots in your state?

  28. Sample mail

  29. Sample Script

  30. Early vote in person • Partners – churches, non-profit organizations, student groups • Planning meetings, budget, legal rules and turnout plan • Church bulletins, partnership with local radio stations, mailings/robos calls • Earned media strategy

  31. REVIEW What is Early Vote & VBM? Why do we do it? Creating a Early Vote Plan • -Timeline -Targeting -Programming Next Steps, Q&A

  32. Questions?

  33. Evaluation

  34. What’s next: NEXT WEEK Early Vote & Vote-by-Mail Week – September 24 – 28 Early Vote & Vote By Mail Strategy – Monday Early Vote & Vote By Mail Data – Tuesday - We’ll discuss the importance of maintaining accurate and up-to-date Early Vote Data, tools to manage and use data about early voters, and how to understand and analyze data about early voters. Leading Great Early Vote and Door to Door Events – Wednesday - We'll cover the basics of organizing effective early vote actions, including rallies, marches, and door-to-door events, as well as creating a weekly campaign schedule to include early vote events. Early Vote Online Tools – Thursday - We'll discuss ways to use New Media to drive your early vote program, and preview some tools you can use to boost your program this fall. Online Fundraising – Friday - This session covers best practices in raising money online for campaigns and non-profits.  .

  35. Interdependent Leadership (aka the Snowflake Model) How can I support NOI On Demand? Interdependent Leadership