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Westmoreland County Torrance Service Area Plan Presentation. Westmoreland County Torrance Service Area Plan Background. Westmoreland County has 43 individuals that have been hospitalized over 2 years.

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Westmoreland County Torrance Service Area Plan Background

  • Westmoreland County has 43 individuals that have been hospitalized over 2 years.
  • All of these consumers received a peer, clinical and family assessment in 2006 and serve as a foundation for moving forward on the CSP process
background continued
Background, Continued
  • In this initiative, ten of the thirty to be discharged by September 30, 2008 are to be from our county
  • Twenty individuals have been identified to receive a full community support plan.
  • Once the CSP has been completed, the supports and services identified as necessary to assist the person in transitioning back to the community will be mobilized
course of action
Review continuum of care system to identify current services, supports, new service needs

This year’s Annual Mental Health Plan (FY 2008-09) reflected a strong component of planning for the Torrance Service Area Plan

Course of Action
course of action continued
Course of Action, continued

The following areas were developed for requested funding:

  • Supported housing for transition age individuals
  • Community treatment teams for special populations i.e. transition age, forensic, and MISA (mental illness/substance abuse)
  • Fairweather Lodge
  • Partner with a primary care physician’s office serving the geriatric population & use a mental health practitioner to assess for possible MH intervention
  • Forensic liaison to work with the courts/district justices so individuals in need of MH intervention can be diverted from the penal system
key areas of focus

Local Housing Options Team (LHOT)

2005 Reinvestment plan for rental subsidies

Partnering with residential providers to review continuum of current housing options & development of additional options

Participating in state-directed housing technical assistance

Key areas of focus
key areas of focus continued
Key areas of focus, continued

Peer Support

  • Training
  • Hiring

Community Support/Treatment Teams

  • Determination of type of teams
next steps
Next Steps
  • Training of key stakeholders in CSP process
  • Begin individual CSPs
  • Ongoing meetings and trainings with community stakeholders
stakeholder input
Stakeholders include consumers, family members, advocate organizations, and provider agencies

Local Community Support Program meetings have served as the main avenue of information exchange with stakeholders

Subcommittees for recovery education and transition-age focus were added as well as expanding the housing subcommittee

Since January 2007, the county has utilized these meetings to solicit input for reinvestment and annual mental health plan activities

Stakeholder Input