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Social Dance

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Social Dance. Term 4 Matamata Intermediate School Years 7 and 8. Unit Plan and Objectives. VIRTUE = RESPECT. Organisation of Lessons. Personal Hygiene and Health (This saves embarrassment ). BOYS Shower Clean teeth Clean nails Deodorant (roll on only at school please.)

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social dance

Social Dance

Term 4

Matamata Intermediate


Years 7 and 8

unit plan and objectives
Unit Plan and Objectives


personal hygiene and health this saves embarrassment
Personal Hygiene and Health(This saves embarrassment )


  • Shower
  • Clean teeth
  • Clean nails
  • Deodorant (roll on only at school please.)
  • Combed and styled hair
  • Clean Clothes and polished shoes


  • Shower (clean body and shampooed hair)
  • Clean teeth
  • Deodorant (roll on only at school please)
  • Clean nails
  • Brushed and combed hair, neatly tied back if long.
  • Clean Clothes and shoes
  • Small heel or flat shoes (they must be comfortable and easy to dance in)
etiquette for mis social dance in the hall
Etiquette for MIS Social Dance in the Hall
  • Smile and use the 3 C’s.
  • Take time with your grooming to look and feel confident.
  • Offer your bent arm to a lady and ask her “May I please have this dance?”
  • After the dance, you lead the lady with her holding your bent arm, back to her seat and thank her for the dance.
  • It is both considerate and responsible to check that all ladies in your class have had a dance on the dance-floor (everybody must be included).
  • Smile and use the 3C’s.
  • Take time with your grooming to look and feel confident.
  • When sitting, keep your knees together, rest you hands on your lap.
  • Always accept a dance that a gentleman has offered by saying, “Yes, you may.”
  • Rest your hand on forearm of the offered arm near his elbow.
  • When the gentleman has returned you back to your seat you say, “Thank you.”
  • Remember we do not own our friends and it is showing consideration when we check everyone in our class has been included.
  • Unit Plan
  • Instructional Movie (Please do not put this on class wiki or internet.)
  • CD of music – Includes song titles and style of dance used with it.
  • This Power Point
  • Each Other
the dances movie time to hit the dance floor
The Dances (Movie)Time to hit the dance floor! 

The group always moves around anticlockwise when looking at the stage (entrance is 6 and stage is 12 on the clock face).

VIEW: “Come Dancing” MIS Dance Tutorial DVD

  • The 5 main dances
  • Waltz
  • Fox Trot
  • Gay Gordon
  • Maxina
  • Line Dance
  • Year 8’s
  • Auld Lang Syne
  • Wilbury Twist
  • Unit Plan = Mrs. Tami Ward
  • Filming and DVD production = Mr. Rob
  • Dance Instruction = Mr. Gerard O’Neil
  • Music CD and PowerPoint = Mrs. Robyn Wilson

Thanks also to Mrs. Stiles for support with development of these resources.

And thanks in advance to the teachers who will use these resources to teach a consistent Social Dance structure of skills to the students of MIS.