parents information evening monday 7 th april 2014 n.
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Parents Information Evening Monday 7 th April 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Parents Information Evening Monday 7 th April 2014

Parents Information Evening Monday 7 th April 2014

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Parents Information Evening Monday 7 th April 2014

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  1. Parents Information EveningMonday 7th April 2014

  2. Students Pricing for iPad only is as follows: iPad with Retina Display 16GB €375 iPad Case (if required) €20 Deployment workshop €20 Device Management €36

  3. Why Change? Would a doctor or an engineer from 50 years ago be competent and capable enough to practice with today’s technology? Then how can one assume that schools do not need any innovation? We live in a high-tech world! Technology is changing rapidly and is happening in every sector of working life.

  4. Why Change?

  5. Why Change? For students and teachers

  6. Why Change? • In Ireland there are over 750 second level schools and approximately 20% of these schools have introduced digital devices to 1st year students in the last two years.

  7. Survey in a school with iPads

  8. Student Feedback More fun, easier to learn easy to take down homework, you can use the camera and even set a reminder to ‘do your homework!’ our teachers can email us stuff, we use dropbox, its quick class starts quicker and you never forget your book if you can’t find the answer in your book it’s easy to look it up and find the answer yourself I like doing interactive quizzes in class with the teacher the teacher can do an example and send it to us or we can take a picture of it

  9. Teacher feedback – the positives Everything in one place at the touch of a button motivated me to update some of my resources Engaging learning tool Broadens students learning both at home through homework and in classSaves class time I am learning new things every day, students teach me each day too The openings of possibilities for e-learning, resource sharing and independent learning Students seem more accepting..are willing to practice and improve their skills in their spare time through apps on the iPad ....AND... How quickly first year students open up the e-book without prompting at the start of class. No other classes have their books out and opened anywhere near the same time frame!

  10. Innovation and Creativity Inquiry Communication Collaboration Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Information and Media Literacy Technology Skills Self-Directed Learning Global Awareness Learning in the 21st Century

  11. Why Change? • For student engagement – not just an eBook • Students are digitally focused outside • the classroom – this is how they learn • Access to online Teaching & Learning resources • Unacceptable weight of student school bags • Need to promote and develop self-directed learning and meet the requirements of the new Junior Certificate – research, portfolios, assessment, etc.

  12. We researched the different options: i.e. Android, Windows and iPad. The iPad was the preferred option because… Many apps already developed/available for education Good battery life, compared to similar devices Very secure system and does not require anti-virus downloads History of reliability and is relatively maintenance-free, compared to other tablets and laptops It is intuitive to use and allows the students direct access to their educational content Why iPads?

  13. The iPad was the preferred option because… It has instant on/off access Ease of use by students, including those with learning difficulties Opens up new ways of engaging with content and concepts The resources from the App Store are regulated, age appropriate and full of educationally relevant apps Lighter school bags - It is very slim and only weighs 700 grams Why iPads?

  14. Q and A