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Me, Myself and my Life PowerPoint Presentation
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Me, Myself and my Life

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Me, Myself and my Life - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Me, Myself and my Life
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  1. Me, Myself and my Life Ryan J.Hammond

  2. “A Broken Family Tree” by Lori A. Cain I am one of manySmall branches of a broken treeAlways looking to the ones aboveFor guidance, strength and security.One little branch tryingTo keep the others from breaking awayWho will fall?And who will stay?Now I stand aloneLooking at the earth through the rainAnd I see the broken branches I knewScattered about me in pain. There are those who have taken an axe To the root of our very foundationAnd who have passed this destructionDown to every new generation.If I could take that axeI would toss it deep into the seaNever to return againTo harm the generations that follow me.I am one of manyBut alone I will goAnd plant the new seedsWhere a beautiful tree will grow.

  3. “A Broken Family Tree” by Lori A. Cain Poetic Elements and examples: Metaphor- The entire poem, as the author relates herself to a branch, and her family to a tree. Personification- The branches are given human qualities throughout the poem, like tossing an axe into the sea. Pertinent aspects of the set-up: -Free Verse -No definite rhyme scheme, but there are some parts that seem to have a rhyming flow -one full stanza The Poems Message The meaning of the poem is to compare herself to a branch, and her family to the tree. She describes how she tries so hard to keep her family together, but fails as the enemy, an axe, constantly chops away at her family’s roots. Why I Chose This Poem I was able to connect to the tone that the author was emitting while she wrote the poem.

  4. “Chaos and Peace” by Geetha Nair I managed to get 'chaos'. felt the world rush by.every morning, thought today I the mess of my lifethere lurked a certain order.then I quit.left in search of search of solace.the very things that ran up to meI decide to run up to I do not rush.I do not run.there is no need to frown.the beautiful order I got, I managed to the peace I bought, In chaos I found peace, now in peace I find chaos.rushed every morninglike my life depended on it(and indeed it did) got crushed in the crowdused to say, it helped me keep fit! it was 'chaos'perfumes and fish, all rolled into oneone characteristic smellit was 'chaos'smiles and frownson the same face, at once.then, in that 'chaos'I found my my crowdI found solace.(but I guess I didn't know it then)

  5. “Chaos and Peace” by Geetha Nair Poetic Elements and examples: Metaphor-“perfumes and fish, all rolled into one, one characteristic smell it was 'chaos’, smiles and frowns on the same face, at once.” Simile-She uses the line “rushed every morninglikemy life depended on it Repetition-The word’s ‘Solace’ ‘Peace’ and ‘Chaos’ appear many time throughout the poem in various ways Pertinent aspects of the set-up: -Free Verse -No rhyme scheme -Seven stanza’s of various lengths Why I Chose This Poem I saw a word in the poem that caught my attention, “solace”. I liked the contradiction in the title of the poem as well, having two words, ‘chaos’ and ‘peace’, that are complete opposites yet the author is able to find the two within each other The Poems Message The meaning of the poem is about the author feeling the need to give up. She feels as though everywhere she goes there is a chaos she can not escape. She tries hard to find her solace, her ‘happy place’

  6. “Look to the Future” by Leah Harlow • Look to the futureDetach from the pastLet the people goStart a new this timeLook to the futureLove like it’ll lastDream like it’s foreverNo move envy Look to the futureHave the star lifeLearn from othersTake it inLook to the futureBe proud with yourself No more liesNo more disguisesLook to the future Solve the unresolvedBe someone’s fireflyStop living for yourselfLook to the futureBe the personYou dream to beStop fantasizingLook to the futureIt’s only gets brighterFrom here on outDetach from the pastLook to the future

  7. “Look to the Future” by Leah Harlow Poetic Elements and examples: Metaphor-“Be someone’s firefly” comparing the reader to a leader, a source of guidance. Simile-She uses the lines “Love like it’ll last, dream like it’s forever Repetition-She uses the phrase “Look to the future” any times throughout the poem, including the title line, the first line and the last line. Pertinent aspects of the set-up: -Free Verse -No rhyme scheme -1 full stanza consisting of 29 lines Why I Chose This Poem I chose this poem because I liked the style that the poem was written in, where every four lines reads “look to the future”. That was an encouraging line for me. The Poems Message The poet expresses her concern to reader on how to properly approach your future. The poem is a constant flowing description of the things you need to do in order to succeed in your future.